08 May 2006

Looking for showing ideas for my HOT wife

Well with the fact we have currently taken up Princess showing a bit in public, we have noticed it can be difficult to find tops that facilitate in her doing do, without being too obvious. She thankfully found one that resembles this one here and we think it will be a good one to try in a bar or maybe even at the local Wal-Mart. Slowly over the next few weeks, especially during the summer, I can work on finding her some tops that may help. She does have a few now that are pretty good, but buying her a few new ones, with the purpose of her showing, may work even a bit better. I love to buy her things so the new shirts would be kind of two fold. Her showing is just half the fun. I think any kind of "accidental" slip of her nipple(s) would be totally hot also (like the one the girl in the opening pic of this entry is having). I mean for her to wear something that a HUGE possibility of one these...

has the chance, either just a nipple OR her entire tit, becoming exposed is a huge turn on. Who wouldn't enjoy seeing her gorgeous chest on display? It is hard to believe her chest is real. I can see how some definatley mistake it for being fake. She was blessed with boobs most women would do ANYTHING for. We have asked on the VW BB for info on Dream Canyon, and definately will be making a trip up there this sumer. We are both excited about the possibility of being outdoors and able to be nude and sexually play. We will be sure to post of our time and what all happens there when we go.

We did make a trip out this weekend to Whole Foods and Wal-Mart for Princess to give wearing a LOW cut tank top out and about. It worked fine overall. The top BARELY covered her nipples, and at times the top of one or both areolas were visible for a second. I will ask her to post her feelings about the outting later tonight. I think as she becomes more comfortable, she will allow more and more to be exposed. If anyone has any suggestions about a place, or type of place to go for this upcoming weekend, we would love to hear about it. If nothing else maybe we will hit a place for drinks and some "accidental" nipple slips...

Until tomorrow.... LATER!

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