30 May 2006

Thinking back on the weekend.

Well the weekend was incredible. We had such a relaxing time and loved having the extra day off. We have been very sexually "amped" since the trip to Denver on Saturday night, and both of us LOVED the time we spent with the couple we met at Mon Chalet. It sounds like we will be making another trip up there in two weeks, and will be spending more time with our friends. Who knows what that trip will hold for us, but I am sure it will be another great adventure. We both really enjoy the freedom of being at the Mon Chalet and being able to socialize with others while naked. It is nice to be in an environment where we can be naked, and if the mood hits you, it is accpetable for Princess to lean over and suck my cock, or me to reach over and pinch and suck her nipples, as we visit with others or others can watch us play. It it such a liberating experience and environment. Besides having such a HOT time with our new friends, we did see a few hot sights while there. One wierd thing we did see is that there was a couple who NEVER removed any of their clothes. They sat all evening and conversed with "friends" of theirs, but never took a bit of clothing off. It appeared that maybe the lady of that couple was more intrigued by the scene than the guy was, but to each his own. I do know that while we and our friends were on the bed together, and while Princess and her made out, I could hear the lady of the clothed couple make comments how nice it was to see and when shot my cum onto Princess she also was leaning to get a look. I told Princess later that as we all left the bed and moved back to our seats to talk (and rest), as we walked past the clothed woman the head of my cock brushed up against her leg (as they were crossed) and since I was still leaking cum, I left a streak of it across her leg. It was purely accidental, but whenI looked back to make sure she was not pissed, she was just rubbing it from her leg and didn't seem upset at all. As we spent some time in the pool I did watch a couple who was in their late 40's or so as they sat naked in chairs, next to the pool taking in all the sights, as she jacked him off. It was erotic to see anther couple who was playing and not giving a care to who saw what they were doing.

Seeing all the freedom makes you wonder... why is nudity and sex made out to be such a taboo subject and kept so locked up in the US of A? I have read many things abot how in most of Europe, sex to some extent, and nudity even more so, is very acceptable and not something that is such a "dirty" topic. I mean I really don't see why people all socializing while in the nude is so unacceptable here. I, for one, would love to throw a party where others could be nude, or at least to the extent they were cofortable, and it not be a huge ordeal. And while at it, as long as all the adults were consenting, I don't see why if a couple wanted to get a bit "frisky" or a guy wanted to jack off for a bit, then why it shouldn't be ok. I guess the big problem with doing that is that Princess and I each have VERY few friends that would be ok with that, because they have been raised that it is wrong. I hope my 12 yr. old son, and any future kids Princess and I have, all develop a very healthy attitude towards both nudity and sexuality. The world has much bigger problems to wo worry about stupid things. I am thankful I have such a beautiful, sensual wife, who has such a healthy attitude towards sex and is comfortable in her sexuality as a woman. We run across countless men who are married to women who do not express themselves sexually and I think that is a sad situation. If any of you are in that situation, then I hope you guys can kind of live vicariously through our endeavors. So until tomorrow... LATE!... SANDMAN


lookeraz said...

WOW! I've finally had a chance to read your blog entries about this Saturday. It did sound VERY hot! What I would have done to be a fly on the wall!

Too bad for the old man. I hope his bad action does not ruin it for all us other nice, single guys. Don't give up on us. You know the majority of us know how to respect limits!

Also, I have to tell you that I LOVE the new pics that you have posted. It's nice to see those sexy eyes from Princess. She definitely has a great body, but her cute smile rounds it all out. I can't say it enough...WOW!

Now...I just can't wait for those school girl pics! :)

Until later!

CoDave said...

I am one of the guys that you talk about at the bottom of this entry. Wife doesn't want sex anymore. So I find it online. Looking forward to posting some replies on here.

Anonymous said...


Where in CO are you? Also... if you are not an memner of the blog, let us know. We can email you an invite so you never miss out on an entry or a pic we post. The updates come to your emil automatically. Let us know ok?

CoDave said...

I am in Denver. Yes I would like to be a member of this! Email address is dee9560@comcast.net