10 May 2006


Sad today is hump day and I didn't get any!! Oh well its always rough when you work opposite schedules. I have to say that is what is on my mind all week leading up to Sandman's nights off. All I can think about is jumping him. I think my husband is so HOT!!! In I can't wait for summer to come so that we can play outside. I like a little adventure and I think Sandman isn't as keen on the whole thing as I am, but I will work on him and soon enough I will get my way. The weekend is almost here and it's time to start thinking about what we will be doing this weekend. I really enjoy our time playing pool, it's a laid back enviroment and its in easy way to show off a little. However, I am curious to what else may allow for showing. What are all of your idea? I really enjoy the ideas you all give me. I kind of want to buy a new outfit to wear for my husband tomorrow. I will need some ideas from you guys. I already have the nurse, school girl, and various other little outfits. I want something new. I really like role playing so keep that in mind when giving the ideas. What you all want your chick to dress in? What kind of role playing do you all like? Well its time to call it a night. Hope to hear from you all soon!!!


David said...

You are so find!!!!
Please tell me how I should show appreciation when a girl does this for me. Just how do you let her know how great she is.

Amit said...

Hi Princess

I would love to see you dressed as a secretary in a business suit with heels and a skirt and nice top and your hair tied together.

Then go out shopping with your boss ie Sandman and tease him by flashing him while you shop.