14 May 2006

Weekend coming to an end.

The weekend is coming to an end and we have been VERY busy with social things filing the days. We did go out on Friday night, but didn't do a lot of showing. We went and started the evening with softball practice and then some beers with the team. We are playing on a team for Princess' work, and we had a good time having beers with her coworkers / teammates. After a quick shower we met up with her b boss and then some of the same coworkers at a local bar. We decided that Princess wearing anything way too revealing would cause problems at work.. long story, but oh well. After we got bored, the two of us and the boss and his wife hit a local Karaoke bar that neither Princess, nor myself knew of at all in town. It had a cool vibe, with lots of others singing to songs of yesterday and today, and the waitresses dancing on the bar tops. It is a place we will definitely have to go back to when it is just us two or we are with "showing friendly" others. Saturday was laid back with Princess wearing a sheer shirt with some cute Pastease to one of favorite bars in town. It was fun to see people, especially men with their wives, trying to get a look at Princess and not let on to their wives what was going on. We spent a little bit after lunch taking some pics that we will post in the future. We have posted some threads on the BB we participate on and have received many responses in our "Inbox" from mostly nice people who appreciate seeing Princess and express it in a polite manner. We have, although, received a couple of remarks from somebody which I felt came across as rude, or just off color. Let's see what you guys think. We received an email entitled : "Subject: Love your huge tits" From a guy in Denver. We emailed him back and explained that kind of comes across rude by replying with: springscouple 2031 wrote: Hi.. thanks for the compliment.And yeah I know, they are large, but saying "huge" has some negative connotations with me. I am glad you find them attractive, just would prefer for someone to say "large boobs" as to "huge tits." Can you describe yourself to me and my husband a bit more? I mean your PM from the VW BB was a bit brief. We do get to Denver some, do you ever get to the Springs though? We love to play pool and I like to expose my boobs a little as we do so. If you would be willing to describe yourself or more about what exactly you mean by "tease and be teased" we would love to talk. Also, keep up with us at our blog at http://sandman1972.blogspot.com/ and "thanks" for the interest. Princess34dd & Sandman

He then took the time to say to us:

That's cool, I would like to see a pic or a clip of those perfect breasts, or your face covered with cum.

Give us your opinions... do you think he is being a bit rude about Princess? I mean she loves to show, and she has posted a pic of me cumming on her in an earlier post... but isn't pushing for a pic like that right out of the gate a bit rude?

Thanks for any comments...... Later



MojoMan said...

Let's face it, VW is open to anyone and you'll get all kinds. Since you are being so open and generous, you're bound to get more than your share of rude people and idiots. Try to ignore those and focus your energies on the nice people out there. Otherwise, there's a great risk you'll burn out on blogging very quickly.

Good luck and thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement and the advice "mojoman." Keep the comments coming.

Amit said...


I do think it is kind of rude but as mojoman says just focus on the positive comments.

Thanks for sharing