09 May 2006

The mid-Week Blues!

Today is a low-key day all and all. The wather is clouding up and the temps are cooler than yesterday. I was called off work last night, so I got out of one night of my week so far. Not a bad deal since I get one-hundred bones to be at home during nights like last night when they can't book a full patirnt load. So basically 25% of my work week is over and I haven't been there yet. Alright by me! So there has already been a couple of comments left to Princess about her blog entry, the more comments left to her, the more she is encouraged to write. With today being Tuesday, I am starting to look forward to the weekend and think about making plans for us to do something fun. I imagine we will try for a game of pool or two out on Friday night, as usual. I am trying to think of a top for Princess to wear out that will all but ensure for a couple of good "accidental" nipple slip(s). Like this one... She (Princess, not this goofy chick above) is the most absolutely GORGEOUS woman I could have ever wished for. When at PT's Showclub, she played pool in a SUPER LOW-cut top and had no bra on under it. When her boob and/or nipple became exposed and others saw, it was such a turn on for me. She totally LOVES to be looked at and to hear how others feel about seeing her. Our Friday night excursions are just a way to experiment with some of the showing we enjoy her doing. The top she wore playing pool at PT's is black and I just bought her a new wine colored one that is similair to the one the girl in the following pic has on, but I am now constantly looking for other types that would allow her nipples to go for freedom.

We are looking for some place to maybe vacation that is clothing optional, since it looks like Mexico may not happen this year with our work schedules. I actually wished we had a place to spend a few hours outdoors this weekend nude. Having friends wiht a pool and/or hot tub would be nice right about now... LOL. We need to keep an eye out for that when we meet new people sometime... LOL. Princess is really wanting to be outdoors naked soon. Hopefully the weather will continue to warm up and we will be able to get away the weekend my son goes to his mothers for their summer visit. I guess we will head up to Dream Canyon outside of Boulder. We have heard it is a nice place and that others there are fine with others sexually playing in the open. That would be a fun day to say the least.

So if any of you think of any ways she can show off, keep them coming at her. The Barnes and Noble idea we received is a great one and I am sure she will be commenting on it later. Be sure to look for her to post something later on this evening.

Until tomorrow... LATER!

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