11 May 2006

The weekend starts

The weekend is starting for me and not a moment too soon. Princess did make an entry to the blog last night, but it was a busy night for her and she barely had time to. We spoke earlier and she says she is making an entry that is a little better later tonight, so everyone look forward to that. I will try to get her to expand on some of the things you guys have touched on previously. We are making plans for some pool playing / showing a little for Friday night, then maybe some kind of sexy fun outdoors of some type. If anyone knows where to buy a top like the one Tara Reid has on in the opening pic, please let me know. Princess saw it and thought it was a hot top and we both think it would be a good one to add to the collection. Speaking of Hollywood starlets in see thru tops, has anyone else noticed a trend in more and ore of them wearing them? Tara is kind of famous for showing, and I have seen pics of Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and many others in see thru or tops cut so low a hint of nipple or areola peeking out. Anyone who has any info on if this is a current trend or why it seems to be so acceptable please forward me the info or post a comment as to where I can find it ok? I have been thinking of putting together a FAQ page about Princess for anyone who is interested. If there are things anyone wants to know about her, please post comments asking and I will add the requested info about her to the FAQ page that I am working on. We received a comment form "David," asking what he should do to show his appreciation of a girl who does "this" for him. If you can tell Princess exactly what you are referring to then Princess will add that to her post tonight. If anyone wants her to answer any question for that attire feel free to ask, she will ore than likely answer them all. Suggestions for pics you al want to see are appreciated. Also do we have any couples that enjoy the blog together? I mean it would be nice to see a female's point of view as to what Princess does in her showing exploits. That's all for now... Later - Sandman

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