31 May 2006

Princess 34dd turns 23!!!!!

So today is Princess' 24th BDay... some of you are probably noticing she looks much younger. The opening pic is from this past snowboard season, and obviously before she got her shorter hairstyle, but I thought it captures her personality pretty well. We are enjoying the blog as it grows and we love writing of our escapades, but we do wish more of you who read, even the "anonymous" ones, would leave more comments. It helps us to make improvements, and therefore, better reading for you all. As you have all seen, I have one of the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful (both inside and out) wives a man could ever hope for. She has mentioned to me on several occasions that she REALLY becomes aroused knowing that her body and appearance arouse men. Princess has said that she loves to see a man masturbate because she has turned him on. I mentioned this earlier... members, and visitors for that matter, of the blog should try to email her a pic or two of you "enjoying" her pics. We would not publish or trade any of the pics you send to us, as we do not like ours passed around without our permission either. If you have something you want to send her you can use the email link on the right side of the Blog page to send us pics for her BDay present. If you need to be reminded of her INCREDIBLE breasts, then I posted one of the best pics I have ever seen of her breasts, not like there is a bad pic of them. You all should feel free to print the pic, use it, and email her the results. We will be starting the weekend soon and are busy trying to make plans for something entertaining to do. Princess has said something about doing some new pics up in Cheyenne Canyon, if the weather permits. I know a member of the blog has asked for some schoolgirl pics, and she pulls that look off EXTREMELY well. Once we have some we will post them intermittently depending on how many turn out good. Keep an eye out for those because I promise they will be some of the hottest you have seen. Well, keep up with us at the blog here, we have talked of a trip to PT's Showclub in the near future, and it looks like we are headed to The Mon Chalet a week for Friday or Saturday. I hope you guys are aking it through the short week just fine, and think.. it already HUMP DAY!.. Until tomorrow.... LATE, SANDMAN

30 May 2006

Thinking back on the weekend.

Well the weekend was incredible. We had such a relaxing time and loved having the extra day off. We have been very sexually "amped" since the trip to Denver on Saturday night, and both of us LOVED the time we spent with the couple we met at Mon Chalet. It sounds like we will be making another trip up there in two weeks, and will be spending more time with our friends. Who knows what that trip will hold for us, but I am sure it will be another great adventure. We both really enjoy the freedom of being at the Mon Chalet and being able to socialize with others while naked. It is nice to be in an environment where we can be naked, and if the mood hits you, it is accpetable for Princess to lean over and suck my cock, or me to reach over and pinch and suck her nipples, as we visit with others or others can watch us play. It it such a liberating experience and environment. Besides having such a HOT time with our new friends, we did see a few hot sights while there. One wierd thing we did see is that there was a couple who NEVER removed any of their clothes. They sat all evening and conversed with "friends" of theirs, but never took a bit of clothing off. It appeared that maybe the lady of that couple was more intrigued by the scene than the guy was, but to each his own. I do know that while we and our friends were on the bed together, and while Princess and her made out, I could hear the lady of the clothed couple make comments how nice it was to see and when shot my cum onto Princess she also was leaning to get a look. I told Princess later that as we all left the bed and moved back to our seats to talk (and rest), as we walked past the clothed woman the head of my cock brushed up against her leg (as they were crossed) and since I was still leaking cum, I left a streak of it across her leg. It was purely accidental, but whenI looked back to make sure she was not pissed, she was just rubbing it from her leg and didn't seem upset at all. As we spent some time in the pool I did watch a couple who was in their late 40's or so as they sat naked in chairs, next to the pool taking in all the sights, as she jacked him off. It was erotic to see anther couple who was playing and not giving a care to who saw what they were doing.

Seeing all the freedom makes you wonder... why is nudity and sex made out to be such a taboo subject and kept so locked up in the US of A? I have read many things abot how in most of Europe, sex to some extent, and nudity even more so, is very acceptable and not something that is such a "dirty" topic. I mean I really don't see why people all socializing while in the nude is so unacceptable here. I, for one, would love to throw a party where others could be nude, or at least to the extent they were cofortable, and it not be a huge ordeal. And while at it, as long as all the adults were consenting, I don't see why if a couple wanted to get a bit "frisky" or a guy wanted to jack off for a bit, then why it shouldn't be ok. I guess the big problem with doing that is that Princess and I each have VERY few friends that would be ok with that, because they have been raised that it is wrong. I hope my 12 yr. old son, and any future kids Princess and I have, all develop a very healthy attitude towards both nudity and sexuality. The world has much bigger problems to wo worry about stupid things. I am thankful I have such a beautiful, sensual wife, who has such a healthy attitude towards sex and is comfortable in her sexuality as a woman. We run across countless men who are married to women who do not express themselves sexually and I think that is a sad situation. If any of you are in that situation, then I hope you guys can kind of live vicariously through our endeavors. So until tomorrow... LATE!... SANDMAN

28 May 2006

Mon Chalet trip report.

Our trip to Mon Chalet (for those of you who don't know, it's an adult motel in Denver w/ a nude pool / hot tub area and where sex is encouraged) was different than we expected, but was probably hotter than either of us could have ever expected. We arrived there at about 11:30pm and it was pretty busy in the pool area. Once we had stripped naked and out our clothes into a locker, we headed to one of the two hot tubs they have there. Surprisingly, as we started to play, and as I started to stroke and suck Sandman as he sat on the edge of the hot tub, a gentleman (who was mid to late 50's) entered the hot tub and began to watch us. Sandman moved over and sat next to him. It was working out just as we had hoped. The guy made a compliment about my boobs to Sandman, and we decided to ask him if he would like to touch them. He began to touch and squeeze them and then it all started to go the wrong direction in the blink of an eye. He touched my right breast for all of 3 1/2 seconds and then before I knew it he was sucking one. I thought it was rather rude to not even ask if that was ok. Trying to overlook his oversight, when he asked if I would stroke him I decided to. It was ok but he took the eroticism away from the situation by tell us, "I have room, do you guys want to go back there and fuck," "Do you want to suck my cock," etc. And then he crossed the line. He reached towards my pussy and I quickly stopped him. Sandman sensing that this guy was pretty much ruining our fantasy, made the statment, "do you want to go find that other couple, they seemed a lot more fun," which he was refering to a couple that said hello to us and made small talk as we got undressed when we arrived. They were in our age group, and seemed to be a lot like us, as far as out personalities go. We then spent awhile with just Sandman and I swimming in the pool and watching the porn being played on the big screen projection screen on the wall at one end of the pool. We relaxed and Sandman put his cock in me and pumped me as we were in the water. We took time and saw others who were having sex in the water, women performing oral on men and men performing oral on women in the water while on float rafts, and women jacking off their husbands as they sat in chairs by the pool. At one point we ended up at the end of the pool the lockers are, with Sandman sitting on the edge of the pool and me between his open legs while in the water and giving him a blowjob that he was loving. The same couple that had said "hello" to us as we undressed were at the same end of the pool, and as the husband of the twosome walked around the edge of the pool, he made a humurous remark as to me sucking my husband. It was right about then that Sandman was able to score us two chairs right beside one fo the hot tubs (something that was hard to find that night) after a couple left. As we laid claim to the chairs, Sandman went to get our stuff from the locker we had put up ealier. As he was away the couple we had been sporadically talking to came over to the hot tub and climbed in, and as they did invited me (and Sandman) to join them. We spent time in the tub talking and getting to know one another, which is alot of fun considering eveyone is naked. After maybe a half hour in there, we were all burning up and decided to hit the pool to cool off a bit. We ended up with couple next to couple againt the wall of the pool in the water. As we talked and joked with each other, we were actually just inches away from one another with Sandman pumping his nice cock in me and our new friends having sex also. Sandman and I were so turned on. At one point the husband of the couple began to swim away and as he did, his wife moved towards us joking as to how she was left "all alone." she moved in close behind me and I could feel her breath on my neck. I started to think that it may happen, I may finally get my chance to touch and caress another woman. Suddenly I realized I was feeling her tit as she was feeling mine. I was overcome with a feeling of nervousness, but nervous in a good way. I had never touched another girl's boobs, but it was a HUGE turn on. As the husband of the couple came back he made the comment that they were moving to the "table," which is actually a bed that is maybe, double the size of a king size bed, and as they swam to the opposite side of the pool to get out, his wife turned and said, "you guys should join us." It probably took Sandman and I about 2 seconds to decide we wanted to go. We left the pool and as we waited for our friends to come to the bed, which was just down from our chairs, I bent over and sucked Sandman's 8" cock as I felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness building up. Our friends layed on the bed and we headed for an area on the bed next to them. Her husband was eating her pussy and Sandman got between my legs and began to lick my clit, which had me going immediately. He alternated between eating me, pumping e with his hard cock, and fingering my G-spot (which had me squirting all over the place). As Sandman continued to lick me I decided that I was going to touch her breasts. As I said before I was incredibly nervous. I can only compare it to the feeling I had when I gave my first blow job. I was very turned on and extremely excited. We both caressed each others breasts and enjoyed being in the moment. After I started feeling more comfortable with the whole situation I asked her if I could suck on her breasts. She was all for it and so I flicked her nipples with my tongue and she did the same to me. I was loving every second of it and I think that everyone else was too. At some point she grabed my face and started kissing me. It was a great feeling and even better was watching Sandman's reaction to it all. The more her and I touched and played around the harder he got. He then started fucking me hard I felt so good. I absolutely love to see my husband so turned on. I also really love getting pounded hard. While Sandman fucked me our friends finished up and watched us finish. As Sandman get close I asked him to cum on me. He got over the top of me and told me he was about to cum, as soon as the other couple heard that the guy told his wife to turn around and watch us. It was such a turn on to know that they wanted to watch Sandman cum all over me. Sandman then came all over my belly he was so turned on that he squirted a lot and squirted it really far, which is one of my favorite things to watch. We finished the evening up by joking around, and talking about each couples respected limits as to playing, which was nice because we finally found another attractive couple who is NOT looking to full swap (which is TOTALLY not our deal). So as you guys can tell, although our trip to Mon Chalet was disppointing in the fact the older guy ruined something we have talked about, it was a bigger success in the fact we met some new, cool friends, who we are comfortable in the fact will never ask us to go beyond our limits, and to boot, I got the chance to kiss and touch / suck the breasts of a attracitve, sensual, fun woman... FIANLLY! And we are making pans to meet them again in two weeks at the Mon Chalet again. Let's hear some comments from you all. And so you know, we posted two pics from a new set of pics we had developed today. Kisses.... PRINCESS34dd.

UPDATE.....Change of plans

I hope this quick entry finds everyone having a fun and safe holiday weekend. I just wanted to say we have had a change of plans. We are NOT headed to the Hot Spring today (we are recovering from last night still), so there will be a posting tonight about our INCREDIBLE time we had at the Mon Chalet last night. Princess will be writing later, and while things didn't go exactly as planned, we did have an adventure that I don't think either of us saw coming. It definately be HOT to hear her tell the story, believe me it was SMOKING HOT to see take place. So check back later tonight to see the details. Until then.... LATER... SANDMAN1972

26 May 2006

Weekend is here... BUCKLE UP!!!!

Well it's finally Friday and the weekend is finally here. It's almost a bitter - sweet day though. My son is leaving for an 8 week summer visit with his mother, out of state. That is a not-so-good part of the weekend. I absolutely HATE sending hi away, like 800 miles away, for 2 months. Its hard to not constantly worry about a 12 year old, who is not only ny son, but a good friend also, when he is that far away. Now the good part about this is that, unlike full time parents, Princess and I have 2 months to live like a wild couple, and can do adult things without having to censor behavior around my son. He flies out at like 6:30am, so after his take-off it will be lounging around the house in the buff, enjoying being naked, and hopefully loving Princess playing with my cock to the point I am about to explode. Then we are loading up to head to Denver for the evening we have been waiting for. We may not be able to keep up with the blog until Monday, since we won't return for Denver until late, and then back up early to head out for the nude hot spring, and a day of lounging in the nude and letting others see how gorgeous Princess is and how amazing her breasts are in their glory. Who knows what Monday will hold for us. Hopefully in our absence our new contributors, Tittylover & Horny Hubby, can pick up the slack for us and leave you guys with some great blog entries. We have received some compliments on how much people like Princess' breasts, and all I can say is keep the coming. The more she knows her efforts the more willing she will be to write about her amazing exploits. As I said in the past couple of blog entries, Princess turns 23 this coming Wednesday. If anyone wants to post birthday comments she would love to hear the, and even better if you have pics of yourselves "using" her pics of the blog, she loves to know she turns people on. Now for the regulars, post comments for Tittylover and get her your requests. So everyone know, you can post anonymously so give it a try. Who knows... there can be a Dare Contest between Princess 34dd and Tittylover, what do you all think? I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend, be safe and have fun, and whatever you do, don't drink and drive, it's not worth it... LATE!... SANDMAN

25 May 2006

Dare me please

Well, as you can see, I figured out how to add photos. As I said earlier, I LOVE my tits. Hell, I love Princesses tits. As Horny hubby and I get closer to our vacation to Cancun, I really want people to come up with ways to "show." If anyone has a fantasy they'd like to share about having a girl flash them, I'll see what I can do to make it happen. Remember though, nothing illegal. Just good ole fun. Enjoy the photos and I hope to here from you. Look closely, I have a vibrator in my pussy and my ass. Horny Hubby like me to be naughty and I like it too!

Tittylover is onboard

Well as you all saw by the two entries yesterday, we have brought "Tittylover & Horny Hubby" on the blog team as contributors. We ran across this couple on the VoyeurWeb BB, and they see to have a lot in common with Princess and myself. We have emailed back and forth a few times and have found out that they enjoy showing in public, taking pics, and allowing men to see her big breasts. They have a lot more experience than Princess and I do in these areas, and have said they have an extensive picture collection, but we are trying to look to them for some new ideas. I thought what better way than to ask Tittylover and her Horny Hubby to become contributors. I read yesterday's post she wrote and think it would be great if readers of the blog, both registered and anonymous ones, to post comments for them stating some good dares for the to attempt on their upcoming trip to Cancun. Princess and I are tentatively planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta it seems. We have found a way to get a SMOKING good deal on a condo there and are trying to seal up some dates we can get away for a week. I am sure we could find all kinds of ways to show off Princess while down at the beach and around the town while shopping. So every body hasn't forgot, this Saturday will ark the start of some hot times and adventures for Princess and I. She is such a beautiful and erotic woman, and is sure to always have fun when we are out looking for good times. As you guys know (or at least should know by now) we are headed to Denver (from the ULTRA conservative town of Colorado Springs) and should be up there by late afternoon / early evening. Our first stop will be an ABS for a little fun and browsing. Once she is comfortable we are planning on spending some time in a viewing booth that has Plexiglass separating it from another, that way a guy in the other booth can watch (and masturbate) as we play and I show him Princess' incredible boobs. We may try one with a glory hole, but that just depends on how hot we get while there. Tittylover has said she likes to point blank as a an if he wants to see her boobs.. while I think it would be hot if Princess did that, it may have to be something that we work up to. She ay not be comfortable going that bold just yet, in a public setting. She is totally cool with showing, but asking a stranger that may too gutsy just yet, UNLESS we throw some alcohol in the mix... LOL. After the ABS and a little dinner, we will head over to Mon Chalet, the adult motel. While we spend the rest of the evening in the pool / hot tub area naked, we will be playing with one another, and watching others play. Princess has talked about taking her favorite toy and using it poolside while sitting in a chair and letting others watch her get off. We are still hoping to meet an older gentleman, 50'ish or so, to give him the chance to touch and maybe suck Princess' breasts. We think it would be hot to let a man in that age group do so, and we would be able to watch how hard he gets as he does it. I mean it will probably have been a long tie since A man that age had the chance to touch boobs as big as Princess' and as firm as hers. Hopefully we will enjoy a night of being naked, having sex and masturbating in front of others, and experiencing hot times to write a good entry about. Once we are up and around on Sunday we are headed to a nude hot spring outside of Colorado Springs to spend the day. Playing with each other is not allowed while there, but it will be a good way to spend, what is supposed to be a beautiful day naked and outside. What does worry me though is that their website states it is "against the rules to display an erection" so that ay be tough to control around Princess. We may wind up Sunday with going out for a few games of pool with Princess wearing some kind of revealing top, or maybe if she is turned on from being naked outdoors all day, this may be the time to try a little showing up her skirt in some kind of a way or another. Monday will most likely be low key unless we find some kind of fun to have.

So about the pics today. The opening one is of our new contributor "Tittylover" and as you know the second pic is of Princess 34dd. I know it is a pic you have seen, but I used it to give you all a look at the two big breasted ladies that this blog is dedicated to and their fun escapades (the third pic is just one that I thought some of you would like). Like has been mentioned, be sure to post comments as to "dares you have for Tittylover on her trip, and don't forget to contact us via email or through a comment on the blog as to sending in pics of how aroused or you "using" pics of Princess. So everybody knows Princess has her 23rd birthday on this coming Wednesday... what a better way to wish her a "happy birthday" than showing her how much you appreciate the pics and fun times she allows me to post? Hope all is well with everyone and don't forget, the more comments, the more the girls will write / post. Everybody take care... until next time, LATER... Sandman1972

24 May 2006

Tittylover and Horny Hubby are pleased to meet you

For those out there who are regulars to blogs, know that I am not. I guess an introduction would be in order. I, Tittylover, love tits! My Horny Hubby and number one admirer is the drive behind my lust for new sexual escapades. We both love big tits and hard nipples. We especially love showing mine to others. There will be lots of time to retell past adventures but my current decision revolves around a customer of my husbands asking to see topless photos of me. In particular, it is a photo of me topless on the bridge that goes across Las Vegas Blvd at Ceasar's Palace in Vegas. I am definatley flattered that he continues to ask to see this photo of me. Horny Hubby, however, is unsure if this is a good idea. I love to show off but it has always been for strangers. I think I have beautiful breasts and my thrill is getting a guy "ask" to see them. It's funny how nervous a guy gets when you let him know that all he has to do is ask. I was in an adult bookstore after a Mardi Gras party. I got a guys attentition and to make a long story short, he loved what he saw. After continuing a conversation with him staring at my bare breasts, I covered them up and told him that he could see them again, all he had to do was ask. He was so nervous that he just followed me around the store but couldn't ever seem to ask. I finally turned to him and said, "Do you want to see them again." He replied, "Yes." He continued to explain that he had taken a lot of cold medicine and he thought that he was dreaming. His dream came true. My question to all you men out there...."Why do guys drool over tits but when they are literally handed the oppurtunity of a lifetime, they freeze?" Lastly, I don't know how to included photos with a posting but I have emailed several to Sandman and Princess. If they'd like to post those, they have my permission. Enjoy this post and look for more to come as Tittylover and Horny Hubby prepare to turn Cancun into our personal playground. We are looking for any dares from others who have playful ideas of fun that I can do to "show" myself and Horny Hubby will get a photo to post when we get back. Enjoy the holiday weekend and remember.... Happy Nips and Hard Licks, Tittylover

Forgive me if I don't get this one right

Sandman and Princess34dd invited us to post her on their blog. I've never done this before but if this post goes right, I definately have a lot to say...and many times I say it with pictures. This one is short and we'll be back with more soon.

23 May 2006

And the week rolls on.

Well the week is off and running. Princess has not really had anything change at her job and the problem with her boss and his stance on having the opinion she has dressed inappropriately. Personally I don't see how one inch (at the most) of cleavage is considered "over the line" or "offensive." I think the fact that this guy is an ULTRA conservative, religious freak contributes to this situation exponentially. I am sure seeing something that arouses him, for some weird reason, may cause him to question his personal convictions, and that is problematic for him. Princess has heard that the real problem is the fact that drivers for the company may have been looking at her chest during a company meeting. She was dressed very appropriate, and the mere fact they were looking should indicate to her boss that THEY are the ones with the problem, NOT her. How anyone can not enjoy looking at such a beautiful woman, to me, only means he has some deep rooted homosexual tendencies. Wow, that would be shocking... someone who is "devoutly" religious, but has a secret side to their personality. My job is rolling along, and its the normal living hell that I am used to. Working with nobody but 3 other women makes for LONG work weeks. I can not believe how disloyal, and betraying women can be to one another. I literally sit for 10 hours a night and count the days down until I can be home with my family for the weekend. I am sure you all have seen, my 12 year old son will be leaving Saturday morning for his summer vacation to his mother's, and that will mark the opportunity for Princess and I to be able to get out and do fun things at the drop of a hat, and without having to have the responsibility of my son. Not that we dislike the responsibility at all, we love it in fact, it will just be nice to be able to run around the house naked if we feel like it and not have to wait until he goes to bed, if that makes sense. We are very much looking forward to the weekend. We are trying to pick an adult bookstore to visit, and I think we have decided against a booth at one that has a glory hole, but rather one that has a Plexiglas divider in between two booths. The only unknown is if a straight guy would be the one to get into the adjoining booth. Hopefully all will work out for us there and we will have a great time. We have received several emails from men in their 50's who are replying to our thread on the VW BB about meeting a guy in that age group to talk with and hang out with in the nude pool area of the Mon Chalet. We have one in particular that I think will be able to make it, and we are looking forward to it. I think he will appreciate the opportunity to touch her big breasts, and I know we will enjoy if he is aroused enough to masturbate. We will be sure to post a blog entry on the Sunday after we go to Denver for this, but it most likely won't be posted until Sunday evening due to the fact we are going to a commercial nude hot spring for an afternoon of nude sunbathing and a picnic. Any of you who read the entry yesterday and saw the statement I made about sending us pics of ANY of you and how a pic or group of pics of Princess has aroused you please contact us via email at springscouple2031@yahoo.com and I will reply with details. Until tomorrow..... LATER ... Sandman1972

22 May 2006

The week is off and running... 4 days of hell

So I know a lot of you are surprised by the pic(s) posted today, and I apologize, but I thought I would leave a "surprise" for Princess when she checks the blog tonight when I am away at work. Please don't beat me up too bad with pissed off comments. A lot is going on with Princess' boss and his latest remarks that he conveyed to Princess through a 3rd party. He is a gutless person so I guess you can't expect anything else. It has upset Princess and is very unfair. It seems as though he is punishing her for having large breasts. Something I can not understand. She should not be ashamed of her body or embarrassed, and as long as she is dressed professionally, there should not be a different set of guidelines for her as there is for a girl with, say, B cup boobs at their place of work. I do know he is tip toeing a fine line here, and while we are not the kind of people to sue anyone, I do know I will not stand for someone treating her unfairly or mean in any way. Keep your comments about this situation coming, it helps her see not all men are assholes like she works for. I wanted to say something about the pic requests we have received, and pics in general. We did get the request for some schoolgirl pic. We can work on those, but it may be a couple of weeks or so before you see any. Princess looks much younger than her 22 years, and makes a GREAT schoolgirl, looking all of 17 or 18 when dressed in a plaid, short skirt, a white button up shirt that BARELY contains her boobs, a pair of white stockings, and a sexy pair of TALL high heels. We an definitely get those in the works. We have a camera with some film right now that has a few exposures left and I will be the first to say, once we get these pics developed they will be some of the hottest yet. There are some super shots of her amazing breasts, a few of her giving me some oral, and who knows what we will come up with to finish the roll. We are super excited for the trip to Mon Chalet this Saturday night. We have met a couple of people through the VoyeurWeb BB and I think it will be a nice night of hanging out nude and talking with other cool people as we get to know each other, enjoy the nudity, and as Princess and I have sex and/ or masturbate we will be able to watch others as they do the same. Make sure you all check into the blog on Sunday since we will be posting the details of what we experienced and saw during our visit to both the Mon Chalet and when we go to an adult book store while in Denver. We hope you all are enjoying our blog, it is growing as far as members joining it, and we are getting ready to have 8 weeks that we will be "kid free" and able to expand on our sexual / adult adventures. I think that we should offer to post member pics for those of you who are comfortable with that. I think it would be a nice thing is some of you emailed us pics of you masturbating to any of the pics Princess allows to be posted here. I know she would be turned on to know she is helping arouse others of you out there. So if any of you are comfortable with that be sure to email me and let me know, and from there I can give you instructions on what to do from there. Like I said... guys, don't beat me up over the pics posted today. They are for her surprise. She does so much for me and to make sure she is pleasing me in every way, I just thought it would be nice for me to surprise her with something. With that in mind remember what your others told you... if you don't have anything nice to say, then say nothing at all... LOL.

Until tomorrow..... LATE! Sandman

21 May 2006


******I wanted to make a clarification to my previous post. When I stated that I want to watch in older man jack off to me playing with a toy or with sandman I was referring to either watching me masturbate OR my well-endowed husband ramming his cock in my pussy!****** Now the topic today is my Asshole boss!!!! I have been preoccupied all week with the way my boss is treating me. I was pulled aside on thursday by my supervisor that was told to talk to me about the way I dress. Now even though I am pretty relaxed in my off time, I NEVER dress unprofessional while at work or while attending work events. It came down from one of the owners that I needed to wear higher necked clothing. I was pretty upset at first because I just don't wear things that are even questionable in my opinion. I told my immediate supervisor that I didn't think this was fair and that as far as I was concerned I was being picked on for having a large chest. I am not joking when I say that the other girls I work with actually come in with "dressy tube tops". I didn't inform Sandman because I thought he would come in and rip the owner a new one ( which he deserves). I finally broke down and told my husband and he told me I need to confront the owner. I want to I just feel like if I do I will be picked on even more. I know that I will do it, just don't know exactly what to say. Sandman wants me to get a verbal apology but I feel like that isn't enough. I don't know what to say to my boss exactly and know that a verbal apology will be just him pacifying me. If you all have any ideas on how to handle this I would appreciate hearing them. Till Later

20 May 2006


Complete freedom awaits us both in about one week. Although we will miss our son we are excited to be able to just take off at a moments notice and most of all to be naked in the house whenever we want. I know we already have some plans set for next weekend and I am looking forward to them. Sandman told me his fantasy of an older man touching me and I thought it was pretty hot. I am excited to see an older man get excited to be around us. I am not sure what all Sandman is wanting to happen but I know that I would like both of my boobs played with at the same time! I may want to touch him as well but not sure that I want to take it to much farther than that. I would like to see the older gentleman jacking off to me playing with a toy or with Sandman. I am also excited to go to the theatre. I know we have talked about it and there is something about it that turns me on. I have never been to one so I do not know what to expect. After that weekend we will have to start planning out some other fun things to do. Not sure of all of the possiblities at this point but ultimately am looking forward to just spending time with my wonderful husband. Hopefully we can spend a little alone time together this summer too. Any of you have any other great ideas that we haven't heard of yet? I would definitely like to hear them. What do you all think about some of the newer pics that we put up? Do you all like them? Any ideas on different pics we could take or you would like to see? HOpe you all are having a great weekend!!!! Princess

19 May 2006

FINALLY... End of Week

So its Friday... and due to some issues beyond my control I have had like 2 hours of sleep in the last day and a half. Sometimes working the hours I do really cathces up to me. We are busy making plans for our weekend. A couple from the VW BB and who visit the blog asked to meet us for pool and wives showing off. We have a softball game at 9:00pm to play and it will last an hour, so now we don't know if we will feel like going out, and to top it off we cant find the email they sent us about meeting out... if you guys read this, know we will try to show up, but don't know for sure yet. We are unsure of tomorrow night. Maybe out for a couple of drinks / beers, maybe home with some family time since my son leaves next week, maybe a bit of both. We do know next Saturday is an adventure we are looking forward to. To the blog team member that left the comment on the one of the posts about Adult Bookstores and theaters in Denver... "THANKS!" I have to say a swingers club may be a bit much for us. We don't swap and have no intentions to. We have been to Mon Chalet and like the pool area for skinny dipping and the fact others can see us have sex. We have posted a thread on the VW BB asking if any male in his 50's+ would like to meet us at Mon Chalet in the pool area and have a chance to touch, maybe suck Princess' breasts. Surprisingly the responses are low so far. Hopefully they will pick up. I was kind of nervous bringing the subject up with Princess. She surprisingly thought it was hot. I think giving an older gentleman the opportunity to touch and maybe suck Princess' big, firm boobs, and then seeing how he and his body react to that is hot. If all were comfortable she may even go as far as to jack the gentleman off, and I know if I was in my 50's and she did that to me it would be as good as winning the lottery. Keep checking back. Who know what we will end up in, or what we will be doing. Do you all like the pic of Princess on today's post? A quick, candid, shot of her riding in our vehicle... GOD I LOVE THOSE BOOBS!!!

17 May 2006

Rocking along through my week... LIFE IS GOOD

So the week is moving along, and it seems kind of quickly. I have only tonight and then tomorrow night and I am done again for the week. My job, even thought the hours keep me away from my wife and son at night during the week, is nice in the fact that I have the entire weekend plus all of Friday off. A 4 day work week is nice in a lot of aspects. I have sat around this afternoon and thought a lot about how good my life is. I have what is, to me, the perfect family. My son is a good kid overall, and my wife is the most loving, beautiful, caring person in the world. I have trudged through some very trying, emotional, and dark times. Looking back, probably far too many for my 34 years, but it is all worth it and I would do it all again - twice - if I knew I would end up with Princess in the end all. She, besides being so gorgeous and fun to look at, is one of the most fun people I have ever been around. I hope everyone is liking the blog. We are working on new pics this weekend and hopefully I will have 27 new pics of Princess and her beauty to distribute on the blog over the next few weeks. If any of you have any requests, other than the ones we already received, please don't be shy. We will try to fulfill any requests we think are hot and that we can. We have decide the 27th is the night we will head to Denver for a night of fun. I mentioned yesterday, we are going to head up in the late afternoon / early evening and spend some time in an adult book store and give it a whirl in a video booth. Neither Princess, nor I, have ever done this and both are looking forward to it. We are aware of the fact that some of the booths have "glory holes" and that seems to intrigue us. After that we will grab some dinner and then head to Mon Chalet for a night in the nude pool / hot tub area where we will see if we can chat with others and have sex in the open for others to watch us. We have talked also about Princess taking her favorite vibe with her and playing with it as she sits in a chair poolside for others to watch. While there we will be on the look out for a gentleman with a certain description to see if he would like to touch Princess' breasts. There is something about seeing another person touch, or even suck, her breasts that is such a turn on for me, and I know for her also. Princess has been tied up and not been able to write for the blog. She is hoping she can do that tonight, and I will ask her to write about the new fantasies we are going to work on during our trip to Denver, since I know you all want to read her side of the topic. Everyone take care and check in with the blog when you can. LATE... Sandman

16 May 2006

Tuesday... after 2nite, my week is 1/2 over!

First off... AMIT...we are glad you are keeping up with us and visiting our blog. Can you email us, or comment here, as to your age, location, and a bit about yourself? Also... how did you find our blog? We really appreciate your words you left and encourage you and everyone to comment and participate as frequent as possible. We are looking to the weekend, what's new huh? Princess has emailed me today asking for me to come up with way to show her off. I am leaning away from the bar scene and thinking of different ways. This is our last weekend to kind of have a restricted schedule. My son leaves for his summer visit with his mom on the 27th, and after that we can kind of take a break from parental responsibilities for a few weeks. We have recently talked about some new fantasies we are going to give a try (I will try to get Princess to elaborate on her feelings about them later tonight after her kickboxing class). Princess wants to make a visit to an adult theater or adult book store that has video booths. We have also talked about on our next visit to the Mon Chalet Adult Motel maybe finding an older gentleman (maybe in his 50's) and asking him if he would like to touch Princess' boobs as we are in the nude pool / hot tub area. I will let Princess elaborate on thos two fantasies as she feels comfortable to in her next blog entry. It looks like the weekend of the 27th we will be heading to Denver to attempt one or both of these fantasies. So those will make for interesting reading for you all. And as always we are currently working on new pics to post here. We are liking the blog and the following it sees to be gaining. Remember to direct anyone who is into exhibitionism, nudism, or just having fun to our blog please. Also... can everybody who fllows the blof please email us at the link on the right to just "check in" so we know exactly what kind of following we are getting... OR comment here so we know ok? Thank alot..... LATER! SANDMAN

15 May 2006


So it is the beginning of the week... GOD I hate Mondays. I decided to start the week with posting the FAQ page I am working on for Princess. If you guys have any suggestions or additions let me know. We have a busy week ahead of us with our work schedules and some family commitments, so blog entries may be less than daily for the week. I am going to ask Princess to post an entry tonight. We have been talking about making a trip to Denver in like two weeks. We have a couple of new fantasies we have discussed and I may see if she will post about those. Hopefully she will, they are HOT! She is definitely the hottest girl a guy could be with, and I am not exaggerating when I say NOTHING offends her or turns her off. Try her, make some comments asking about certain sexual aspects and I can almost guarantee you can not offend her and she finds something about any sex topic hot (with the exception of feces).
So hopefully everyone gets their week off to a good start. Check in later tonight or tomorrow morning and see if Princess made an entry... until then check out her FAQ stuff.... LATER
FAQ for Princess 34dd STATS Birthdate: 05-31-83 Home: Colorado, USA Hair: Brunette w/ blonde highlights Eyes: blue Height: 5'01" Shoe Size: small ones Bra Size: 34 double D (all natural) FACTS Hobbies: Showing for others, reading, shopping, having a good time in general, spending time with my husband and step-son Turn Ons: Being watched, honesty, cute girls, watching others (although we really have never got the chance to do so), Dancing topless @ PT's Showclub in Denver. Turn Offs: Pushy people, those who think a show means they get laid, disrespect, liars. QUESTIONS ABOUT PRINCESS & SHOWING: Q. Where do you show and how much do you show? A. We love to go out and play pool while I wear a LOW cut top, without a bra, so seeing my boobs and/or nipples is very possible. I have also talked about being out in a bar or restaurant in a skirt without panties. So any bar or restaurant is a possibility for us, although we try not to go places there tends to be a lot of children. Q. Do you guys swing? A. My husband and I do not swap, but we do go to places that some swingers frequent. I recently danced at PT's Showclub in Denver and LOVED it. We also love to go to Mon Chalet in Denver and spend time in their nude swimming pool / hot tub area, so others there can watch us play and have sex, but we do not have sex with others. Q. Can I request pics of you? What kind of pics do you have? A. Pic requests are welcome, but I have to tell you, people who participate in the blog or try to get to know us a bit, and are wiling to trade pics have a better chance of getting pics than someone saying "Can I have a pic of you getting fucked?" Q. If I see you out in a public place can I say "hello?" A. If it is just me and my husband then yes, but just be discreet about it, since we may not be with others who enjoy our "hobby." If you see us with children we ask that you please do not.

14 May 2006

Weekend coming to an end.

The weekend is coming to an end and we have been VERY busy with social things filing the days. We did go out on Friday night, but didn't do a lot of showing. We went and started the evening with softball practice and then some beers with the team. We are playing on a team for Princess' work, and we had a good time having beers with her coworkers / teammates. After a quick shower we met up with her b boss and then some of the same coworkers at a local bar. We decided that Princess wearing anything way too revealing would cause problems at work.. long story, but oh well. After we got bored, the two of us and the boss and his wife hit a local Karaoke bar that neither Princess, nor myself knew of at all in town. It had a cool vibe, with lots of others singing to songs of yesterday and today, and the waitresses dancing on the bar tops. It is a place we will definitely have to go back to when it is just us two or we are with "showing friendly" others. Saturday was laid back with Princess wearing a sheer shirt with some cute Pastease to one of favorite bars in town. It was fun to see people, especially men with their wives, trying to get a look at Princess and not let on to their wives what was going on. We spent a little bit after lunch taking some pics that we will post in the future. We have posted some threads on the BB we participate on and have received many responses in our "Inbox" from mostly nice people who appreciate seeing Princess and express it in a polite manner. We have, although, received a couple of remarks from somebody which I felt came across as rude, or just off color. Let's see what you guys think. We received an email entitled : "Subject: Love your huge tits" From a guy in Denver. We emailed him back and explained that kind of comes across rude by replying with: springscouple 2031 wrote: Hi.. thanks for the compliment.And yeah I know, they are large, but saying "huge" has some negative connotations with me. I am glad you find them attractive, just would prefer for someone to say "large boobs" as to "huge tits." Can you describe yourself to me and my husband a bit more? I mean your PM from the VW BB was a bit brief. We do get to Denver some, do you ever get to the Springs though? We love to play pool and I like to expose my boobs a little as we do so. If you would be willing to describe yourself or more about what exactly you mean by "tease and be teased" we would love to talk. Also, keep up with us at our blog at http://sandman1972.blogspot.com/ and "thanks" for the interest. Princess34dd & Sandman

He then took the time to say to us:

That's cool, I would like to see a pic or a clip of those perfect breasts, or your face covered with cum.

Give us your opinions... do you think he is being a bit rude about Princess? I mean she loves to show, and she has posted a pic of me cumming on her in an earlier post... but isn't pushing for a pic like that right out of the gate a bit rude?

Thanks for any comments...... Later


12 May 2006

Princess looking to show boobs during the weekend

So the weekend officially kicks off in about two hours. We are planning on having a GREAT weekend. My son is spending the first half of the weekend with Princess' parents and so we are all alone until Sat. evening. Princess has "misplaced her inhibitions" until his return and we are both excited to get things going this evening. She is planning on some revealing clothes, and some HOTplay time once we get home and to bed. The opening pic was taken a couple of weeks ago, and is from a set I just had developed today. It is nice to have some new pics to show all you who love to look at her. The shirt she is wearing is the newer wine colored one I bought her a couple of weeks ago. It is basically cut as low as it shows, just below her boobs, and she has basically just pulled it to the sides to let her breasts be exposed in the pic. It was taken in Old Colorado City as we left the bar on a Friday night. If you guys like these kinds of pics we can work on getting more. The rest of what was developed were pics of her outdoors hiking and stopping to flash her boobs in different places, and the end of the post will have one of those as a sample up. There is also one of her playing pool as her boob is exposed while she is shooting, and I will have Princess post that pic with one of her blog entries in the near future, most likely before the end of the weekend. So Princess has LOVED getting the comments form those of you who have left some for her. She LOVEs to hear from others who like viewing her pics and hearing about what we like to do in our spare time. She even appears disappointed when she asks if you guys have left coments and I have to tell her "no." She looks forward to seeing what others think of her writings, and LOVES to write about what you guys want her to. Keep commenting with suggestions and asking questions and she will become more and more open in her writings. Also, send her requests for pics you would like to see (and we havent forgot about the guy who asked for upskirt pics of her in a food court at the mall) and we will try to work them in. So we have two happy hours to hit this afternoon, before we go out for our weekly pool game. We posted a message on the VW BB to see if anyone around Co. Springs wants to meet for drinks, pool, and viewing her, so it will be interesting to see if anyone around our area is able to meet up and have a good time. We hope you guys have a good, safe weekend, and like I promised... another smaple of the pics we had developed...

11 May 2006

From the mind of Princes34dd

First of all, thank you to those of you who commented so quickly. I really like to see others get involved. I will try to answer any questions that you all have asked or comment on what you all have said. "David" asked how to show appreciation to a girl that shows. I guess you could just compliment her. I know that Sandman just lets me know how good I look and how much he loves to see me like that...and it works for me. I also got feed back from someone else that saying they admired my confidence. I have to say that when we first started doing this I was apprehensive. I don't look like I used to and am very critical of myself, in EVERY sense. At first I did it more for my husband. I thought it was hot, but felt like the fat girl that shouldn't be wearing those kinda clothes...if that makes sense. After we started doing it more and more I starting feeling better and better about myself. I think its fun to do and it really has given me a huge boost in confidence. Don't get me wrong I still am very critical of myself but am trying to relax a little bit and enjoy myself. I suggest you start slow with your wife and encourage her to wear something a little skimpy. Tell her you love her body and that you like being seen with such a beautiful woman...DON'T tell her she is uptight. It will only make her feel bad and make it harder for you to get what you want too.

I know that some of you wanted to know what I feel like when I am out showing. I do get nervous because I am always afraid I might offend someone OR I am afraid someone will be mean to me. However, my nervousness doesn't get in the way of my wanting to have fun or me wanting to turn on my husband. I think the most fun I had was when we went to PT's in Denver. I was nervous when we went there and a little shy at first. After a few drinks and thanks to my outgoing husband let it go a little. By the end of the night I was on the stage. It was a great time and I loved it. I want to try to lose some weight now because I want to do a full nude amateur night. I think it would be super hot. My favorite thing to do for Sandman now is to do a strip tease for him. I try to do all the moves I see the strippers do. I have to say when I do the dance and get naked I feel like I am SUPER hot!

Well keep the comments coming, I love to hear them. Oh before I forget, Sandman brought it to my attention that my post last night made it sound like he isn't that great of a guy. I want everyone to know that I LOVE my husband more than anything and think he is HOT!!! I am one of the luckiest women in the world to be married to my best friend.

Check back to hear about our weekend update!!!

The weekend starts

The weekend is starting for me and not a moment too soon. Princess did make an entry to the blog last night, but it was a busy night for her and she barely had time to. We spoke earlier and she says she is making an entry that is a little better later tonight, so everyone look forward to that. I will try to get her to expand on some of the things you guys have touched on previously. We are making plans for some pool playing / showing a little for Friday night, then maybe some kind of sexy fun outdoors of some type. If anyone knows where to buy a top like the one Tara Reid has on in the opening pic, please let me know. Princess saw it and thought it was a hot top and we both think it would be a good one to add to the collection. Speaking of Hollywood starlets in see thru tops, has anyone else noticed a trend in more and ore of them wearing them? Tara is kind of famous for showing, and I have seen pics of Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and many others in see thru or tops cut so low a hint of nipple or areola peeking out. Anyone who has any info on if this is a current trend or why it seems to be so acceptable please forward me the info or post a comment as to where I can find it ok? I have been thinking of putting together a FAQ page about Princess for anyone who is interested. If there are things anyone wants to know about her, please post comments asking and I will add the requested info about her to the FAQ page that I am working on. We received a comment form "David," asking what he should do to show his appreciation of a girl who does "this" for him. If you can tell Princess exactly what you are referring to then Princess will add that to her post tonight. If anyone wants her to answer any question for that attire feel free to ask, she will ore than likely answer them all. Suggestions for pics you al want to see are appreciated. Also do we have any couples that enjoy the blog together? I mean it would be nice to see a female's point of view as to what Princess does in her showing exploits. That's all for now... Later - Sandman

10 May 2006


Sad today is hump day and I didn't get any!! Oh well its always rough when you work opposite schedules. I have to say that is what is on my mind all week leading up to Sandman's nights off. All I can think about is jumping him. I think my husband is so HOT!!! In I can't wait for summer to come so that we can play outside. I like a little adventure and I think Sandman isn't as keen on the whole thing as I am, but I will work on him and soon enough I will get my way. The weekend is almost here and it's time to start thinking about what we will be doing this weekend. I really enjoy our time playing pool, it's a laid back enviroment and its in easy way to show off a little. However, I am curious to what else may allow for showing. What are all of your idea? I really enjoy the ideas you all give me. I kind of want to buy a new outfit to wear for my husband tomorrow. I will need some ideas from you guys. I already have the nurse, school girl, and various other little outfits. I want something new. I really like role playing so keep that in mind when giving the ideas. What you all want your chick to dress in? What kind of role playing do you all like? Well its time to call it a night. Hope to hear from you all soon!!!

Wed... Princess Loves the suggestions

The week is going along just fine... and it looks like the end of the week is supposed to be nice. I think I will take tomorrow night off and spend an extra night at home with the family. So everyone knows, Princess is LOVING the suggestions. I am sure the suggestion from the reader about going to a book store will be a favorite of hers, and the link another reader sent about the web site that sells sheer clothes is great to pick up some other tops so she has a variety like this... BOUDIERPHOTOG... thanks for the encouragement and suggestions. We have also done the drive thru food window thing. We left the strip club one night and Princess was feeling playful so she got topless and we pulled around to pick up our late night burritos. The look on the kid's face as she sat there without a shirt or bra on was priceless. We have talked of doing that again soon and maybe I can get a pic or two of it for the blog. Speaking of pics, we have like 8 or 9 more to take and then we will have them processed and they will be available for posting here. There are some good ones of Princess in some HOT outfits and wearing a pair of Pastease at different times. If you guys haven't checked their website out, click their site under our links section... VERY HOT product and Princess LOVES them. If you guys have any requests for ANY kind of pics, send them to Princess, she is up for just about anything. We are making plans for a digital camera in the near future, so we will be able to put pics up more frequently once we purchase that. Princess wil be making a blog entry later tonight, her schedule has been busy this week, but she is looking forward to sitting down and writing some thoughts for you all to see a little glimpse of what she is thinking. I know she has said with the weather getting warmer the tops will be getting smaller so that is great news for all of us who like to see her show off a bit. I am currently looking to buy her some other tops that will be good to show off in and one or two Wicked Weasel bikinis to lay out and enjoy being sexy. My wife is the most gorgeous woman in the world and I absolutely LOVE that she likes to show off a bit.

Until then... I'm outta' here... going to chill out and take it easy before work tonight. Keep an eye peeled for Princess' blog entry later tonight... LATER!

09 May 2006

The mid-Week Blues!

Today is a low-key day all and all. The wather is clouding up and the temps are cooler than yesterday. I was called off work last night, so I got out of one night of my week so far. Not a bad deal since I get one-hundred bones to be at home during nights like last night when they can't book a full patirnt load. So basically 25% of my work week is over and I haven't been there yet. Alright by me! So there has already been a couple of comments left to Princess about her blog entry, the more comments left to her, the more she is encouraged to write. With today being Tuesday, I am starting to look forward to the weekend and think about making plans for us to do something fun. I imagine we will try for a game of pool or two out on Friday night, as usual. I am trying to think of a top for Princess to wear out that will all but ensure for a couple of good "accidental" nipple slip(s). Like this one... She (Princess, not this goofy chick above) is the most absolutely GORGEOUS woman I could have ever wished for. When at PT's Showclub, she played pool in a SUPER LOW-cut top and had no bra on under it. When her boob and/or nipple became exposed and others saw, it was such a turn on for me. She totally LOVES to be looked at and to hear how others feel about seeing her. Our Friday night excursions are just a way to experiment with some of the showing we enjoy her doing. The top she wore playing pool at PT's is black and I just bought her a new wine colored one that is similair to the one the girl in the following pic has on, but I am now constantly looking for other types that would allow her nipples to go for freedom.

We are looking for some place to maybe vacation that is clothing optional, since it looks like Mexico may not happen this year with our work schedules. I actually wished we had a place to spend a few hours outdoors this weekend nude. Having friends wiht a pool and/or hot tub would be nice right about now... LOL. We need to keep an eye out for that when we meet new people sometime... LOL. Princess is really wanting to be outdoors naked soon. Hopefully the weather will continue to warm up and we will be able to get away the weekend my son goes to his mothers for their summer visit. I guess we will head up to Dream Canyon outside of Boulder. We have heard it is a nice place and that others there are fine with others sexually playing in the open. That would be a fun day to say the least.

So if any of you think of any ways she can show off, keep them coming at her. The Barnes and Noble idea we received is a great one and I am sure she will be commenting on it later. Be sure to look for her to post something later on this evening.

Until tomorrow... LATER!

08 May 2006

Princess writes again

I have to say I was a little disappointed that I didn't get a better response on my last question. Although I did appreciate that some people replied. I guess I need to be a litte bit more patient, seeing as how we just started the blog. I hope that we will keep getting more responses. So our weekend went pretty well. It started out on friday when we went to Old Chicagos. We had a pretty good time. I wore some cute jeans and a low cut tank top that showed cleavage. I can't tell you if anyone was enjoying the little show, except Sandman. We went out again on Saturday but changed it up a little. When I show a little it's usually at a bar or club, but we were trying to mix it up. We went to Whole Foods and I again wore a very low cute tank top that showed lots of cleavage and the tops of my nipples. It was a lot of fun. I again couldn't tell if anyone really noticed or not. Either way it was still fun for Sandman and I. It will get easier to show a little the warmer it gets outside because tops become smaller and smaller. I am wanting to do something fun outside this weekend but am not really sure what to do or where to go. I would love to hear any ideas you all my have for me! I want to have Sandman take some pics of me, but it's hard when everyone is at the park....Hopefully we will be able to get some good ideas from you all.

Looking for showing ideas for my HOT wife

Well with the fact we have currently taken up Princess showing a bit in public, we have noticed it can be difficult to find tops that facilitate in her doing do, without being too obvious. She thankfully found one that resembles this one here and we think it will be a good one to try in a bar or maybe even at the local Wal-Mart. Slowly over the next few weeks, especially during the summer, I can work on finding her some tops that may help. She does have a few now that are pretty good, but buying her a few new ones, with the purpose of her showing, may work even a bit better. I love to buy her things so the new shirts would be kind of two fold. Her showing is just half the fun. I think any kind of "accidental" slip of her nipple(s) would be totally hot also (like the one the girl in the opening pic of this entry is having). I mean for her to wear something that a HUGE possibility of one these...

has the chance, either just a nipple OR her entire tit, becoming exposed is a huge turn on. Who wouldn't enjoy seeing her gorgeous chest on display? It is hard to believe her chest is real. I can see how some definatley mistake it for being fake. She was blessed with boobs most women would do ANYTHING for. We have asked on the VW BB for info on Dream Canyon, and definately will be making a trip up there this sumer. We are both excited about the possibility of being outdoors and able to be nude and sexually play. We will be sure to post of our time and what all happens there when we go.

We did make a trip out this weekend to Whole Foods and Wal-Mart for Princess to give wearing a LOW cut tank top out and about. It worked fine overall. The top BARELY covered her nipples, and at times the top of one or both areolas were visible for a second. I will ask her to post her feelings about the outting later tonight. I think as she becomes more comfortable, she will allow more and more to be exposed. If anyone has any suggestions about a place, or type of place to go for this upcoming weekend, we would love to hear about it. If nothing else maybe we will hit a place for drinks and some "accidental" nipple slips...

Until tomorrow.... LATER!

05 May 2006

How I feel after a work week!

... Happy Cinco de Mayo

The weekend begins. Thank God! I made it through another week of working with asshole patients and a group of female techs that are all as fucking crazy as the day is long. So now it is all about making plans for enjoying myself with family. My son will be home in about an hour and a half, so we will have some time to spend together until Princess finishes her weekend @ 5:00pm. I am wasting time watching Cops on t.v. right now. You have to love the entertainment level of white trash people acting stupid. Sure other races are represented there, but the trailer park population provides me with the most entertainment for my buck. We are definitely going to the grocery store tomorrow to try and pull of some "accidental" showing by Princess. We had some decisions to make as far as what shirt to wear, so we made a "test" run of some of the ones she has. We decided on one similar to the actress' to the right. Princess' is black and not a belly shirt but the straps have a difficult time containing her breasts, and her nipples (or at least a hint of them) become visible. It is amazing since we are just now getting into showing in public a bit, how hard it is to find tops that make it possible for her to show off a bit. Thanks to everyone who has posted suggestions on ways for Princess to show off a bit. We like the idea of pics of her showing off her pussy in the food court of the mall, an also the one about the deal with accepting pizza from the pizza delivery guy. We had actually talked about the delivery guy thing, with the exception of her taking the pizza from the guy (or girl) while laying out in a micro thong and a pair of Pastease. Any other ideas we would love to hear them if you guys can post them. I also think it would be hot if she wore a tank top like the one Hillary Duff is in below... don't you? Or if I could find a top with as low of a neckline as the one Jessica Simpson is in, that would be an excellent top for playing pool. I will try to get Princess into posting an entry tomorrow and check in with you guys on what she has done and enjoyed... until then... LATER!

04 May 2006

End of the Week

Today is the end of the week tonight. Tonight is my last night of the week so my weekend starts tomorrow... THANK GOD! It has been a long journey to get here it seems like. The weekend looks like we may have a mix of weather, with some rain and cool temps and then some sun and warmer temps. I can't wait for summer and the days its in the high 80's to low 90's. Hopefully with my new schedule at the Sleep Lab, having weekends off, Princess and I will be able to get out more and enjoy the outdoors than we have been able to the past couple of years, when I was working Saturdays through Tuesdays. This weekend we are making a trip out the grocery store to make our first attempt at Princess showing off a bit. We are unsure of a shirt to try or exactly what method to use. She is deciding between the lose shirt with a view down her blouse, or something like letting a shoulder strap fall off her shoulder revealing she breasts and, if lucky, her areola / nipple. I think it will be hot to see the reaction people have to seeing her amazing tits. I hope we have the chance to take a vacation to Mexico this year. Princess found a clothing optional, all-inclusive resort and hopefully our work schedules will permot us to go there. Neither of us have been a place like that, other than Mon Chalet in Aurora, and think it would be fun. I have found that there are a couple of places up by Boulder Reservoir where people hike / lay out nude so maybe we wil have to check those out. Everyone keep checking the blog so you can stay informed when Princess posts soon.

03 May 2006

Making It

Today is the beginning of the end of the week for me. I am ready for Friday and to be off Friday night to spend time with Princess and my son. Princess is the absolute best wife a person could wish for. It is nice to love someone so much that is seems like an eternity when you are away from them. We know a lot of people, and have read a lot of posts on BB's where people talk about hating to spend time with their spouse. We can not even fathom what that would be like. She is my best friend. I think it is ridiculous for others to talk about a guy being "pussy whipped" just because they love their wife. I personally don't know others who talk that way about me, but I have seen people in that predicament. I think any man in the free world would give anything to be in my shoes. I am married to a woman who loves me unconditionally and who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. The blog seems to be gaining some traffic. If anyone visiting knows of others who would enjoy it, please pass the address along to them. The more the merrier. I think we are heading to a grocery store this weekend for Princess to give the guy at the meat counter a little show. It should be interesting to see how that fares. We are both pretty excited about it and are kicking ideas around to come up with a way to make it appear to be accidental. We are trying to make up our mind as to if a shot down her shirt is the best, or if she wore a shirt with shoulder strap and letting one fall to the side may be the way to go. If we have time this weekend we may hit a bar for lunch and I have told her if she wore a tube top with a pair of Pastease over her nipples, so that she could playfully show me as we ate, would be hot. No matter what she decides it is for sure going to be a fun time. Keep checking back to see how things go for us.

02 May 2006

1 down, 3 to go

So I am one day (night) into my work week. The good part about that is that after tonight I will be half way done with the work week. Thank God for that. It was a tough start to a week. Anytime you work with the public, it can be a volatile situation. So now I am up and surfing the internet, wasting time until my son and Princess get home for the evening. I have seen a couple of emails comments posted asking about some upskirt shots of Princess, namely in a mall in some aspect or another. I can definitely pass those on to Princess and get her feel on them. She is always up for new endeavors in sexual fun. The more ideas readers of the blog post or send her, the more she will be willing to do. We are kind of making a list of fun things we will try to accomplish this summer when my son is at his mother's house. We will definitely be out and about with her showing some. We are also planning on a trip to Mon Chalet in Denver. For those not from here, Mon Chalet is an "adult" motel, that has a pool and like 2 hot tubs and a bed in a common inddor area. Nudity, sex, and masturbation is allowed, even kind of encouraged. While we do not like the swap scene, we do enjoy going up there, spending the evening naked and watch others and be watched by others having sex. Other than that we will be out showing, maybe try to find a good place to spend some time outside naked, and Princess is excited about spending some time on our patio in a micro thong and some Pastease (check out the link at the left to see how hot they are, and email us to see what Princess' favorite ones are). I am currently trying to get new ideas for some new tops for Princess to wear out and about while we have fun. If any of you have any suggestions please let us know. If anyone knows where we can find a sheer shirt like this please let us know through the blog or email us at left. Keep in mind the weekend is coming, and we will start coming up with ideas for some fun stuff, and of course keep you all abreast of what we decide and all of our flashing fun that we can think of.

01 May 2006

Starting of the week

Well it is the beginning of another week. I am off during the day, but will be back at it, doing the sleep medicine thing tonight. I guess the are worse ways to make a living. I am busy today watching MSNBC, keeping up to date on the happenings around the country. It's hard to feel like I know what is going on in the world when I have totally opposite hours of the majority of the world. The weekend seemed to fly by. It goes so fast when I can hangout with Princess and my son. World of the blog seems to be spreading somewhat. Word of mouth seems to be the way to let others know. The more Princess sees that others enjoy what she contributes, the easier it will be to get her to write posts every now and then. We are finding there are some fun people keeping up with us through the blog. Keep any comments / suggestions coming and we will do what we can to accommodate them. Warmer weather is kind of starting to come around. It looks like the mid to end of the week around here will be rainy and cool, but Saturday and Sunday look like good days to get out and do something. Maybe Princess will feel like getting out and taking some pics outdoors, or pulling off some upskirt fun at a bar that has a patio. I would like if I could find a sheer, loose flowing top to buy her to add to her tops she owns to go out for drinks in. I think my wife is absolutely the hottest person a guy could be married to. She looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING in anything she wears. Princess has grown more comfortable with her body, and rightfully so. I think her negative views have been for years of being told things like, if she shows cleavage it gives off a vibe of being slutty, or wanting attention. The truth of the matter is she has attributes most women would die for. I have heard women say it is crude for a big breasted woman to wear things like tank tops, tube tops, etc. What a bunch of shit. Princess should have the same rights to wear something that small breasted women do. Why are others so "scared" of breasts? Her self confidence is at a level that is should be. She is a beautiful young woman, and if she wants to be revealing then she should have the chance to. That is my ranting for the day. You guys weigh in on the topic. Let's see how others feel.