28 April 2006


Well the weekend is here FINALLY. Today has been hectic. Poor Princess has spent the ENTIRE day, since 8:00am dealing with the DMV to replace her drivers' license. It is 3:50 and she is still waiting. Does anyone know what makes things with a state agency appear HORRIBLY unorganized. The people are rude and a child could come up with a better system for being productive and making things happen in a timely manner. The weather here has sucked today. It is cloudy, cold and alternating between snow and rain. This time of the year in Colorado is weird... one day it is 75 degrees and we are in shorts, the next it is 35 degrees and back in winter shells and fleece. I am so ready for summer. We put the snowboard gear all up about a month ago, so we don't really have any use for winter anymore. This summer should be fun. We plan on using the time while my son is visiting his mother for some adult fun around the house. Princess is planning on buying a couple of super small wicked weasel bikinis and is planning on laying out in them and sometimes in nothing more than a thong and a set of Pastease. If you guys don't know what either of these products are, check out the links on the left. They are both definitely HOT products. I just got home from our favorite store that sells exotic clothes / stripper wear and bought Princess and new LOW cut, very revealing top. She already has one that resembles this one in black, now she has a wine colored one to add to the wardrobe. The black one works well for her to expose some as she shoots pool, so hopefully this one will work just as well. I can not wait for her to start getting ready for our night out after my son's belt promotion exam in Taekwondo. Hopefully we will see a place or two for some outdoor pics of her flashing. We are kicking around the idea of heading to Mexico in late summer for our first trip to a clothing optional, all-inclusive resort. Princess researched the ones she could find and chose one that looks awesome. It will definitely be a good time. Tomorrow I will make an entry describing how the night's activities will go. It is sure to be a fun time, and hopefully we will be really worked up after Princess showing her breasts off to some very fortunate patrons in the bar.


Jim in Alaska said...

Hi Guys, she looks great! I cant wait till I see the pics of her in the new top you bought her. It would really turn me on to see those 34dd's falling out of it!

Sandman & Princess34dd said...

Jim.. check back tomorrow and see the details of our night. We are hitting a new bar and it will be interesting to see if they tolerate her playfully showing.

We can arrange some of the pics you asked about, but may take a bit.