22 May 2006

The week is off and running... 4 days of hell

So I know a lot of you are surprised by the pic(s) posted today, and I apologize, but I thought I would leave a "surprise" for Princess when she checks the blog tonight when I am away at work. Please don't beat me up too bad with pissed off comments. A lot is going on with Princess' boss and his latest remarks that he conveyed to Princess through a 3rd party. He is a gutless person so I guess you can't expect anything else. It has upset Princess and is very unfair. It seems as though he is punishing her for having large breasts. Something I can not understand. She should not be ashamed of her body or embarrassed, and as long as she is dressed professionally, there should not be a different set of guidelines for her as there is for a girl with, say, B cup boobs at their place of work. I do know he is tip toeing a fine line here, and while we are not the kind of people to sue anyone, I do know I will not stand for someone treating her unfairly or mean in any way. Keep your comments about this situation coming, it helps her see not all men are assholes like she works for. I wanted to say something about the pic requests we have received, and pics in general. We did get the request for some schoolgirl pic. We can work on those, but it may be a couple of weeks or so before you see any. Princess looks much younger than her 22 years, and makes a GREAT schoolgirl, looking all of 17 or 18 when dressed in a plaid, short skirt, a white button up shirt that BARELY contains her boobs, a pair of white stockings, and a sexy pair of TALL high heels. We an definitely get those in the works. We have a camera with some film right now that has a few exposures left and I will be the first to say, once we get these pics developed they will be some of the hottest yet. There are some super shots of her amazing breasts, a few of her giving me some oral, and who knows what we will come up with to finish the roll. We are super excited for the trip to Mon Chalet this Saturday night. We have met a couple of people through the VoyeurWeb BB and I think it will be a nice night of hanging out nude and talking with other cool people as we get to know each other, enjoy the nudity, and as Princess and I have sex and/ or masturbate we will be able to watch others as they do the same. Make sure you all check into the blog on Sunday since we will be posting the details of what we experienced and saw during our visit to both the Mon Chalet and when we go to an adult book store while in Denver. We hope you all are enjoying our blog, it is growing as far as members joining it, and we are getting ready to have 8 weeks that we will be "kid free" and able to expand on our sexual / adult adventures. I think that we should offer to post member pics for those of you who are comfortable with that. I think it would be a nice thing is some of you emailed us pics of you masturbating to any of the pics Princess allows to be posted here. I know she would be turned on to know she is helping arouse others of you out there. So if any of you are comfortable with that be sure to email me and let me know, and from there I can give you instructions on what to do from there. Like I said... guys, don't beat me up over the pics posted today. They are for her surprise. She does so much for me and to make sure she is pleasing me in every way, I just thought it would be nice for me to surprise her with something. With that in mind remember what your others told you... if you don't have anything nice to say, then say nothing at all... LOL.

Until tomorrow..... LATE! Sandman

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rob2colo said...

No need to aplogize Sandman. It's nice seeing a hubby have a firm grip on his throbbing manhood...stroking his hard cock and pleasuring himself until he squirts his hot semen all over his hand , belly and chest-nice work Sandman! Hope I can join you and other horny hubbys who are comfortable jacking off with another straight guy as their wife watches us. Thanks for sharing. Rob