27 April 2006

ALMOST the weekend!!!

Well the work week for me is just about over, and not a moment too soon. I am to the point I live for the weekends. Princess and I have been making plans for ways to have a little fun this weekend. It looks like we are going to head out Friday night in Colorado Springs, to a low key bar on the west side of town, and have a few drinks, play a little pool, and of course Princess is going to see if the atmosphere is conducive to her showing off a bit. She has recently told me how she thinks it would be "hot" if she was able to sit at a bar, on a bar stool, and wear a skirt with nothing underneath. Then the others in the bar, who sat at the regular tables/booths would have a clear view of her pussy as she opens her legs to give them a show form time to time. She LOVES being able to show off and tells me that ismakes her feel incredibly sexy. She plans on also finding a top to wear out that exposes (at the least) a lot of her INCREDIBLE breasts. If things go like they usually do in this up tight, bible thumping town then I doubt we will have outstanding luck Friday night. I have got a couple of message / emails from others who post to the voyeurweb BB stating how they are glad we started this blog and how they also get a kick out of others seeing thier wife/girlfriend showing off for others. Some have even asked if I have ever heard why some guys are like that. To be honest I have no idea. For us, at least, there is a definate line. I mean we, personally could never cross the line into the orld of swapping partners or a set up where I were to watch her be with another man, but to see he as we are out be playful and show her body is very fun and arousing to me. I think my wife is the absolute most beautiful woman in the world, both inside and out. For others to see a glimpse of that outter beauty is exciting to me. I think people, in general, can get a rush out of doing something that is considered taboo. I mean when we are out and Princess pulls her shirt open to expose her breast, that is exciting because "girls are not supposed to show that," right? It is a huge turn on to know that others looking enjoy, or maybe even become arroused, seeing those parts of my beautiful wife. She absolutely LOVED dancing topless on the amatuer stage at PT's Showclub in Denver a couple of weeks ago. After that she has even talked about entering a local strip club's amatuer night. She is as good as ANY dancer you would see in any club, and in fact better than most. Do any of you reading this have any suggestions we can try for her to show in public or semi public places? Have any thoughts on clothes that would work good or know of a place we can try to play some by Princess showing? That's all for today. This is my last shift this week and then tomorrow the beginning of what is hopefully some others enjoying what Princess is willing to show. No matter what though I will be watching and enjoying her showing and even more.

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