05 May 2006

... Happy Cinco de Mayo

The weekend begins. Thank God! I made it through another week of working with asshole patients and a group of female techs that are all as fucking crazy as the day is long. So now it is all about making plans for enjoying myself with family. My son will be home in about an hour and a half, so we will have some time to spend together until Princess finishes her weekend @ 5:00pm. I am wasting time watching Cops on t.v. right now. You have to love the entertainment level of white trash people acting stupid. Sure other races are represented there, but the trailer park population provides me with the most entertainment for my buck. We are definitely going to the grocery store tomorrow to try and pull of some "accidental" showing by Princess. We had some decisions to make as far as what shirt to wear, so we made a "test" run of some of the ones she has. We decided on one similar to the actress' to the right. Princess' is black and not a belly shirt but the straps have a difficult time containing her breasts, and her nipples (or at least a hint of them) become visible. It is amazing since we are just now getting into showing in public a bit, how hard it is to find tops that make it possible for her to show off a bit. Thanks to everyone who has posted suggestions on ways for Princess to show off a bit. We like the idea of pics of her showing off her pussy in the food court of the mall, an also the one about the deal with accepting pizza from the pizza delivery guy. We had actually talked about the delivery guy thing, with the exception of her taking the pizza from the guy (or girl) while laying out in a micro thong and a pair of Pastease. Any other ideas we would love to hear them if you guys can post them. I also think it would be hot if she wore a tank top like the one Hillary Duff is in below... don't you? Or if I could find a top with as low of a neckline as the one Jessica Simpson is in, that would be an excellent top for playing pool. I will try to get Princess into posting an entry tomorrow and check in with you guys on what she has done and enjoyed... until then... LATER!


Anonymous said...

I spent a weekend in bed with a lady once that got the door naked when the pizza guy came to deliver. Needless to say he was pretty amused. I was hoping to get the pie for free, but no luck. It sure was fun! Oh, and I'm Tim, the guy that told you a few things about Dream Canyon in the Voyeurweb Forum. It's a remarkable place



Anonymous said...

Tim.. thanks for all your help. And I'm sure we will be heading up to Dream Canyon in the near future.