30 April 2006

Sunday... not a lot going on.

We got up and around today and went downtown to Southside Johnny's. That has to be one of the coolest bars in town. They have the absolute BEST onion rings in Co Springs, and probably the best I have eve had anywhere. If you go, try their club sandwich at least once. It ROCKS! Princess and I each had a sandwich, a couple of beers, and some onion rings. We timed it so we got to watch the Av's game and play a couple games of pool. So with the Avs going to the division championships, hockey lives on in Colorado for a little longer. I think Southside Johnny's would be a good place to hit on like a Saturday night for Princess to do a little showing. We may have to put that down on the list of places to hit. Somebody from the blog here has suggested Thunder & Buttons, so we may try that in the future. I am sure a trip back up to Denver to PT's for Princess to have a chance to dance on their stage is down the road in a couple of weeks or so. As you see Princess made an entry last night to the blog. She will probably check in once a week or so, and is more likely to do so the more feedback she gets from anyone reading. It is cool to see what she thinks about different subjects, and you will see, with the more she writes, she is not only beautiful but very intellectual also. She really is the total package. We should have some new pics to post here in the blog in the near future. We have concentrated on outdoor shots, but may through some upskirt shots in or something to change it up. All in all it has been a low key day and weekend. We had a good evening on Friday with my son obtaining his blue belt in Taekwondo, a nice family dinner, and then me and Princess out for some fun (albeit not exactly what we were looking for) later in the night. Tomorrow night it will be back to work, and then 4 days of hitting the work schedule hard, working for getting to next weekend and more fun with Princess, and spending some time with my son. Keep checking back for a glimpse into our little world.

29 April 2006

From the mind of Princess34dd

I rarely am able to get on here and actually sit down and post. I read it daily just don't have to time to actually post my own thoughts. Here is a little bit about myself. I am a HAPPILY married woman who enjoys a good time. I like anything outdoors and am a very competative person. I like going out and having "fun" with my husband. Recently we have gotten into showing off. We have gone to Mon Chalet in the past but pretty much kept it at that. I am not really sure what brought it on, but I definitely enjoy being looked at. I have to say my favorite part though is knowing how much it turns my hubby on. I love to do anything that excites him, it just happens to be a bonus for me that I enjoy it too. I have to say all of the this recent showing has definitely boosted my self-confidence. More recently I showed a little at PT's on the amateur stage. I had been drinking a lot so I had a lose of inhibitions but I think that may have been Sandman's plan... I had a great time doing it and now give him some private dances quite often. I find that its probably just as big of a turn of for me as it is for him...I love to feel sexy and he definitely makes me feel that way. I find myself wanting to do an amateur night and get all the way naked...especially since I know Sandman likes it. What I really want now is for Sandman to do some kind of strip tease for me...I think it would be super hot. I think that I have the most sexy husband a girl could ask for. Best of all though is his crazy funny sense of humor. I am SO in love with him, I admire everything about him and couldn't ask for a better husband or best friend. Anyway, I will try to post at least once a week. I think that I will post a question and maybe you all can answer it or leave feed back for me. How does that sound? So maybe this week you all can think about some of your favorite fantasies and let me know...I want to do something different and new for Sandman, but need some help with ideas...try to keep it fresh, we've done the school girl thing a time or two....LOL. See you all later. I look forward to your responses.

Last night (Friday)

We went to Old Colorado City and tried a bar naed Meadow Muffins out. All in all, as far as a place to show, it was not so hot. Princess wore the new top I bought her yesterday, without a bra under it, and a pair of jeans that her ass looks HOT in. If you haven't been able to see some of our pics before that show it, not only does she have an amazing pair of boobs, her ass is INCREDIBLE! Meadow Muffins has only two pool tables. One table was "owned" by a group of, maybe, 8 or 10 people. They were by far the most rude people in the place. We had to wait forever to get on a table, and when we did we played doubles with another couple who was waiting for a table. None there seemed like they would either a) enjoy a show by Princess or b) were the rowdy type that if she did show would have been disrespectful and been cat calling. The crowd was just different I guess you could say. Princess maybe right in saying that Denver is much more tolerable of this kind of fun. I did manage to get a couple of good pics of her making shots, that should be good down blouse shots. When we left she let me take a great pic of her opening her shirt as she stands by one of the street signs in Old Colorado City. The weekend is not over. We still may hit somewhere Sunday for lunch or whatever else we can think of. If anyone has any suggestions please leave comments.

28 April 2006


Well the weekend is here FINALLY. Today has been hectic. Poor Princess has spent the ENTIRE day, since 8:00am dealing with the DMV to replace her drivers' license. It is 3:50 and she is still waiting. Does anyone know what makes things with a state agency appear HORRIBLY unorganized. The people are rude and a child could come up with a better system for being productive and making things happen in a timely manner. The weather here has sucked today. It is cloudy, cold and alternating between snow and rain. This time of the year in Colorado is weird... one day it is 75 degrees and we are in shorts, the next it is 35 degrees and back in winter shells and fleece. I am so ready for summer. We put the snowboard gear all up about a month ago, so we don't really have any use for winter anymore. This summer should be fun. We plan on using the time while my son is visiting his mother for some adult fun around the house. Princess is planning on buying a couple of super small wicked weasel bikinis and is planning on laying out in them and sometimes in nothing more than a thong and a set of Pastease. If you guys don't know what either of these products are, check out the links on the left. They are both definitely HOT products. I just got home from our favorite store that sells exotic clothes / stripper wear and bought Princess and new LOW cut, very revealing top. She already has one that resembles this one in black, now she has a wine colored one to add to the wardrobe. The black one works well for her to expose some as she shoots pool, so hopefully this one will work just as well. I can not wait for her to start getting ready for our night out after my son's belt promotion exam in Taekwondo. Hopefully we will see a place or two for some outdoor pics of her flashing. We are kicking around the idea of heading to Mexico in late summer for our first trip to a clothing optional, all-inclusive resort. Princess researched the ones she could find and chose one that looks awesome. It will definitely be a good time. Tomorrow I will make an entry describing how the night's activities will go. It is sure to be a fun time, and hopefully we will be really worked up after Princess showing her breasts off to some very fortunate patrons in the bar.

27 April 2006

ALMOST the weekend!!!

Well the work week for me is just about over, and not a moment too soon. I am to the point I live for the weekends. Princess and I have been making plans for ways to have a little fun this weekend. It looks like we are going to head out Friday night in Colorado Springs, to a low key bar on the west side of town, and have a few drinks, play a little pool, and of course Princess is going to see if the atmosphere is conducive to her showing off a bit. She has recently told me how she thinks it would be "hot" if she was able to sit at a bar, on a bar stool, and wear a skirt with nothing underneath. Then the others in the bar, who sat at the regular tables/booths would have a clear view of her pussy as she opens her legs to give them a show form time to time. She LOVES being able to show off and tells me that ismakes her feel incredibly sexy. She plans on also finding a top to wear out that exposes (at the least) a lot of her INCREDIBLE breasts. If things go like they usually do in this up tight, bible thumping town then I doubt we will have outstanding luck Friday night. I have got a couple of message / emails from others who post to the voyeurweb BB stating how they are glad we started this blog and how they also get a kick out of others seeing thier wife/girlfriend showing off for others. Some have even asked if I have ever heard why some guys are like that. To be honest I have no idea. For us, at least, there is a definate line. I mean we, personally could never cross the line into the orld of swapping partners or a set up where I were to watch her be with another man, but to see he as we are out be playful and show her body is very fun and arousing to me. I think my wife is the absolute most beautiful woman in the world, both inside and out. For others to see a glimpse of that outter beauty is exciting to me. I think people, in general, can get a rush out of doing something that is considered taboo. I mean when we are out and Princess pulls her shirt open to expose her breast, that is exciting because "girls are not supposed to show that," right? It is a huge turn on to know that others looking enjoy, or maybe even become arroused, seeing those parts of my beautiful wife. She absolutely LOVED dancing topless on the amatuer stage at PT's Showclub in Denver a couple of weeks ago. After that she has even talked about entering a local strip club's amatuer night. She is as good as ANY dancer you would see in any club, and in fact better than most. Do any of you reading this have any suggestions we can try for her to show in public or semi public places? Have any thoughts on clothes that would work good or know of a place we can try to play some by Princess showing? That's all for today. This is my last shift this week and then tomorrow the beginning of what is hopefully some others enjoying what Princess is willing to show. No matter what though I will be watching and enjoying her showing and even more.

26 April 2006

The weekend is coming

Well with Friday approaching fast I thought I would post a couple of pics of Princess' AMAZING breasts. We will be out in Co Springs on Friday night, and now looks like we are considering heading up to the Denver area for some showing up that way. We participate in a BB on the internet (you can find it @ www.voyeurweb.com and look for the link on the left of the page for the "forum" page) and a couple of people have contacted us asking if we would be interested in us coming up to hang out for drinks, pool, and a bit of Princess shwoing off. I don't blae them a bit. I constantly wonder what I have ever done to have been blessed with such a beautiful woman in my life. Her appearence in person is even truly more amazing than any pic can do justice. It is too bad that there seems to be such an uptight atmosphere here in Colorado Springs. People seem to frown upon any kind of behavior they deem to be out of the "ordinary" and make a quick judgement on the kind of person you are. My wife is one of the most honest, big hearted people a person could ever meet. We have been out for drinks and had people give her very disapproving looks (mostly from women) when she has worn a sheer tshirt and nothing more than a set of Pastease covering her nipples. There were no children around, nothing more than adults having a good time and some drinks. Princess was in NO way hurting anyone, but some of the patrons, and one waitress (who conveniently "forgot" our food order that night) shot very stern looks at our pool table. What is the deal there? Why do some girls act so ridiculous about an attractive girl showing off a bit? Princess is comfortable with her body... so why should she be ashamed? Let's hear some of your opinions... should she not be so bold? Do you see anything at all with a little innocent flashing/showing? Is there anyone else out there that likes to do the same stuff? Leave a comment so we know what the others out there think. Well I'm out... have to start thinking about getting ready for work.

A boring Wed.

Well, its another Wed and so it is kind of boring. Wed is the beginning of the end of my week. If I can just get through the next two nights then I will have made it to my weekend and more time to be with my wife and son. I work in Sleep Medicine, so it feels like I never see them during the week. Since the majority of people I deal with at work are not in the best of moods, a side effect of spending years not sleeping well, it can be a long work week sometimes. I am excited about the weekend coming though. Princess and I take one night each weekend for just the two of us to go out and find something fun to do in town or even in Denver from time to time. We have recently got into her dressing in something revealing and heading our to show off. A few weeks ago we headed up to Denver and went to PT's Showclub for the first time. The entire reason we gave it a shot was because we had heard they had a dancefloor where girls are allowed to dance topless if they like, and an amatuer stage where they can strip all the way down to a G-string if the mood hits them. The night started slow with us playing some pool with a few cool people we met. Princess wore a LOW cut top (without a bra) and some hot jeans. It was a huge turn on to see Princess bend over a make a shot on the pool table and seemingly be oblivious to the fact that her breast would become so exposed her nipple was visible. Others seem to be the show she was providing. Once the shots started flowing, we headed downstairs and watched some of the girls, who were professional exotic dancers, and decided they were a bit too unfriendly for our taste. Princess hit the dancefloor and once she got the courage got up on the amatuer stage. It didn't take long and a small group ended up following her around as she pulled her top open, eventually pulling it all the way down to her waist, and danced. She was giving a way better show than any of the dancers who worked there. Guys started pulling dollar bills out and putting them between her breasts and enjoying her show. All in all it was a GREAT night. She has the MOST AMAZING breasts, and the fact they are natural is even more unbelieveable. Now we are hooked. We are slowly adding being out and about with Princess showing a bit to an option for weekend fun. In the future I will post some stories as to how our excursions go. We have just took some brand new outdoor pics, and I am sure some of them will end up here for you to enjoy. That's all for now, maybe more later. SANDMAN

25 April 2006

A response already?

Well we had the blog up for less than two hours and someone has already left a message in regards to my wife. I am teeling you she is the HOTTEST girl you could come across, and somebody obviously has the same opinion I do. Keep the postive comments coming and it will encourage her to not only post some hot pics, but maybe write some posts as to how showing herslef off excited mer and I. Please feel free to add any pics you guys have out there. We know there has to be, at least, some fun people out there in Colorado. EVERYONE can not be part of the devout religious that seem to dominate the population of Co Springs.

Up and running

Well this is our first attempt to get a blog up and going. Today is slow and not alot going on here. We are in the middle of the work week and living for the weekend. Since I work nights, it feels like morning to me right now, and I really don't want to go to work tonight, but every day is a story in itself.