01 May 2006

Starting of the week

Well it is the beginning of another week. I am off during the day, but will be back at it, doing the sleep medicine thing tonight. I guess the are worse ways to make a living. I am busy today watching MSNBC, keeping up to date on the happenings around the country. It's hard to feel like I know what is going on in the world when I have totally opposite hours of the majority of the world. The weekend seemed to fly by. It goes so fast when I can hangout with Princess and my son. World of the blog seems to be spreading somewhat. Word of mouth seems to be the way to let others know. The more Princess sees that others enjoy what she contributes, the easier it will be to get her to write posts every now and then. We are finding there are some fun people keeping up with us through the blog. Keep any comments / suggestions coming and we will do what we can to accommodate them. Warmer weather is kind of starting to come around. It looks like the mid to end of the week around here will be rainy and cool, but Saturday and Sunday look like good days to get out and do something. Maybe Princess will feel like getting out and taking some pics outdoors, or pulling off some upskirt fun at a bar that has a patio. I would like if I could find a sheer, loose flowing top to buy her to add to her tops she owns to go out for drinks in. I think my wife is absolutely the hottest person a guy could be married to. She looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING in anything she wears. Princess has grown more comfortable with her body, and rightfully so. I think her negative views have been for years of being told things like, if she shows cleavage it gives off a vibe of being slutty, or wanting attention. The truth of the matter is she has attributes most women would die for. I have heard women say it is crude for a big breasted woman to wear things like tank tops, tube tops, etc. What a bunch of shit. Princess should have the same rights to wear something that small breasted women do. Why are others so "scared" of breasts? Her self confidence is at a level that is should be. She is a beautiful young woman, and if she wants to be revealing then she should have the chance to. That is my ranting for the day. You guys weigh in on the topic. Let's see how others feel.

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