31 May 2006

Princess 34dd turns 23!!!!!

So today is Princess' 24th BDay... some of you are probably noticing she looks much younger. The opening pic is from this past snowboard season, and obviously before she got her shorter hairstyle, but I thought it captures her personality pretty well. We are enjoying the blog as it grows and we love writing of our escapades, but we do wish more of you who read, even the "anonymous" ones, would leave more comments. It helps us to make improvements, and therefore, better reading for you all. As you have all seen, I have one of the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful (both inside and out) wives a man could ever hope for. She has mentioned to me on several occasions that she REALLY becomes aroused knowing that her body and appearance arouse men. Princess has said that she loves to see a man masturbate because she has turned him on. I mentioned this earlier... members, and visitors for that matter, of the blog should try to email her a pic or two of you "enjoying" her pics. We would not publish or trade any of the pics you send to us, as we do not like ours passed around without our permission either. If you have something you want to send her you can use the email link on the right side of the Blog page to send us pics for her BDay present. If you need to be reminded of her INCREDIBLE breasts, then I posted one of the best pics I have ever seen of her breasts, not like there is a bad pic of them. You all should feel free to print the pic, use it, and email her the results. We will be starting the weekend soon and are busy trying to make plans for something entertaining to do. Princess has said something about doing some new pics up in Cheyenne Canyon, if the weather permits. I know a member of the blog has asked for some schoolgirl pics, and she pulls that look off EXTREMELY well. Once we have some we will post them intermittently depending on how many turn out good. Keep an eye out for those because I promise they will be some of the hottest you have seen. Well, keep up with us at the blog here, we have talked of a trip to PT's Showclub in the near future, and it looks like we are headed to The Mon Chalet a week for Friday or Saturday. I hope you guys are aking it through the short week just fine, and think.. it already HUMP DAY!.. Until tomorrow.... LATE, SANDMAN


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Princess!

Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Princess...happy birthday. You are so fucking hot...love your tits and I'd love to be one of your "older" fuck toys...I'd like to sit besides and rub my cock against your leg while sucking on those gorgeous nips! I live very close to Mon Chalet so who knows??? Can send pics of me enjoying your pics if you are interested.

lookeraz said...

Happy Birthday, Princess! I'm sorry that I didn't get to the blog until today. Accept my belated well wishes!

Keep up the awesome posts. I love reading them, and then masteurbating while I see your pics. Sandman is definitely a lucky man! What I wouldn't do to even just taste that sexy pussy of yours. WOW! Did I mention that Sandman is a lucky guy?!?! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous.... sure, send a few pics to Princess, she would love to see what her pics do to you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated B-Day Princess!! Sorry about being late, had lost where I put the link for this place. Hope it was a good one and you had loads of...ahhh....fun. Yeah, that's it...fun.

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