26 April 2006

A boring Wed.

Well, its another Wed and so it is kind of boring. Wed is the beginning of the end of my week. If I can just get through the next two nights then I will have made it to my weekend and more time to be with my wife and son. I work in Sleep Medicine, so it feels like I never see them during the week. Since the majority of people I deal with at work are not in the best of moods, a side effect of spending years not sleeping well, it can be a long work week sometimes. I am excited about the weekend coming though. Princess and I take one night each weekend for just the two of us to go out and find something fun to do in town or even in Denver from time to time. We have recently got into her dressing in something revealing and heading our to show off. A few weeks ago we headed up to Denver and went to PT's Showclub for the first time. The entire reason we gave it a shot was because we had heard they had a dancefloor where girls are allowed to dance topless if they like, and an amatuer stage where they can strip all the way down to a G-string if the mood hits them. The night started slow with us playing some pool with a few cool people we met. Princess wore a LOW cut top (without a bra) and some hot jeans. It was a huge turn on to see Princess bend over a make a shot on the pool table and seemingly be oblivious to the fact that her breast would become so exposed her nipple was visible. Others seem to be the show she was providing. Once the shots started flowing, we headed downstairs and watched some of the girls, who were professional exotic dancers, and decided they were a bit too unfriendly for our taste. Princess hit the dancefloor and once she got the courage got up on the amatuer stage. It didn't take long and a small group ended up following her around as she pulled her top open, eventually pulling it all the way down to her waist, and danced. She was giving a way better show than any of the dancers who worked there. Guys started pulling dollar bills out and putting them between her breasts and enjoying her show. All in all it was a GREAT night. She has the MOST AMAZING breasts, and the fact they are natural is even more unbelieveable. Now we are hooked. We are slowly adding being out and about with Princess showing a bit to an option for weekend fun. In the future I will post some stories as to how our excursions go. We have just took some brand new outdoor pics, and I am sure some of them will end up here for you to enjoy. That's all for now, maybe more later. SANDMAN

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