16 May 2006

Tuesday... after 2nite, my week is 1/2 over!

First off... AMIT...we are glad you are keeping up with us and visiting our blog. Can you email us, or comment here, as to your age, location, and a bit about yourself? Also... how did you find our blog? We really appreciate your words you left and encourage you and everyone to comment and participate as frequent as possible. We are looking to the weekend, what's new huh? Princess has emailed me today asking for me to come up with way to show her off. I am leaning away from the bar scene and thinking of different ways. This is our last weekend to kind of have a restricted schedule. My son leaves for his summer visit with his mom on the 27th, and after that we can kind of take a break from parental responsibilities for a few weeks. We have recently talked about some new fantasies we are going to give a try (I will try to get Princess to elaborate on her feelings about them later tonight after her kickboxing class). Princess wants to make a visit to an adult theater or adult book store that has video booths. We have also talked about on our next visit to the Mon Chalet Adult Motel maybe finding an older gentleman (maybe in his 50's) and asking him if he would like to touch Princess' boobs as we are in the nude pool / hot tub area. I will let Princess elaborate on thos two fantasies as she feels comfortable to in her next blog entry. It looks like the weekend of the 27th we will be heading to Denver to attempt one or both of these fantasies. So those will make for interesting reading for you all. And as always we are currently working on new pics to post here. We are liking the blog and the following it sees to be gaining. Remember to direct anyone who is into exhibitionism, nudism, or just having fun to our blog please. Also... can everybody who fllows the blof please email us at the link on the right to just "check in" so we know exactly what kind of following we are getting... OR comment here so we know ok? Thank alot..... LATER! SANDMAN

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