25 May 2006

Tittylover is onboard

Well as you all saw by the two entries yesterday, we have brought "Tittylover & Horny Hubby" on the blog team as contributors. We ran across this couple on the VoyeurWeb BB, and they see to have a lot in common with Princess and myself. We have emailed back and forth a few times and have found out that they enjoy showing in public, taking pics, and allowing men to see her big breasts. They have a lot more experience than Princess and I do in these areas, and have said they have an extensive picture collection, but we are trying to look to them for some new ideas. I thought what better way than to ask Tittylover and her Horny Hubby to become contributors. I read yesterday's post she wrote and think it would be great if readers of the blog, both registered and anonymous ones, to post comments for them stating some good dares for the to attempt on their upcoming trip to Cancun. Princess and I are tentatively planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta it seems. We have found a way to get a SMOKING good deal on a condo there and are trying to seal up some dates we can get away for a week. I am sure we could find all kinds of ways to show off Princess while down at the beach and around the town while shopping. So every body hasn't forgot, this Saturday will ark the start of some hot times and adventures for Princess and I. She is such a beautiful and erotic woman, and is sure to always have fun when we are out looking for good times. As you guys know (or at least should know by now) we are headed to Denver (from the ULTRA conservative town of Colorado Springs) and should be up there by late afternoon / early evening. Our first stop will be an ABS for a little fun and browsing. Once she is comfortable we are planning on spending some time in a viewing booth that has Plexiglass separating it from another, that way a guy in the other booth can watch (and masturbate) as we play and I show him Princess' incredible boobs. We may try one with a glory hole, but that just depends on how hot we get while there. Tittylover has said she likes to point blank as a an if he wants to see her boobs.. while I think it would be hot if Princess did that, it may have to be something that we work up to. She ay not be comfortable going that bold just yet, in a public setting. She is totally cool with showing, but asking a stranger that may too gutsy just yet, UNLESS we throw some alcohol in the mix... LOL. After the ABS and a little dinner, we will head over to Mon Chalet, the adult motel. While we spend the rest of the evening in the pool / hot tub area naked, we will be playing with one another, and watching others play. Princess has talked about taking her favorite toy and using it poolside while sitting in a chair and letting others watch her get off. We are still hoping to meet an older gentleman, 50'ish or so, to give him the chance to touch and maybe suck Princess' breasts. We think it would be hot to let a man in that age group do so, and we would be able to watch how hard he gets as he does it. I mean it will probably have been a long tie since A man that age had the chance to touch boobs as big as Princess' and as firm as hers. Hopefully we will enjoy a night of being naked, having sex and masturbating in front of others, and experiencing hot times to write a good entry about. Once we are up and around on Sunday we are headed to a nude hot spring outside of Colorado Springs to spend the day. Playing with each other is not allowed while there, but it will be a good way to spend, what is supposed to be a beautiful day naked and outside. What does worry me though is that their website states it is "against the rules to display an erection" so that ay be tough to control around Princess. We may wind up Sunday with going out for a few games of pool with Princess wearing some kind of revealing top, or maybe if she is turned on from being naked outdoors all day, this may be the time to try a little showing up her skirt in some kind of a way or another. Monday will most likely be low key unless we find some kind of fun to have.

So about the pics today. The opening one is of our new contributor "Tittylover" and as you know the second pic is of Princess 34dd. I know it is a pic you have seen, but I used it to give you all a look at the two big breasted ladies that this blog is dedicated to and their fun escapades (the third pic is just one that I thought some of you would like). Like has been mentioned, be sure to post comments as to "dares you have for Tittylover on her trip, and don't forget to contact us via email or through a comment on the blog as to sending in pics of how aroused or you "using" pics of Princess. So everybody knows Princess has her 23rd birthday on this coming Wednesday... what a better way to wish her a "happy birthday" than showing her how much you appreciate the pics and fun times she allows me to post? Hope all is well with everyone and don't forget, the more comments, the more the girls will write / post. Everybody take care... until next time, LATER... Sandman1972

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