19 May 2006

FINALLY... End of Week

So its Friday... and due to some issues beyond my control I have had like 2 hours of sleep in the last day and a half. Sometimes working the hours I do really cathces up to me. We are busy making plans for our weekend. A couple from the VW BB and who visit the blog asked to meet us for pool and wives showing off. We have a softball game at 9:00pm to play and it will last an hour, so now we don't know if we will feel like going out, and to top it off we cant find the email they sent us about meeting out... if you guys read this, know we will try to show up, but don't know for sure yet. We are unsure of tomorrow night. Maybe out for a couple of drinks / beers, maybe home with some family time since my son leaves next week, maybe a bit of both. We do know next Saturday is an adventure we are looking forward to. To the blog team member that left the comment on the one of the posts about Adult Bookstores and theaters in Denver... "THANKS!" I have to say a swingers club may be a bit much for us. We don't swap and have no intentions to. We have been to Mon Chalet and like the pool area for skinny dipping and the fact others can see us have sex. We have posted a thread on the VW BB asking if any male in his 50's+ would like to meet us at Mon Chalet in the pool area and have a chance to touch, maybe suck Princess' breasts. Surprisingly the responses are low so far. Hopefully they will pick up. I was kind of nervous bringing the subject up with Princess. She surprisingly thought it was hot. I think giving an older gentleman the opportunity to touch and maybe suck Princess' big, firm boobs, and then seeing how he and his body react to that is hot. If all were comfortable she may even go as far as to jack the gentleman off, and I know if I was in my 50's and she did that to me it would be as good as winning the lottery. Keep checking back. Who know what we will end up in, or what we will be doing. Do you all like the pic of Princess on today's post? A quick, candid, shot of her riding in our vehicle... GOD I LOVE THOSE BOOBS!!!


Anonymous said...

Loving the blog and all the pics. Keep up the good work!! Hope you find someone to flash this weekkend I know you make the week go by faster. Boss has a condo in Snowmass CO. Says that I can have it any time during the summer. The wife has taked about going out a couple of times but not sure how much fun it would be without snow? He says that there are a lot of great hiking trails and bike trails which would be cool. How long would it take to drive to Denver to Mon Chalet?

Thanks, again

dhemphill66 yahoo com

Anonymous said...

dhemphill66yahoocom, we sent you an email to answer some of these questions.

lookeraz said...

WOW! I love the new pic! Hopefully there were some lucky guys that were able to see what you saw as you two were driving!

And I have to say, Sandman, I think you would see the same reaction if ANY man (old or young) were so lucky to rub and suck Princess's beautiful breasts. There will be one lucky man next weekend!

Also, I was wondering if you've taken any pics of Princess in a schoolgirl outfit. I know it's a common fantasy, but it just drives me wild! To see her in a sexy plaid skirt, knee high socks and a white button-up shirt with her breasts poking out of them would be heaven!

Keep on posting! I can't get sick of that sexy body of hers! You are a lucky man.