21 May 2006


******I wanted to make a clarification to my previous post. When I stated that I want to watch in older man jack off to me playing with a toy or with sandman I was referring to either watching me masturbate OR my well-endowed husband ramming his cock in my pussy!****** Now the topic today is my Asshole boss!!!! I have been preoccupied all week with the way my boss is treating me. I was pulled aside on thursday by my supervisor that was told to talk to me about the way I dress. Now even though I am pretty relaxed in my off time, I NEVER dress unprofessional while at work or while attending work events. It came down from one of the owners that I needed to wear higher necked clothing. I was pretty upset at first because I just don't wear things that are even questionable in my opinion. I told my immediate supervisor that I didn't think this was fair and that as far as I was concerned I was being picked on for having a large chest. I am not joking when I say that the other girls I work with actually come in with "dressy tube tops". I didn't inform Sandman because I thought he would come in and rip the owner a new one ( which he deserves). I finally broke down and told my husband and he told me I need to confront the owner. I want to I just feel like if I do I will be picked on even more. I know that I will do it, just don't know exactly what to say. Sandman wants me to get a verbal apology but I feel like that isn't enough. I don't know what to say to my boss exactly and know that a verbal apology will be just him pacifying me. If you all have any ideas on how to handle this I would appreciate hearing them. Till Later


Anonymous said...

Love your blog....takes guts and a fertile, creative mind...so my hats off to you both....got plenty of comments for you...but for now.....about that Asshole Boss....sounds like he's a member of Focus on the Family LOL.....any kind of non job preformance issues are bad signs at work......so i hope you can make due until u find something better...but this is your wake up call (sounds like Steelly Dan).......in my experience...he is saying "you're fat and i dont like you".....i dont think you are at all Princess......but be very very careful honey.....remember, you only have to take care of your asshole.......the rest are dispenceable
I'll email you guys with my other comments about Mon.....i am shy....smiling

lookeraz said...

I'm sorry to hear what you went through this week, Princess. In my opinion, it's a problem with the owner. If the owner is a female, it's because she is insecure about having smaller breasts and feels intimidated by you getting attention from your breast size. If the owner is a male, it's because those sexy breasts are too much for him and they are distracting him from working. Unfortunately, he is more concerned about how you look than your job performance, which is not right. It's not like you show up to work dirty or in ripped-up clothes, so your clothing is not the issue.

I personally think you need to start logging these incidents in a journal so you have a record of when you were approached, whether it be a verbal or written warning. Take pictures of what you were wearing those days. I also suggest that you casually take pictures of the others that wear the tube tops and record when you took those pics. If they were not given warnings themselves, then you have proof that you are being singled out.

I know that this may be an uncomfortable approach, but without proof it's your word against theirs. My first impulse would be to tear them a new asshole, too, but without proof then it is just putting you in a bad situation.

Keep us informed of the situation. No one should ever feel uncomfortable in the workplace. It affects your job performance, which is bad for the company!

lookeraz said...

On a different note...I believe the pic that you have on today's post is the first that I've seen of your sexy pussy...WOW! In just seeing your breasts alone, I thought Sandman was the luckiest man that I know of. But once I saw that pussy...I'm speechless!!! What I would do to taste your fingers after they slid into that sexy pussy of yours sometime! UMMM!

Anonymous said...
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