11 May 2006

From the mind of Princes34dd

First of all, thank you to those of you who commented so quickly. I really like to see others get involved. I will try to answer any questions that you all have asked or comment on what you all have said. "David" asked how to show appreciation to a girl that shows. I guess you could just compliment her. I know that Sandman just lets me know how good I look and how much he loves to see me like that...and it works for me. I also got feed back from someone else that saying they admired my confidence. I have to say that when we first started doing this I was apprehensive. I don't look like I used to and am very critical of myself, in EVERY sense. At first I did it more for my husband. I thought it was hot, but felt like the fat girl that shouldn't be wearing those kinda clothes...if that makes sense. After we started doing it more and more I starting feeling better and better about myself. I think its fun to do and it really has given me a huge boost in confidence. Don't get me wrong I still am very critical of myself but am trying to relax a little bit and enjoy myself. I suggest you start slow with your wife and encourage her to wear something a little skimpy. Tell her you love her body and that you like being seen with such a beautiful woman...DON'T tell her she is uptight. It will only make her feel bad and make it harder for you to get what you want too.

I know that some of you wanted to know what I feel like when I am out showing. I do get nervous because I am always afraid I might offend someone OR I am afraid someone will be mean to me. However, my nervousness doesn't get in the way of my wanting to have fun or me wanting to turn on my husband. I think the most fun I had was when we went to PT's in Denver. I was nervous when we went there and a little shy at first. After a few drinks and thanks to my outgoing husband let it go a little. By the end of the night I was on the stage. It was a great time and I loved it. I want to try to lose some weight now because I want to do a full nude amateur night. I think it would be super hot. My favorite thing to do for Sandman now is to do a strip tease for him. I try to do all the moves I see the strippers do. I have to say when I do the dance and get naked I feel like I am SUPER hot!

Well keep the comments coming, I love to hear them. Oh before I forget, Sandman brought it to my attention that my post last night made it sound like he isn't that great of a guy. I want everyone to know that I LOVE my husband more than anything and think he is HOT!!! I am one of the luckiest women in the world to be married to my best friend.

Check back to hear about our weekend update!!!

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Amit said...

Hi Princess

Thanks for posting.

I love all your pics. You boobs are real nice and hubbie is lucky.

When you are posing for the pics do you get nervous that you will be caught in public..I am just wondering..you look so cute and innocent in the pictures