02 March 2008

... and life goes on!

So it has been a LONG time since we posted here on the blog. So much has happened. We are currently looking for a new home in the Denver area, and that has turned into much more of an obstacle than we had anticipated. We originally wanted to my moved by Feb 1, but that has come and gone - as has Marcg 1. Now we seem to be @ a loss for finding a place. We've found two places, which have fallen through, and it has started to become frustrating.
On the subject of adult encounters, we have kind fo layed low for a little bit. We have been busy with work, promotions, looking for a new home, a busy 11 month old baby girl, and just life in general. As a product of all of that, photo shoots & finding others to play with has taken a back seat. The good news is we are trying to make some time for that kind of fun once more.
We have been seeking out someone ( a guy) who can be a playmate on a regular basis, as well as a friend. Since our last posting, we took the next big step and went through with a full-on MMF 3some. The mood & chemistry was right, so we took the plunge. It was AMAZINGLY hot to see Milf working her magic and making someone else feel so good, as well as see her enjoy herself. While we decided this isn't something we would do every time we met with another guy to play, it is something we have decided we would like to continue with the right person and circumstances.
What we have found though is that some of the guys who claim to be into couples are very unreliable. This past weekend for instance, we had a "date" with a guy who we thought was a regular play friend here in the Springs. Instead of cancelling at a decent time, we found out he was "still in Denver," and wouldn't be able to meet with us. We totally don't understand this since he confirmed plans the day before, besides talking to us all week about all the fun we would have Saturday night. Who really thinks cancelling an hour and a half before a planned meeting is acceptable? To top it, the only reason we found out he wasn't going to be @ his house to meet us was the fact that we text him... what is up with that? Seriously, would you gamble on a first date (where you know you most likely won't get any play), and fore go a sure deal with Milf? Seriously?
As a side note, Milf is totally embracing her bi-curious side. If you are a totally hot chick, or you know of one, that would be interested in playing with Milf, then please leave a comment with an email address here on the blog, and she will be in contact.
Milf has been through a couple of hairstyles in the recent past. She's back to the short, crazy style she rocked so well last summer. Currently she is brown with some blonde highlights, and just the other day added a HOT purple streak. She is now saying she is going back to all brown and keeping the purple streak... a look she will mostly likely own! Keep an eye out here, and over at the RC BB's for the new do.
Hopefully our absence has not detered anyone from hitting the blog from time to time. We totally love all of Milf's fans and will do our best tomake more frequent posts. Until the next post, keep in mind, positive comments will only make Milf want to post more....

16 December 2007

Quick post, but two new pics...

While we don't have a lot of news to report, we do have quite a few pics from a couple new sets. With that in mind, I thought I'd throw a "freebie" post up... nothing but Milf34dd in all her beauty. So if you were in need of some new material to "use," then here it is. And, as always, if you do "use" the pics, we would love to see the results.

09 December 2007

The Holidays Are Here!!!!

Well, December is here, and our schedule is getting even busier than usual. We have family funtions, committments, and Xmas for a teenager, and an 8 month old to take care of. What that all adds up to is even a harder time for us to get here at the blog and post.
For those of you who check in for new posts (Naughtyboyx, among others) we want to say "THANX!" Its nice to know Milf34dd has some very loyal fans and we enjoy taking and posting pics for each of you. In fact, we have some Xmas decorating to do tonight, and there will be some very hot pics of Milf speading her Xmas joy, dressed in a hot new "titty shirt" we bought yesterday, as she decorates the tree. Also, we bought some really HOT boy shorts for her to pose in. Her ass will look AMAZING and any ass fans will be pleased to see these pics.
We have done a few new sets of pics, and you will be seeing the results here with new posts we make. If you are a big fan of Milf, you can always find us posting pics @ the Redclouds Bulletin Boards (http://www.redclouds.com/) or we do post @ NewbieNudes when we find time to (http://www.newbienudes.com/). If you hit those sites, you can find under our screen names there (RC = Milf34dd or Sandman1972 and @ NN = springscouple2031). If you are from one of those sites, and here checking us out, please leave comments. We love to read things you guys leave for Milf.
With 2008 just around the corner, I'm thinking of some stuff for the blog. I would liketo come up with some kind of contest (maybe a pic contest) and have the winner receive a custom photo set from Milf34dd. I haven't come up with the theme of the contest yet, and we're not that there are ebough fans still hitting the blog furus to have a good amount of entries. I guess that would make the chances of winning the custom pic set better for you guys, but we would like to make it worth our time.
Also, for 2008 we're looking at moving Milf's pics to a RC site ofher own. The catch to that would be that it would require a membership to see the site. I know that a lot of you would hate to pay for pics, since we've posted free pics for so long, but moving the site to a pay site would afford us the chance to make out site more professinal looking, and offer vids to her fans for thier "use." We would like to see coments from those fans here and hear your opinions. We try to do things for Milf's fans, so let us know what you think. If you would not pay for her site ever, tell us why. Is there certain things you want to see if you do pay, and if so what? Be honest with us... we want to hear it.
We haven't had any new adventures likeyou read in our last post. We are looking though. We try Craigslist from time to time, and place ads. we would love to find a cool 30ish guy to play with from time to time. It seems that is a lot harder to find than you would think. We prefer not to play with married or attached men, and we like people who are down to earth, and we can relate to. maybe we have set our standards too highor something, but it seems like we have a hard time finding what we want. I would love to find a cool guy who is very hung (like around 10") to see Milf play with... stroke, suck, make him cum on her tits. Hopefully that will be in our future. She is an amazingly erotic and sexual woman. I have always loved that about my wife. She is beautiful and loves to make others feel good. She absolutely LOVES to make others cum, and know that her appearance and acts have made them reach that climax. I adore that about her. She loves scenes of gangbangs, and while we probably wouldn't ever go that far, she has been open to the idea of a group of men all cumming on her. Who knows what adventures this new year will bring.
So, I'll wrap it up by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and SAFE New Year. We'll be around, taking pics of my gorgeous wife, her incredibly sexy big tits, and her amazingly hot ass. You guys kep hitting this web address, leaving comments, and leting us know that we're providing a little erotic escape from your everyday world.
Until next time.....

07 November 2007

Thouhgt you would like this story...

So,we have been horrible at posting to the blog. Our lives have become so much busier than I think we even thought they would with the new little one. Thos of you who keep cheking the blog, we'd like to say "thanks" for sticking with us. We will try to do more posting, but honestly, the days of the daily (and sometimes weekly) posts are more than likely over. I guess this will determine who are the hardcore Milf34dd fans out there... LOL.
Milf has went back to the short, sexy, crazy hairstyle that ws present in so many of her earlier pics. She went from that, to longer, brown hair, to dying it vibrant red, and then cutting her bangs and sporting a style reminescent of the old pin-up girl hair dos. She decided a couple of weeks ago to go back to what she likes... the short crazy one, and I think she looks as sexy as ever.
Since it has been a bit since a post, I thought we would relay a encounter we had recently that we both enjoyed a lot. We browse Craigslist from time to time, to see if we can find some adult fun. We are not swingers per se, but we do enjoy some aspects of that lifestyle. We don't full swap, and would never consider that as an option. We're not bagging on those that do, if that's your deal than more pwer to you... its just not for us. With that being said, we do love to be nude with others, mutual masturbation, watching / being watched, and some touching and oral with others. We ran across an ad in which a guy was actually looking for another guy to watch porn with and jack off with. We thought it would be fun to answer the ad, andsee if he was interested in doing that with a couple. He jumped on our reply. We made plans to meet him, and after becoming comfortable we found ourselves at his place. We were both surprised at how cool this guy was, and we both felt he was by far the coolest guy we have met in such a situation ever. After getting to know ech other, he turned on some porn and Milf sat down in a chair and started to get to business. The guy and I sat on his couch and pulled our cocks out as we watched the porn and Milf as she made herself feel good. After a few minutesmilf headed to the couch, and her and i started to make out. Our new friend seemed to enjoy what he was seeing, and the porn on the t.v. became oblivious to us all. As Milf and I kissed, she started to give him access to her huge tits. he absolutely loved the fact she is still lactating, and he and I sucked her milf from each of her tits. Milf LOVES to have both nipples sucked at the same time. As we nursed her boobs, she began to reach down and jack each of us off. It was apparent that we were all goingto have a lot more fun than just masturbating to porn together. He made an offer for all three of us to head to his bed, which Milf and I decided would be way more comfortable.
Once we all got to his room, everyone lost a few more articles of clothing. Milf was bent over, on all fours, as I fucked her from behind and she offered our new friend a blow job. I can't explain it, or the reason why, but I love to see Milf suck another guy. She gives the BEST blow jobs ever, ad I love to see how good she makes the other guys feel. She was scukinghim as I fucked her. She really loves this position when we are with others. We continued to play, and our friend and I took turns fingering Milf until she squirted time aftr time. His bed sheets were completely soaked. For the finale, Milf laid on her back and I got between her legs and fucked her with my cock. Our friend watched as he jacked off. as he got close to climax, Milf asked him to cum on her tits, which ofcourse he was kindenough to oblige. As he stood next to her, Milf and I watched as he squirted a handful of decent sized squirts onto her tits. This sent me over the edge. I pumped hard and fast, nad filled Milf's bald pussy with my load. As we lie there and I triedto catch my breath, our friend shockedmilf and I by asking if he could eat my cum out of her. Milf loves the iea of me eating my own cum out of her, so this was a perfect opportunity for her to enjoy. We said it was fine by us, and our frined spent the next couple minutes cleaning my cum out of her tight pussy. It was an inredible finish to a great time.
Well hoepfully, some of you are still out there, and reading. Please comment this post and let us know what you think. If you guys are still around, we'll be posting more blogs about our fun times.

26 September 2007

Been a long time, but we're still around

So, we thought we'd check in and see if anyone is still keeping up with our blog. Life is hectic here... a little one (who is already almost 6 mos. old) makes things a lot more active. We seem to be constantly having something to do, clean, or look after. We have done a couple new pic sets, and I have to say I think Milf is looking as sexy, probably more so than ever. She exudes coonfidence, sexiness, and is always up for the next erotic adventure. As you can see, today's pics are from our latest set... a B&W set that produced some HOT results. As hard as it may be for you to believe, and even though she looks amazingly hot in the pics, the camera can not capture just exactly how hot Milf actually is. The good thing about these B&W pics is that they captured a cool vibe that is like the old, classic "pin-ups." I love when we can capture that feel to our pics. I'm not trying to offend anyone here, but I don't see the attraction to the SUPER slender, waif girls. They end up to be built like boys, and I don't see the attraction in that. I love women who are built like Milf. She has curves, and to me that is a turn on. I love her big breasts, curvy hips, and beautiful round ass. She epitomizes what defines sexiness in the female form. Hopefully, those of you who visit our site here can get that feel from these pics. Don't get me wrong, we are totally aware that the majority of you "use" Milf's pics as "inspiration" as they are masturbating. We are in no way offended bythat, and both love knowing, and hearing from those of you who do. We do hope that you can see that these B&W pics have more depth than just that. Our next task is trying to come up with a theme for our next set of pics. If any of you want to see something i particular, then pleasepost a comment asking for whatever turns you on. We hope to get some good action pics in the near future, and are currently looking for a person to photograph us as we play, and have sex. Until then, I'll keep taking pics of my wife and posting them here. You can always find more pics of her, and posted more often at the Redclouds Bulletin Boards (www.redclouds.com). Until our next post...... Late Sandman1972

24 July 2007

New summer pics and a vid in the works????

ATTENTION: Princess34dd has changed her ID name for the internet! She is now posting pics, and info under the name "Milf34dd." This change is die to some bashing remarks she received from others jealous of her on a Bulletin Board, but sh is still the same sexy girl you have come to love to look at. Sorry for any confusion associated with this.
Well summer is going great.... weather is warm, Princess is looking very hot, and to be honest looks much better than most women who had a baby going on 14 weeks ago. We have been busy with work, and the kids, but have squuezed in some time to do some new pics here and there. The pics that depict her leaking milk (or the one occasson we were lucky enough to catch her actually squirting milk) seem to be a hit with fans. We will keep grappingshots of that as much as possible. And as hot as it is in pics, you an not imagine how erotic it is to nurse milk from her as I jack my cock. One of the hottest things I have ever experienced.
Princess (whow also posts nder the name "Milf34dd" at Redlouds) had a really good contributon to the RedClouds site earlier this month. if you don't belong to RedClouds, we suggst you join. One of the coolest sites for ams on the net, and they have a great Bulletin Board system, where we post to often as wel. Its like 25 bones for an entire year! You can't beat that.
We try to send contributions in to RC when we think we have a theme of pics together that others will enjoy. The last oes had Princess / Milf in a HOT clubbing outfit and ended showing her fingering her hot ussy and some nice milk pics. We have posted a few of those pics here, but the ones submitted were even hotter. If you are already an RC fan, send us a shout out through comments here. We love to hear form you guys. If not... like I said, you should join. Probably our favorite site.
I think its time for us to do a new vid to post. It seems like you guys loved the oral vids. I was thinking maybe an oral vid complete with a facial (which Milf LOVES) and maybe one of her masturbating until she cums.. what do you think? We have a new top of the line DVD camcorder, but the files are HUGE. I guess I can try to take shorter videttes or somehow learn to compress them to make them more manageable. We can always resort to taking vid with the digital still cm's feature. Do leave comments on my ideas fora facial vid and a clip of milf a she CUMS!!!
If you guys haven't heard, we are doing a late summer trip to Las Vegas this year. We are planning on going mid-September, and going for 4 days. We don't want to waste a lot of time, so if you guyshave any suggestions as to what we should hit, please send us a comment. We are staying at the Flamingo, and planning on taking advantage of their new topless pool during the day, and hiting some nice restaraunts anddoing some gamling @ night. In the past few days Milf34dd has expressed to me she would like to rake advantage of some fun time there and wear some outfits making it possible for her to flash her tits and pussy, and I wil be there to document the experienc through pics. She also is getting interested in a piercing, like maybe one of her pussy lips, or clit hood, which I think is hot. She has previosuly had both her nipples pierced, on tow seperate occasions, and while we think that looks hot, she is concerned about additional piercings building up too much scar tissue. We love body art, and both have tattoos, so who knows, maybe piercing will be something we experiment for a bit.
So thats life @ the Milf compound. Please comment us here. We love tosee what you guys think of our posts. we will post s much as we are able to, but until we get somewhat of a "staff" to help out, time is limited. Maybe that is something we should look into. We could pick two or three big fans to become contributors to the blog, and post on days we just are not able to. We could do briefings on our fun time and theycould write posts,and interject their opinons. What do you think?
Until next time....

02 July 2007

Summer is heating up

The temps are up and summer is in full swing. That means we're going to start looking for some fun things to do. We're huge fans of nakedness, so hopefully we can get out in the mountains, or up to BoulderReservoir soon, for some fun while being naked. We missed a Meet & Greet that a member of Redclouds through (Props to MarvintheMartian) and wish we could have hit the social event. If you don't belong to Redclouds, look into joining the site. Its cheap and well worth it if you're into amateur pics. Princess has postings there ever so often and that alone is worth the price of membership. There hasn't been a whole lot go on around here, we are just doing our thing. We have been active in the Redclouds Bulletin Board, and hope to have a brand new set of pics done very soon. If you have any suggestions for the outfit you want the set to revolve round, or a scenario you want us to do pics of, then please post that request here. As it stands now, the new pics will start out with Princess wearing a pair of sexy low cut jeans, and a tight t-shirt. Any other suggestions will be considered, so don't hold back, let us hear what you want to see. So until the next posting, which will be Thursday this week, after the 4th of July celebration. We'll see you then.

20 June 2007

Summer is here, which means GREAT pics are on the way!

Summer s finally here, and I am totally psyched about that fact. Summer means one thing that I totally LOVE. The warmer weather and sunshine mean that Princess is wearing more form fitting clothes. Finally, the fleece jackets, sweaters, and bigger, clothe needed t keep warm (especially this past winter) are put away for a few months. She's pulled out the form-fitting t-shirts, wife-beaters, and tops that show off her hot tits. Also, wearing these tops makes it a lot easier to see how nice her ass looks in her jean. With the warmer weather comes time spent outside getting sun and loving not being couped up indoors for a few months. Hopefully we'll be able to head up to the Boulder Reservoir, and check out the nude area in the near future, and you can be assured we'll be taking pics to show you all how much fun we have. The thought of Princess out in the sun, around the water, shwoing off her incredible body is enough to get me hard in my pants thinking of how hot the pics and she would be to see. It is always a lot of fun and a huge turn-on for us to be anywhere that she is able to be topless or nude, and see the reaction that guys (and some girls) have to her huge tits. We love for others to admire her tits, especially if the sight arouses them. Hopefully we can get out and get naked up at the reservoir, do some pics with Princess is a tiny, micro-thong and a set of Pastease, and progressto the point she is naked and maybe even playing with her favorite vibe outdoors. In the spirit of the pics to come, and to provide you with a little tease of Princess in the outdoors, I chose today's second pic to tempt you a bit. We took this pic this past weekend as we took some time to chill out on our patio and enjoy the sun. Princess is not one to shy away from a chance to show her magnificently hot tits when asked to do so, and I'm no one to miss a chance to ask for a view of them. To totally appreciate the pic, you have to understand our patio is only about 50% enclosed, and totally open to a moderately busy street hat is just behind her in the pic. The great thing is that anyone who happens to be driving by, and is lucky enough to glance our way, is treated to a view of Princess' tits. The great thing about Colorado is that it's not illegal for a woman to be topless as long as it's not for thesexual gratificationof others (ok, whatever), so there uis a chance we can get some pics of Princess totally topless out on the patio, maybe this coming weekend. I'll see what I can do about getting a few shots of that. I want to say "thanks" to all of Princess' fans who are still visiting and to new fans who have found our blog. Hopefully you guys enjoy what we do here and look forward to all of our posts. As always, I ask you guys that if you have any requests to email them to us at springscouple2031@yahoo.com of post a comment here letting us know what you want to see. We love to hear from you guys, so if you just have a quick blurb for us, we like to hear that to. Post comments, we read each and every one of them. Also, today's closing pic is one that a fan of Princess did forus using Photo Shop. We LOVE to see what her fans come up with using her pics and Photo Shop. If you want to give us a glimpse of what you can come up with, email us and we'll send you a pic to do your magic with. That's all that's going down from Camp Princess here. You guys check in, lt us know what's happening... until next time, LATE! Sandman1972

13 June 2007

Princess has NEW pics

Well its been a little while since we had the chance to do a new set of pics. With life, the baby, work, etc. we've had a hard time making time for new pics. Since we're getting in a groove with our new daughter, and our life together is finding a nice "routine," we have had the chance to do some new pics. Keep an eye out here for the new set (the blog pics for today are part of that set) and we have a handful of new outdoor pics taken as Princess got some sun tis past weekend, and took the chance to flash her gorgeous tits for her fans. We may be doing even more new pics tonight, and are busy as I write this trying to conceive a new outfit for the set. We love to take pics to post, and show Princess off, and hopefully her fun nature and "innocent, yet vixen" attitude is apparent in the pics. She is definately one of the hottest, most fun chicks you could meet, and as you can tell, quite the exhibitionist. I think you guys will find these pics as hot I thought they were as I was shooting them. I almost feel bad in the fact I'm a very amatuer photographer, and probably don't even come close to doing justice to how beautiful and sexy Princess actually is. If anyone out there has any tips on shooting pics of a HOT model, then please fell free to send them my way. If you guys aren't using Hello (download it at www.hello.com) then you should check it out. Its a pretty cool chat / picture sharing program. We use it (username = springscouple) and love to chat with others and show Princess off. I was on there this past weekend and ran across a couple of Princess' fans. Props go out to Derek and is gf Sarah. Derek was cool to chat with and waste some time Saturday, and relayed to me his gf (Sarah) is a big fan of Princess. It was a nice to hear that Princess has even acquired some female fans... I'm theorizing that Sarah is not the only female fan of Princess out there. So I just had an epiphany... let's see if we can get all Princess' fans to comment here and check in... both male & female. Then we can see who all is checking out the Princess. Other than that... just livin' the dream here. If you guys have comments PLEASE leave them here OR over at our message board. Until next time... LATE! Sandman1972

07 June 2007

Lovin the comments

Many of you are commented on our posts and the first few new pics. It seems, much of you are like me in the factyou love Princess' new hair color. Its definately hot. I'm glad you guys have stuck around and are trying to keep up to date on what we are up to. Summer is fast approaching and the temps are climbing.... hopefully that means we can get outdoors, naked, and get some pics of Princess showing her incredible tits. If you remember from last summmer's pics, I'm a HUGE fan of pastease (check them out @ www.pastease.com). They are a hot product, and the Princess looks AMAZING in them. I posted two brand new pics for you guys today. The opening pic is one of our best I think. It has a cool feel to it, and Princess' expression is kinda sultry. She has the most amazing sexy expressions and most liekly doesn't even know it. The second pic today is from that same day, and shows Princess leaning over to squirt milk form her engorged tits onto my cock as I start to get hard. I will try to remember the next time her boobs get fully engorged. It is one of the hottest things you will ever see. Thanks for all the requests. Keep them coming and we'll try to get to them as quickly as possible. We will be out and about in Co Springs and Denver this summer, so you never know when you can catch a glimpse of Princess.

04 June 2007

Getting back to blogging

So we seem to have received more comments on the first post back to the blog than I imagined we would. Its nice to know that we still have fans floating around out there, and hopefully we can add to the number of you that check in on our little blog here. Amazingly (at least to me) people have been nothing, but understanding about our lengthy absence. I figured everyone would have moved on, and lost hope in us posting more pics, vids, or tales of our fun times. It seems Princess' fans are hardcore, and will wait as long as needed to see new pics of her. As you saw in the pic from the last post (and the second one of today's post - the first pic is one of her at about 8.5 mos pregnant) she has a new hair color. I think it is H-O-T, and it seems fans of her pics feel the same way. So far, we have only taken a few pics of her with the new RED, but I'm sure more are on the way. If you guys like the look, then leave comment and let her know. She LOVES to hear the comments from her fans, especially if the way she looks turns you on, which in turn... turns her on. We received a number of comments wanting more vids. We are, by now means, pros at editing vids and all, but we will be posting new vids here soon. I took some INCREDIBLE vid of Princess masturbating last night. The video is lengthy, and the end has some footage of me jackng off and cuming for Princess, so I have to figure out how to cut just the footage of her cumming out of the 11+ mins of footage. If you guys have any suggestions/help then please let me know. Hopefully you guys will look forward to our posts and pics/vids. We love to give you guys a glimpse into just how hot Princess is and provide you with the materials to help you "entertain" yourself. If there is something you want to see more of... lactation, ass pics, pussy pics, BJ's, cum shots, etc... then please leave comments and let us know. We'll do our best to get to pic request. Keep in mind we have a couple limits.... no feces pics, no pain, but other than that send us whatever you want to see. We're pretty open and won't say "no" to much. We are still in need of pics of fans of Princess "using" her pics, so if oyu have any of those, then please email them to us. If you don't want them published on the blog, then no problem, we won't use them. We just like to see others who enjoy her pics. So until the next time we post here..... Late!!! Sandman1972

02 June 2007

Princess returns with a NEW look

After an extended absence from posting, we have returned to see if any of our fans are still vivisting the blog. We took some time off from posting to have our baby, and to get in the groove of life. Now that our life is calming down we're going to try and post more often with pics and vids and stories of our fun times. Hopefully those of you have been fans of our blog, will cintinue to visit, and if you're new to the page, take some time to hit the archives... hot pics and some hot stories. We have stayed active with pics on the Redclouds Bulletin Boards, and if you dont belong to Redclouds, we highly recommend it. Its cheap (I think $24/year) and the content is all (well 99.9%) amatuer. I think its well worth the money. Like I said, we have been real busy. Life has been non-stop. We have been able to look towards summr and make a "wishlist" of things we wan to do. I can see a trip or two to PT's Showclub up in Denver so that Princess has the opportunity to have a few drinks, and then enjoy herself on the amatuer stage, showing her incredible breasts off. I think we'll beable to make time for a couple trips to Mon Chalet in Denver. If you don't know what that is, and have not had the chance to search our archives for our trip report to MC, well he easiest way to describe it that Mon Chalet is an "adult" motel in Denver. They have rooms geared for sex, with porn channels, waterbeds, plenty of mirrors and sex chairs/swings. We haven't been to the rooms yet, but we do like to go up there for an evening in their pool/hot tub area. That area is clothing optional (although 90% of the people are nude) and sex and masturbation are allowed and encouraged. We LOVE to go up and play in the pool and on the pool deck as othrs watch us. If you track down the trip report you can even read about our last time there, in which Princess had the opportunity to play with another woman. Pretty HOT! We also plan to spend a day up at the Boulder reservoir. We havebeeninformed there is a nude area there, and we plan on finding out. I can just imagine how hot of a time ti will be with Princess totally naked outside and others admiring her. So we're back. We have plenty of stuff planned this summer, and Princess always comes through finding ways to get herself involved in some hot situations. Hopfully there are still some of you who have been looking for new posts here and will continue to enjoy reading of our hot times. If you guys have any questions, or any suggestions (as to pic sets you want to see or fun things you know we can try and do), then PLEASE let us know. We love hearing from those of you who are fans of Princess and love to read about the effect she has on each of you. So its good to be back. Please leave comments here and you can alwys email us at: springscouple2031@yahoo.com and please email us any time with any comment you may have. Until next time.... Late! Sandman1972

19 March 2007

Pregnancy coming to an end

It's almost over now!!!
OK, so we will be at 37 weeks tomorrow... it's hard to believe that the pregnancy is almost over. We have been super busy... hospital tours, birthing classes, and (the pic is from last night) Princess had a belly cast made. It was really cool. We went to a girl's house who had Princess get topless and then made an awesome cast of Princess' pregnant form. The end product is cool and will be something we can look back on for a long time and remember how she looked when she was 8.5 mos pregnant.
With the end of the pregnancy Princess will be back to wearing her hot outfits. I know that our readers love her low cut jeans and fitted t-shirts as much as I do... only I get to see her everyday dressed like that. She is excited to be back in her old clothes, and talks about hitting the gym a lot. The chances that she'll be even hotter than her pre-pregnancy form are astronomical... if that is possible. She has big plans to get into shape. Now I'm sure most of you are like me and see NOTHING wrong with Princess, but I know she will be even more fun and put on even better shows at PT's and Mon Chalet if she is comfortable with how she looks. She is probably the most sexual woman you could ever meet, and I think some of you can pick up on that through her pics. I can say that I think the pics she'll d once recovered from pregnancy will most likely be the hottest she's done.
I picked some recent pics for you guys today... the opening pic, like I said was from last night (03.18.07) as her belly cast was made. The middle pic, Princess took for me about a week ago and emailed it ot me at work. Her tits have got biiger and become even more amazing. We have heard from some of you requestion lactation pics.... we'll as soon as her real milk (just colostrum now) comes in, we'll be posting pics of her milky boobs for you all. The last pic is of a great facial I gave Princess last week... the results were quite good we think. Let us kno what you guys think about the pics ok? Keep checking the blog here... Princess is going to start posting links to a site she will be reviewing sex toys for... it is sure to be hot!
Also, we have a list of fantasies we want to do this summer... one is to go to the adult hotel in Denver ~ the Mon Chalet ~ and have Princess masturbate poolside while a group of 5 or so guys jack off around her and eventually cum on her. If you want to be one of those 5 guys you need to email us at springscouple20031@yahoo.com or comment here with a means of contact so we can get to know you a bit. No sex with Princess will be allowed, but plenty of playing, It won't be until Julyish so you need to start trying to let us meet you and get to know you now.
Until next time...

11 March 2007

... it's about time, and there is some new stuff in the works!

Princess Returns!!!
Well, it's been wild, crazy and busy around here for a few weeks. Princess is now at about 36 weeks, and the pregnancy is coming along well. We're sorry for such a long absence in posting, but getting a nursery ready, keeping up with work, family commitments, and just life has had us incredibly busy. We've been so tied up that we haven't even had time for some picture sessions... but the opening pic was taken just on March 9th, this past week, so it is a fresh one. Hopefully we can have some time for some new pics since we've had some changes to our schedule lately that may provide more free time for us.
With time being so scarce, we haven't had the chance to do anything more than our normal incredible sex life. The pregnancy has cut down on our time "in the game" as far as letting someone watch us play, a trip to the adult hotel in Denver, or getting out for Princess to show off her INCREDIBLE tits. Since she is already looking forward to getting back in her "old" clothes as opposed to her current maternity wardrobe.
We have come across some fun new things for us. We have recently started using HELLO to trade pics and chat with others as we do. If you use HELLO, feel free to add us, we go by the name "springscouple." We also recently joined RedClouds.com and have had a lot of fun posting to the bulletin boards and Princess has a couple contributions coming out at VoyeurWeb.cm and RedClouds.com so if you don't hit thise sites check them out and look for her. One of the more exciting things we have in the works is that we were contacted by www.edenfantasys.com and asked to be "testers" for sex toys. Of course, this was right up our alley and we agreed. You'll shortly be seeing posts when we receive toys from them, use them and review them. The great part for you guys is that we'll also post pics of the toys being used... so you win also.
We hope you all are well and hope you still hit our spot here to see what is up with us. Summer is coming and we have some pretty big plans for oursleves. We're going to be heading to the Reservoir to try the nude beach area, plenty of Princess showing will be on the agenda, and we'll be headed to the adult hotel in Denver to see if we can fulfill a fnatasy of Princess masturbating poolside as a group of 5 or so guys all jack off over her... it will be HOT! Comment the blog here and let us know what is on your minds....

17 February 2007

Testing Video Posts

A Video Post Test

If you guys want to see more video posts then post a message and let us know what you'd like to see... we can do just about anything you want to see.... hope you enjoy this little test.


19 December 2006

Princess Interview in the works....

Get your questions in for the Princess Interview '07
So the first order of business for this long awaited update to the blog is that I'm working on a '07 Princess 34DD Interview. Hopefully it will be a way for the fans of Princess to get to know her a bit better through questions they wonder about her. If you would like, please send us between one and five questions that you would like for Princess to answer. You may either post the questions over at her Bulletin Board (http://members6.boardhost.com/Princess34dd/) or you may email the questions to us at springscouple2031@yahoo.com and we can pull them from there. So don't be afraid to ask whatever it is you've always wanted to know about Princess. If we can get 25, or so, questions together, I plan on posting the interview here, along with new pregnancy pics, the first or second week of January.

Speaking of our pregnancy... things are going fantastically. We are into week 24 of the journey and both baby (as far as we know) and MILF-to-be are healthy. Princess is becoming more and more sexy with each passing day. Her breasts have grown to a size that is not too large, and still sexy. It is amazing how they leak colostrum as she becomes aroused sexually. I find that most people are surprised by the fact she is 24 weeks along. She doesn't seem to be showing as a lot of women do at this point a pregnancy. She grows more and more sexual (if that is possible), which we have heard is is very common with pregnancy. The only thing we have fallen behind is the fact I've lacked in the area of keeping up with taking weekly pictures of her belly and breasts. We are trying to capture every bit of the transformation that her body is going through. In addition to pics, we hope to have a belly cast made of Princess' body at around 35-37 weeks. If there seems to be some interest in the process, we may take pics to be posted of that process. If you'd like to see those, please let us know so we can understand there is some sort of demand for that.
I've considered changing the format of the Bulletin Board. As you know, its a pretty simple set up now. I'm considering buying some of the VBulletin software to use on the buuletin board, which will allow users to post pics and we can break the board down into different subjects. In addition to that we're going to be buying a digital camera in the near future... welcome to the 21st century huh? LOL... I guess its easy to justify the minimal expense on a digi cam since there is an obvious following of my beautiful, sexy wife. I have to say, I can't blame others, either women or men, for wanting to see pics of Princess nude and playing. Once spring arrives this year I'm sure we'll be back to shooting some outdoor pics and hopefully will be able to put some great shoots together, maybe even some of her fans will be lucky enough to be in ome of her flashing pics and such. The trip to the nude beach up at the Boulder Reservoir is still on our list of things to do, and one of the gentlemans' clubs was bought by PT's, which is a club in Denver that has a stage and dance floor where the female patron are allowed to doance topless on each. It was a favorite place of Princess and hopefully the new club here in Co Springs will develop the same type of deal. And, or course, after the birth of our baby girl, and Princess is back on her feet, we'll be making more trips to Mon Chalet in Denver and posting our trip reports here. Its going to be a fun year... stay tuned and as always we'd love to hear from you all.....

14 December 2006

We're sorry...

New Blog Posts Are On The Way!
I apologize for the fact the blog posts have been non existent, but with the pregnancy and the holidays (in addition to our normal hectic schedules) it has been difficult to post. I'm working ongathering new pics of Princess... she is looking amazing as she is showing now and growing through the pregnancy (we're @ 23 weeks and counting), so please check back soon. I will be posting new stuff in the near future. Once again, we apologize!!!

15 November 2006

How about this?

Princess Working Her Magic
So with all the traffic we seem to get here, and the othrs who want to keep up with Princess, our fun times, and now the pregnancy, I thought that maybe we can do something that is fun and we can get to know each other a bit more. You all have seen a TON of pics of Princess, and ven me in a few, so now how about we ask to have all of the Princess' fans to send a pic or two of themselves? So here, we go... we have attempted this before and got a less than desireable response, but the group visiting here now seems a bit more interactive. So we are asking you (and hopefully people like RENO42 and ZeeCouple will step up) to email us pics to springscouple2031@yahoo.com that can be used in the blog here. These pics will ONLY be used for this blog, so if you send them it is insinuating that you give us permission to use them in our posts.
Need some picture ideas? Well I can let you know that Princess LOVES it when she gets pics of guys, or girls for that matter, "enjoying" themselves with a copy of her pic OR the computer monitor in the background shwoing her pic on it. It arouses her a lot. Also if youwant, or have the balls to do so, you can send us pics of you cumming on your favorite pic of Princess. If you are a couple and feel comfortable, send us a pic of you two playing... a hand job, blow job, or full on sex are all fine to send. Better yet, send pics that show you with a sign saying something to Princess.
So what do you say guys (and girls)? Let's get some pics sent to us, and we will put one or two up at a time with the posts we do. Enjoy the pics, and I posted a video of some partying at the lake, showing tons of girls in shorts, bikinis, and Pastease... hopefully Princess will have the chance next summer to wear the bikini/Pastease combo or shorts and Pastease. As always, check out www.pastease.com for the cool doesigns... they have tons.

06 November 2006

New pics are here

Her Nipples are now LEAKING!!!!

As promised, I got a few pics done this past weekend, and they came out pretty good considering we do them all with disposable cameras. Over the next few posts you will see just how AMAZINGLY Princess' body is transforming. Her breasts keep getting a bit bigger... she practically can't contain them in her 34 Double D bras. Saturday as Princess was lying in bed and playing with her breasts (something she loves to do) she noticed her nipples were beginning to leak some fluid, or pre-milk. Throughout the day we played with them and enjoyed the sight of the fluid leaking from both her nipples. It is amazing how seeing this makes me instantly hard as a rock. It sems to be just another benefit of the eroticism of her pregnancy.

The first pic in today's post shows Princess holding her big breasts and, if you look closely, you can see the fluid leaking from her nipple. This second pic shows her as she is expressing the fluid from her tit. It is such and incredibly hot sight to see her play with them and arouse herself to the point her nipples leak, almost continuously. I can't imagine how hot it will be when she can squirt milk from them. She gets more and more beautiful and sexy with every day. Hopefully everyone here will enjoy the leaking pics and eventually the milk pics, if not please let us know so we do not post pics you guys don't care to see. The last pic of the post today shows what happened after we sat on the couch playing with her tits until they leaked all over us. Once we got that hot I couldn't take it and needd her to suck me for a bit. She makes it fell so AMAZING when she puts my cock in her mouth. The view I have as she is sitting below me or on her knees as she sucks me, and gazes up with her beautiful blue eyes has to be the most sexual, erotic sight a person could experience. I knew that her pregnancy would be hot and sexy, but I never dreamed it would be as hot as it has grown to be. The transformation her body is making is incredibly arousing and it is unbelievable how her perfect tits have got to be even more arousing with each passing day.

Hopefully you guys are enjoy our pics. I will be getting many more taken, and even thought of doing some public showing if there was an interest. Other than that, sit back and enjoy these pics... let us know what you think and what else you want to see ok?


01 November 2006

Taking in consideration opinions of the readers


So I received a comment here and a few others over at Princess' bulletin board, about if we should continue the blog and/or bulletin board. It seems there are more people than I realized that check in daily, or at least weekly, to read the updates and see Princess' pics. Logically the best thing to do is to keep the blog and BB going, providing you all with a glimpse into our life and adventures. I got a suggestion as to maybe posting daily to the blog, which I did for awhile in the past, but that is very demanding with our schedules, and it didn't seem like people commented ever. I hope to up the frequency of posts to at the least every other day in the very near future.

Pics of Princess will become more frequent also. It has been awhile since we had a large quantity of new pics, and unfortunately, I have had to repost some pics with posts. I will work on getting a bunch together soon, maybe a couple of cameras worth, and in turn you will start to see new pics, never before seen of Princess. It helps to make the effort when we know others are checking in, so comment here ot at the BB when possible. She LOVES to hear what others think and know what they want to see. If you have any requests for ANY certain pic, get them to us and we wil shoot it as soon as we can. She is looking forward to doing the creampie pics, and I would really like to get some pics of me cumming on her tits and face. Other than that we are open to things, pretty much ANYTHING except feces or severe pain.

So everyone is updated, we are at about 17 weeks and one day right now, in the pregnancy. Princess has shown very little, if at all up to this point. It seems that in, literally, the past 3 to 4 days, the "baby bump" is beginning to be more prominent, and she in turn is appearing more erotic than ever before. As we all knew, her breasts are growing, and looking AMAZING. The oly thing better will be when her milk comes in. Hopefully you will all enjoy seeing the pic of her expressing milk from her swollen boobs, and pics of her squirting it into my mouth. As far as any suggestions for pics of her breasts in certain tops or bras, or anything we would love to hear from you all out there. So put your brains to work and come up with a few things for us to shoot for you all.

Thanks for the input and keep it coming so we can always try to improve the sites.



30 October 2006

Is this blog worth reading?

Well it seems like the blog has some newer viewers and it seems more and more people are taking the time to leave comments, which we love to read. Steph of "ZeeCouple" left a great message and said that after seeing Princess enjoying the sets of Pastease she has, that she is now thinking of getting some. All I can say is they are extremely HOT and are sure attemtion getters. Hopefully this coming spring ad summer, after the birth of our daughter, we will be able to hit Boulder Reservoir for some nude tanning and maybe a day or two with Princess in a micro thong and a pair of Pastease. If you go to www.pastease.com you will see tons of pics, and a link to a video and I think you will agree, a pair of pastease alone with jeans, a bikini bottom, shorts, whatever... is hot on just about any chick (although I am very partial to Princess in a pair with her big boobs). And to Zee Couple... thanks for all the kind remarks on Princess' growing boobs. So we got pretty blasted by the blizzard last week. Here in Colorado Springs, we ended up with 2'+ of really wet snow and were basically trapped insid for a day solid. Not a bad way to spend a day though... trapped in the house with a beautiful, pregnant woman. I love my wife and enjo every moment I get to spend with her. I know a lot of people who are married end up kind of doing their own things after awhile, but I could not imagine not spending every free moment I have away from Princess. We have always been extrememly close and always made an effort to try new things, and she has a way of ALWAYS keeping our sex life exciting and HOT. She is truly one of the most sexual women a person could meet. I love how she enjoys showing herself off and how aroused it makes her to know others see her as attractive. We have had fans email us pics of them cumming on her pics, which she seems to be flattered by. I honestly feel like I am married to the sexiest woman in the world. And as I have said many times previous, she just gets hotter and hotter as the pregnancy goes on. Hopefully you all are enjoying the pics of her we post as the weeks clip by, and you are enjoying the progression her body is undergoing with each passing week. We did head out to one of our favorite bars this past Saturday for a little Halloween celebration. I have to say, I honestly can tell you that Princess was the HOTTEST girl in there. She is between 16 and 17 weeks pregannt right now, so the fact she was able to wear the costume she had picked out was impressive enough. I don't think too many women could go as a "schoolgirl" at 16 1/2 weeks pregnant and look as hot as she did. She picked a khaki plaid mini skirt to wear (see pic). Under that, she had bought a hot pair of boy cut panties to wear (also in pic), and did her hair in small pigtails. She also picked up a new pair if knee high white stockings, and paired those with her black school girl shoes. To pull everything together, she opted for a white "wifebeater" tank top. Instead of a bra she chose to go braless and only wear a pair of pastease that were red and in the shape of flames over her nipples. It was truly one of the hottest outfits I have ever seen her wear in public. The fact her skirt was so short, and of course I love ANYTIME she wears ANYTHING that lets others have a good look at her tits, made for a fun time of admiring how hot my wife is. If you guys want, we can see if we can get some pics of the outfit in all its glory to post. Leave comments if you think we should post some pics like that. The last pic of the post is a pic of Princess at 16 weeks, and you can start to see the "baby bump." As I said her body just continues to become more and more gorgeous. We have talked about, and spent some time around the house nude lately. We both think that converting to nudism (at least at home) sounds fun. There are few places to spend time nude in Colorado around others, but home nudity will suffice until we find a place to go I guess right? We both are very much in agreement that nudity will not harm the upbringing of our daughter and we think that it should be something that is not taboo. One couple here did gives us an opinion, but I would like to see what the others think here on the subject of home nudity and families... now keep in mind I am not referring to sex, just home nudity. And to Zee Couple has your home nudity ever caused a problem? How old are your children now? Have they caught you and hubby ever trying to "sneak" some playing in? We would love to hear about your experience with family nudity. So until the next post.... LATE! ... SANDNAM1972