04 May 2006

End of the Week

Today is the end of the week tonight. Tonight is my last night of the week so my weekend starts tomorrow... THANK GOD! It has been a long journey to get here it seems like. The weekend looks like we may have a mix of weather, with some rain and cool temps and then some sun and warmer temps. I can't wait for summer and the days its in the high 80's to low 90's. Hopefully with my new schedule at the Sleep Lab, having weekends off, Princess and I will be able to get out more and enjoy the outdoors than we have been able to the past couple of years, when I was working Saturdays through Tuesdays. This weekend we are making a trip out the grocery store to make our first attempt at Princess showing off a bit. We are unsure of a shirt to try or exactly what method to use. She is deciding between the lose shirt with a view down her blouse, or something like letting a shoulder strap fall off her shoulder revealing she breasts and, if lucky, her areola / nipple. I think it will be hot to see the reaction people have to seeing her amazing tits. I hope we have the chance to take a vacation to Mexico this year. Princess found a clothing optional, all-inclusive resort and hopefully our work schedules will permot us to go there. Neither of us have been a place like that, other than Mon Chalet in Aurora, and think it would be fun. I have found that there are a couple of places up by Boulder Reservoir where people hike / lay out nude so maybe we wil have to check those out. Everyone keep checking the blog so you can stay informed when Princess posts soon.

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