12 May 2006

Princess looking to show boobs during the weekend

So the weekend officially kicks off in about two hours. We are planning on having a GREAT weekend. My son is spending the first half of the weekend with Princess' parents and so we are all alone until Sat. evening. Princess has "misplaced her inhibitions" until his return and we are both excited to get things going this evening. She is planning on some revealing clothes, and some HOTplay time once we get home and to bed. The opening pic was taken a couple of weeks ago, and is from a set I just had developed today. It is nice to have some new pics to show all you who love to look at her. The shirt she is wearing is the newer wine colored one I bought her a couple of weeks ago. It is basically cut as low as it shows, just below her boobs, and she has basically just pulled it to the sides to let her breasts be exposed in the pic. It was taken in Old Colorado City as we left the bar on a Friday night. If you guys like these kinds of pics we can work on getting more. The rest of what was developed were pics of her outdoors hiking and stopping to flash her boobs in different places, and the end of the post will have one of those as a sample up. There is also one of her playing pool as her boob is exposed while she is shooting, and I will have Princess post that pic with one of her blog entries in the near future, most likely before the end of the weekend. So Princess has LOVED getting the comments form those of you who have left some for her. She LOVEs to hear from others who like viewing her pics and hearing about what we like to do in our spare time. She even appears disappointed when she asks if you guys have left coments and I have to tell her "no." She looks forward to seeing what others think of her writings, and LOVES to write about what you guys want her to. Keep commenting with suggestions and asking questions and she will become more and more open in her writings. Also, send her requests for pics you would like to see (and we havent forgot about the guy who asked for upskirt pics of her in a food court at the mall) and we will try to work them in. So we have two happy hours to hit this afternoon, before we go out for our weekly pool game. We posted a message on the VW BB to see if anyone around Co. Springs wants to meet for drinks, pool, and viewing her, so it will be interesting to see if anyone around our area is able to meet up and have a good time. We hope you guys have a good, safe weekend, and like I promised... another smaple of the pics we had developed...


Tim said...

Hey guys,

Why don't you give up on bar flashing and try something different? How about the gardem of the Gods? That would be excellent VW material, or how about the Citadel mall with a super tight reveiling shirt? Ever go to www.wickedwiesel.com? they have some gear I would love to see you in. Do something just a little daring. I'm not saying drop your drawres in Acacia park, but something see thru and sexy at the Focus on teh Famiily HQ! Keep in touch. You are fun and nothing but good things can come from this.

Tim, aka guyfromdenver@yahoo, aka denverbiguy1000@yahoo

Anonymous said...

Tim... will take it into consideration... keep in mind we are new to this. Actually that will be part of the fun of the blog... to see Princess grow as an exhibitionist. Citadel or Chapel Hills mall is iffy... too many kids there. Garden ofthe Gods is definately doable... it ay be on the agenda this weekend now that you ention it... LOL.

Watching said...

Hi Sandman and Princess, we have chatted before, I'm the guy that sent you the pics from all over Denver. You have a great idea here, with the Blog. I enjoy your posting very much. It's great to see you having fun. Don't every stop. Princess you are a beautify woman. Sandman you are blessed.
Now for a bad comment. Go get a cheep digital camera. You can get them for 50 bucks and get the same quality pics as you have now. It will save you money. No film, no processing.
If you want I would edit them for you. It's easy for me. Just send the files and I will crop and fix lighting, contrast and take things out that you don't want in them.
Let me know.
Have fun.
Did you go to Forever 21 yet?