08 May 2006

Princess writes again

I have to say I was a little disappointed that I didn't get a better response on my last question. Although I did appreciate that some people replied. I guess I need to be a litte bit more patient, seeing as how we just started the blog. I hope that we will keep getting more responses. So our weekend went pretty well. It started out on friday when we went to Old Chicagos. We had a pretty good time. I wore some cute jeans and a low cut tank top that showed cleavage. I can't tell you if anyone was enjoying the little show, except Sandman. We went out again on Saturday but changed it up a little. When I show a little it's usually at a bar or club, but we were trying to mix it up. We went to Whole Foods and I again wore a very low cute tank top that showed lots of cleavage and the tops of my nipples. It was a lot of fun. I again couldn't tell if anyone really noticed or not. Either way it was still fun for Sandman and I. It will get easier to show a little the warmer it gets outside because tops become smaller and smaller. I am wanting to do something fun outside this weekend but am not really sure what to do or where to go. I would love to hear any ideas you all my have for me! I want to have Sandman take some pics of me, but it's hard when everyone is at the park....Hopefully we will be able to get some good ideas from you all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Princess

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
I regular follow your postings and want you to keep showing as long as you enjoy it.

One idea I have is to go to a bookstore like Barnes & Noble. I am not sure how comfortable you would be doing this but this is an idea. You could sit on one of those high chairs that usually are near the magazine section and if you are wearing a short skirt you could expose a bit..like your legs and more. Or if you are sitting on a sofa reading a book you could innocently expose your boobs or have your skirt hiked up. Or if you are looking for books you could bend real low when you are standing next to a guy.

Just a few suggestions

Sandman & Princess34dd said...

anon.. GREAT suggestions... Look for a response to them in a posting from Princess later tonight. Keep checking back

boudierphotog said...

Thank you SO much for writing your thoughts and showing!! I really enjoy hearing your side of the story! Would you PLEASE (Pretty please, with sugar on top?) tell a little more about what you feel, what you are thinking, are you nervous, horney, or excited??
I really enjoy seeing those wonderful breast! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

My ex used to show a little, back in the day! I really enjoyed it when she would flash truckers, that is always "easy" they go slower than you can and you can control the show they get.
We used to go to a fast food place with a drive through. Always made sure there were guys working the window. We would order something and then drive trough with her topless OR nude, I always enjoyed the looks she got with that one!!
I can't wait toread more of your exploits, for some reason, the more you show the more comfortable you are with it and the more you want to do it! Please keep us informed!!

Anonymous said...

I also enjoy your posts and would appreciate your expression of your feelings when you notice people watching you. A "peasant" cotton blouse and skirt in rather sheer off-white with no underclothes may do just the trick. Or check out some fashions here: http://www.mydivascloset.com/sheerdresand.html

Sandman & Princess34dd said...

Thank you all so much for the posts. I love to hear from everyone. I will most definitely being posting tomorrow. I will try to touch on all the things you all are wanting to hear about. It's easier for me to write when I know that you all like to hear from me. Anyway, look for a full post from me tomorrow. If there is anything else you all want to hear about let me know!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I really admire how you feel so absolutely wonderful about yourself. You have a ton of self conficence.

I wish I could get my wife to show a little. She is too uptight. I have tried coaxing her for years.

I guess it juat isn't going to happen...

Jack Meoff on VW

Sandman & Princess34dd said...

Jack MeOff on VW... I will most definately pass this comment along to Princess and have her add it to her subjects for her entry tonight.