15 May 2006


So it is the beginning of the week... GOD I hate Mondays. I decided to start the week with posting the FAQ page I am working on for Princess. If you guys have any suggestions or additions let me know. We have a busy week ahead of us with our work schedules and some family commitments, so blog entries may be less than daily for the week. I am going to ask Princess to post an entry tonight. We have been talking about making a trip to Denver in like two weeks. We have a couple of new fantasies we have discussed and I may see if she will post about those. Hopefully she will, they are HOT! She is definitely the hottest girl a guy could be with, and I am not exaggerating when I say NOTHING offends her or turns her off. Try her, make some comments asking about certain sexual aspects and I can almost guarantee you can not offend her and she finds something about any sex topic hot (with the exception of feces).
So hopefully everyone gets their week off to a good start. Check in later tonight or tomorrow morning and see if Princess made an entry... until then check out her FAQ stuff.... LATER
FAQ for Princess 34dd STATS Birthdate: 05-31-83 Home: Colorado, USA Hair: Brunette w/ blonde highlights Eyes: blue Height: 5'01" Shoe Size: small ones Bra Size: 34 double D (all natural) FACTS Hobbies: Showing for others, reading, shopping, having a good time in general, spending time with my husband and step-son Turn Ons: Being watched, honesty, cute girls, watching others (although we really have never got the chance to do so), Dancing topless @ PT's Showclub in Denver. Turn Offs: Pushy people, those who think a show means they get laid, disrespect, liars. QUESTIONS ABOUT PRINCESS & SHOWING: Q. Where do you show and how much do you show? A. We love to go out and play pool while I wear a LOW cut top, without a bra, so seeing my boobs and/or nipples is very possible. I have also talked about being out in a bar or restaurant in a skirt without panties. So any bar or restaurant is a possibility for us, although we try not to go places there tends to be a lot of children. Q. Do you guys swing? A. My husband and I do not swap, but we do go to places that some swingers frequent. I recently danced at PT's Showclub in Denver and LOVED it. We also love to go to Mon Chalet in Denver and spend time in their nude swimming pool / hot tub area, so others there can watch us play and have sex, but we do not have sex with others. Q. Can I request pics of you? What kind of pics do you have? A. Pic requests are welcome, but I have to tell you, people who participate in the blog or try to get to know us a bit, and are wiling to trade pics have a better chance of getting pics than someone saying "Can I have a pic of you getting fucked?" Q. If I see you out in a public place can I say "hello?" A. If it is just me and my husband then yes, but just be discreet about it, since we may not be with others who enjoy our "hobby." If you see us with children we ask that you please do not.


Amit said...


I loved the picture with Princess showing her boob. Is this a recent picture.

Thanks for showing agian

Anonymous said...

AMIT... yes the pic of Princess shwoing her boob as she plays pool, as well as the ones of her outdoors by the rocks of her showing her entire chest are recent, within the past month, pics. If you email us your email address at springscouple2031@yahoo.com we can add you to the list of members to this blog if you like.