02 May 2006

1 down, 3 to go

So I am one day (night) into my work week. The good part about that is that after tonight I will be half way done with the work week. Thank God for that. It was a tough start to a week. Anytime you work with the public, it can be a volatile situation. So now I am up and surfing the internet, wasting time until my son and Princess get home for the evening. I have seen a couple of emails comments posted asking about some upskirt shots of Princess, namely in a mall in some aspect or another. I can definitely pass those on to Princess and get her feel on them. She is always up for new endeavors in sexual fun. The more ideas readers of the blog post or send her, the more she will be willing to do. We are kind of making a list of fun things we will try to accomplish this summer when my son is at his mother's house. We will definitely be out and about with her showing some. We are also planning on a trip to Mon Chalet in Denver. For those not from here, Mon Chalet is an "adult" motel, that has a pool and like 2 hot tubs and a bed in a common inddor area. Nudity, sex, and masturbation is allowed, even kind of encouraged. While we do not like the swap scene, we do enjoy going up there, spending the evening naked and watch others and be watched by others having sex. Other than that we will be out showing, maybe try to find a good place to spend some time outside naked, and Princess is excited about spending some time on our patio in a micro thong and some Pastease (check out the link at the left to see how hot they are, and email us to see what Princess' favorite ones are). I am currently trying to get new ideas for some new tops for Princess to wear out and about while we have fun. If any of you have any suggestions please let us know. If anyone knows where we can find a sheer shirt like this please let us know through the blog or email us at left. Keep in mind the weekend is coming, and we will start coming up with ideas for some fun stuff, and of course keep you all abreast of what we decide and all of our flashing fun that we can think of.


Jim in Alaksa said...

Hi Guys, now thats a great pic! More like that! Good luck in Denver

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim... glad you are stil checking in with us.