26 May 2006

Weekend is here... BUCKLE UP!!!!

Well it's finally Friday and the weekend is finally here. It's almost a bitter - sweet day though. My son is leaving for an 8 week summer visit with his mother, out of state. That is a not-so-good part of the weekend. I absolutely HATE sending hi away, like 800 miles away, for 2 months. Its hard to not constantly worry about a 12 year old, who is not only ny son, but a good friend also, when he is that far away. Now the good part about this is that, unlike full time parents, Princess and I have 2 months to live like a wild couple, and can do adult things without having to censor behavior around my son. He flies out at like 6:30am, so after his take-off it will be lounging around the house in the buff, enjoying being naked, and hopefully loving Princess playing with my cock to the point I am about to explode. Then we are loading up to head to Denver for the evening we have been waiting for. We may not be able to keep up with the blog until Monday, since we won't return for Denver until late, and then back up early to head out for the nude hot spring, and a day of lounging in the nude and letting others see how gorgeous Princess is and how amazing her breasts are in their glory. Who knows what Monday will hold for us. Hopefully in our absence our new contributors, Tittylover & Horny Hubby, can pick up the slack for us and leave you guys with some great blog entries. We have received some compliments on how much people like Princess' breasts, and all I can say is keep the coming. The more she knows her efforts the more willing she will be to write about her amazing exploits. As I said in the past couple of blog entries, Princess turns 23 this coming Wednesday. If anyone wants to post birthday comments she would love to hear the, and even better if you have pics of yourselves "using" her pics of the blog, she loves to know she turns people on. Now for the regulars, post comments for Tittylover and get her your requests. So everyone know, you can post anonymously so give it a try. Who knows... there can be a Dare Contest between Princess 34dd and Tittylover, what do you all think? I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend, be safe and have fun, and whatever you do, don't drink and drive, it's not worth it... LATE!... SANDMAN



Way to go prinecess34dd...be bold and just have fun. I hope you can take the dare 'i gave you and make it happen. It will give you both a rush to do it. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

remind us of the dare you gave us ok?


You two have inspired us to create our own blog, and when we have a bit more added to it we will forward the address to you.

Very best of luck to your Denver Mon Chalet adventure, we are sorry we were not able to make it.

Sounds like you have an intense couple of months ahead of you! Make the most of it.

Remember, there are a lot of beautiful people in the world and if lucky enough, we get to interact with a few of them.

Very best,

Annie & Don

Anonymous said...

Annie & Don... thanks for the words. Be sure to send us the link to your blog and we can put a link to it up on ours. You guys, end everyone, please give the address to this blog to anyone you think would enjoy it.