30 April 2006

Sunday... not a lot going on.

We got up and around today and went downtown to Southside Johnny's. That has to be one of the coolest bars in town. They have the absolute BEST onion rings in Co Springs, and probably the best I have eve had anywhere. If you go, try their club sandwich at least once. It ROCKS! Princess and I each had a sandwich, a couple of beers, and some onion rings. We timed it so we got to watch the Av's game and play a couple games of pool. So with the Avs going to the division championships, hockey lives on in Colorado for a little longer. I think Southside Johnny's would be a good place to hit on like a Saturday night for Princess to do a little showing. We may have to put that down on the list of places to hit. Somebody from the blog here has suggested Thunder & Buttons, so we may try that in the future. I am sure a trip back up to Denver to PT's for Princess to have a chance to dance on their stage is down the road in a couple of weeks or so. As you see Princess made an entry last night to the blog. She will probably check in once a week or so, and is more likely to do so the more feedback she gets from anyone reading. It is cool to see what she thinks about different subjects, and you will see, with the more she writes, she is not only beautiful but very intellectual also. She really is the total package. We should have some new pics to post here in the blog in the near future. We have concentrated on outdoor shots, but may through some upskirt shots in or something to change it up. All in all it has been a low key day and weekend. We had a good evening on Friday with my son obtaining his blue belt in Taekwondo, a nice family dinner, and then me and Princess out for some fun (albeit not exactly what we were looking for) later in the night. Tomorrow night it will be back to work, and then 4 days of hitting the work schedule hard, working for getting to next weekend and more fun with Princess, and spending some time with my son. Keep checking back for a glimpse into our little world.

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