10 May 2006

Wed... Princess Loves the suggestions

The week is going along just fine... and it looks like the end of the week is supposed to be nice. I think I will take tomorrow night off and spend an extra night at home with the family. So everyone knows, Princess is LOVING the suggestions. I am sure the suggestion from the reader about going to a book store will be a favorite of hers, and the link another reader sent about the web site that sells sheer clothes is great to pick up some other tops so she has a variety like this... BOUDIERPHOTOG... thanks for the encouragement and suggestions. We have also done the drive thru food window thing. We left the strip club one night and Princess was feeling playful so she got topless and we pulled around to pick up our late night burritos. The look on the kid's face as she sat there without a shirt or bra on was priceless. We have talked of doing that again soon and maybe I can get a pic or two of it for the blog. Speaking of pics, we have like 8 or 9 more to take and then we will have them processed and they will be available for posting here. There are some good ones of Princess in some HOT outfits and wearing a pair of Pastease at different times. If you guys haven't checked their website out, click their site under our links section... VERY HOT product and Princess LOVES them. If you guys have any requests for ANY kind of pics, send them to Princess, she is up for just about anything. We are making plans for a digital camera in the near future, so we will be able to put pics up more frequently once we purchase that. Princess wil be making a blog entry later tonight, her schedule has been busy this week, but she is looking forward to sitting down and writing some thoughts for you all to see a little glimpse of what she is thinking. I know she has said with the weather getting warmer the tops will be getting smaller so that is great news for all of us who like to see her show off a bit. I am currently looking to buy her some other tops that will be good to show off in and one or two Wicked Weasel bikinis to lay out and enjoy being sexy. My wife is the most gorgeous woman in the world and I absolutely LOVE that she likes to show off a bit.

Until then... I'm outta' here... going to chill out and take it easy before work tonight. Keep an eye peeled for Princess' blog entry later tonight... LATER!

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