17 May 2006

Rocking along through my week... LIFE IS GOOD

So the week is moving along, and it seems kind of quickly. I have only tonight and then tomorrow night and I am done again for the week. My job, even thought the hours keep me away from my wife and son at night during the week, is nice in the fact that I have the entire weekend plus all of Friday off. A 4 day work week is nice in a lot of aspects. I have sat around this afternoon and thought a lot about how good my life is. I have what is, to me, the perfect family. My son is a good kid overall, and my wife is the most loving, beautiful, caring person in the world. I have trudged through some very trying, emotional, and dark times. Looking back, probably far too many for my 34 years, but it is all worth it and I would do it all again - twice - if I knew I would end up with Princess in the end all. She, besides being so gorgeous and fun to look at, is one of the most fun people I have ever been around. I hope everyone is liking the blog. We are working on new pics this weekend and hopefully I will have 27 new pics of Princess and her beauty to distribute on the blog over the next few weeks. If any of you have any requests, other than the ones we already received, please don't be shy. We will try to fulfill any requests we think are hot and that we can. We have decide the 27th is the night we will head to Denver for a night of fun. I mentioned yesterday, we are going to head up in the late afternoon / early evening and spend some time in an adult book store and give it a whirl in a video booth. Neither Princess, nor I, have ever done this and both are looking forward to it. We are aware of the fact that some of the booths have "glory holes" and that seems to intrigue us. After that we will grab some dinner and then head to Mon Chalet for a night in the nude pool / hot tub area where we will see if we can chat with others and have sex in the open for others to watch us. We have talked also about Princess taking her favorite vibe with her and playing with it as she sits in a chair poolside for others to watch. While there we will be on the look out for a gentleman with a certain description to see if he would like to touch Princess' breasts. There is something about seeing another person touch, or even suck, her breasts that is such a turn on for me, and I know for her also. Princess has been tied up and not been able to write for the blog. She is hoping she can do that tonight, and I will ask her to write about the new fantasies we are going to work on during our trip to Denver, since I know you all want to read her side of the topic. Everyone take care and check in with the blog when you can. LATE... Sandman


Anonymous said...

Hey you two.

You really should come up earlier and try Dream out, but that's up to you. As far as theaters, there are a number of options available to you. Pleasures, with a number of local locations (try Alameda and Federal, easy to find and very sexy) or depending on what you are looking for, Circus Cinema near I-76 and Federal. PLeasures is the cabin type but Circus, while having cabins in the porn shop next door, also has three theaters. My frined and I like to go there at times because she likes men to watch her play, and uusally some of them join in. By the way, Mon Chalet is fun, but there isn't that much action there. Ever try one of our swing clubs? My favorite is the Scarlet Ranch. The Retreat is fun too, but the ranch really is better. Let me know id you are interested and I can give you the details of any or all of these places.

Play fun and play safe.

Tim, guyfromdenver

Anonymous said...

Not into the whole swing thing.