30 June 2006

Getting things set up to collect donations for the WW bikini!!!

Hi all! I just wanted to post a quick message to say that I will not be able to set things up to begin collecting donations for the WW bikini until next week (probably Wednesday). I will be busy for this entire 4 day weekend, so I will not have time to set up a PO box. Please stay patient with me! :) I should have something set up by the end of next week to begin taking donations. Princess is going to look DAMN HOT in that bikini! And to know that we picked it out for her is even better. Keep your eyes open!

Getting ready for the weekend

So the weekend is here and we are ready... T.G.I.F., and I am sure you all feel the same way. All and all, it seems like things are coming around. You guys are all making the blog feel like it is somewhat successful and with us exercising the option of posting links to Princess pics on her new "fans" BB, it seems people are a bit happier with that set up. The amount of emails we receive from the blog, BB, and the threads of Princess we post on the Literotica BB is astonishing. Some may think it is a bit assumptive to label those who frequent her BB or the blog here as "fans," but I don't know what else you would call you guys at this point. I do know I am incredibly lucky to be married to such a sweet, hot, sensual woman.

With the weekend coming we are, as usual trying to make plans for some fun stuff to do. It looks like right now we will be headed out to one of the local recreation areas to do some pics in the outdoors... that is if the weather holds out. We will have to try and get them done early and before the afternoon storms roll in. Hopefully those will turn out to be some great pics. I do know that Princess' skin looks AMAZING in contrast with the outdoors. I really think I scored the girl who has it all. She has INCREDIBLE, most BEAUTIFUL eyes in the world, boobs that I don't think could be bought, and an ass that has to be seen to be believed. The fact that she enjoys, and at times becomes aroused, by you all seeing her in pics, and for some of the lucky ones, in person is just icing on the cake. I wish I could start an official fan club for her... complete with videos, t-shirts, the whole shebang. I am totally confident she is sexy enough to pull it off. It's too bad I am not more of a marketing guy, with my limited marketing ability, the endeavor would be doomed... LOL. I think one of the best marketing strategies that has been successful is that of Jenna Jameson. Both Princess and I read Jenna's book, and it is absolutely amazing to see how she decided to rule the porn world (and much of the mainstream) and has accomplished just that. If any of you have not read her book, you should consider doing so. It is a book that holds your attention and will make you realize how dark and seedy the porn world can be. If anyone else knows of a good book written by one of the adult actresses, then please send the title our way. I know Christy Canyon and someone else supposedly have written books. Princess LOVES to read about those girls, so if you know the titles let me know.

We have got a lot of emails concerning Princess' tattoo on her lower back. Obviously we have an interest in tattoos and piercings, and I was wondering if any of the others who come to the blog also have the same interests. Let's hear about it from you all. Who has ink and who has some piercings? I think it would be kind of cool to see what others are in to.

Until tomorrow..... LATE!.... SANDMAN1972

29 June 2006

I have now set the blog up to moderate comments that others leave (after the ridiculous comments two idiots left a few days ago), so if your comment takes a bit to show up please be patient. Try to remember that during the week I work CRAZY hours, so I will get the messages moderated A.S.A.P. I have had one message come across my laptop that was a guy (probably one of the two who made the rude comments about Princess a few days ago) making a bunch of noise how this whole WW Bikini deal is a scam, and we are just ripping people off for "thousands." That is absurd. We do not promote this blog to anyone who we feel is not a "fan" of Princess (which makes me wonder how they found it) and are in now way making "thousands" off this deal. The stupidity of these individuals keeps amazing me. A scam? LOL... we are talking about a 70.00 bikini, which we are more than able to purchase... let's get real. We just thought it was a good idea, and the readers of the blog would be aroused by seeing her in something they contributed to. We have the final results of the WW Microbikini... it shapes up like this.... They style is #457 (the SMALLEST of them all), the material will be the shiny (pretty revealing when dry and REALLY see thru when wet) and the color ended up being a tie. Blue, black, and white all ended up tied in votes. In the spirit of being fair, I think the color should be left to Princess and she wants black. Not to worry... I have seen black versions of this suit and it is HOT. Hot in the fact it is black, but still sheer-like... it will look SMOKING hot on her skin also. Next thing up I am blowing and going about is the deal with pics on our new BB I started for Princess' "fans." I am still kind of working kinks out in the BB, pics being the biggest one. I am looking into using one of the image hosting sites to upload pics to and then provide links to those pics in BB threads. Hopefully this will alleviate any problems you guys are running in to. We both want to take this opportunity to say a big "THANKS" to all of you who frequent the blog and try to see a piece of our world and what we like to do for fun. The pics are getting better, please just be patient with us as far as the quality and lighting and all go, we are trying to get better. Please keep your comments coming.. without those we feel like the ranting and raving falls into cyber space somewhere never to be heard. We REALLY enjoy pic requests, so if you want to see something... ANYTHING... please find a way to let us know, either through comments here, our email address, or through the BB.

We hope to have some good, naked fun this weekend, and we will be sure to grab some pics for all you out there to enjoy. If the mood hits us, who knows what we will end up in to. Princess is a fun girl and has a personality that, unknowingly, seeks out a good time. Hopefully you all will have a relaxing weekend, and to the ones with the 4-day weekend, enjoy. We will be off for two, on for one, and then back off for the 4th... so schedule around here is kind of jumbled. You all keep checking here for our latest news, likeI said have a fun weekend (Please don't drink and drive), and no matter how you feel about the war right now, say a prayer for our men and women fighting our battle so far form home on the day we celebrate independence (Take to to 'em boys!). Until tomorrow.... LATE.... SANDMAN1972

28 June 2006

Well, after a break to remind myself that ridiculous people are not the reason we do this blog for, and some encouraging remarks from more than one of you guys, we are back and posting once more. The blog is quiet, and the BB (after starting off with a bang, has slowed once more. I know some of you have difficulty seeing the pics we post at the BB, but they work for us... and some of you others, some of the time.... so I wish I could help more. I a glad to see some of you chimed in, in defense of Princess. You know, if you don't like her body, and prefer the thin, waif look, then move on... enough said.

I think everything is in place for the icked Weasel Microthong Bikini. I just checked the polls, it looks like the "shiny" material won hands down. The style race is VERY tight. Right now style "#457," the smallest micro they make, is ahead by ONE VOTE, over Princess' personal favorite, style "#465," which has a seam right up the middle of the front and an open triangle above the G-string in the back. The color race shapes up like this. White, black, red, AND blue are all tied at this point. We will take votes until 12:00am (Mountain Standard Time) and then polls will close. In the case of a tie, the final decision wil be that of Princess'. As far as your contributions. LOOKERAZ has helped Princess and yself coordinate this thing (and there will be something special for you LOOKER when we are totally done and have the micro in hand). What we are proposing to do is that you all mail contributons to LOOKERAZ at an address he provides, then he can order the suit and it can be shipped to Princess. Is this acceptable to you all? Everyone needs to weigh in on this so we can proceed forward. Princess is excited to get the micro, the weather here is perfect for some outdoor shoots, and she wants you all to have the opportunity to see some shots. Keep in mind the hardcore, REALLY good ones will ONLY be available to those who contribute to her new suit.

26 June 2006

The blog finally has some people running their mouth.

Well it was good while it lasted. We have been fortunate enough to operate the blog thus far and not have to tolerate ridiculous remarks from immature individuals who find they can act mouthy and tough behind the anonymity of the internet. Now we have two small minded people who have infiltrated the blog and chose to leave remarks that reflect how unintelliegent they are. First, let's address their remark that Princess has a weight problem. I, for one, do not find the bone, rail thin look that so many of today's late teens / early twenties girls go for. Instead I prefer that when I stick my cock in a girl it doesn't feel as though I am fucking the three day old corpse of a Nazi war camp prisoner (no offense to the war camp victims). Second if you dont like her pin up girl figure and think you can leave your two bedroom single wide trailer to find and fuck a woman of the Nicole Ritchie stature, then by all means, put down your Pabst Blue Ribbon, ask your sister to get off your lap and grab the keys to the Dodge Power Wagon and go find her... stop spending time on our blog. It is very apparent that there are those out there that very much enjoy pics of Princess and what she wants to show. If you are going to be big enough to leave the remarks, leave them with a screen name, or better yet with your email address. I am sure not only me, but a lot of the other member and visitor of the blog have a lot they would want to say to you. What you need to do is ask yourselves why you get off on writing mean things about people who have done nothign to you. Maybe that is why you sit at home all alone, and hope tonight is the night your sister doesn't wake up when you try sticking your pathetic excuse for a cock into her ass. Maybe tonight is the night you "become a man." Nope its not the night. A man doesnt hide behind the name of "anonymous." I promise if you stood in person before us, you would not say anything of the sort to Princess. To think it is funny to say she "looks like she has down syndrome" is absurd. You need to grow up. First of all, we have a close family friend who has dwon syndrome, and I assure you he is more of a person than you could ever hope to be. Secondly, if that is what you really think, you must have a thing for that becasue you obviosly keep coming back you sick fuck. Here is what it boils down to. If Princess gets unhappy with her appearance she can go to the gym more and change that, you on the other hand... well thiere is nothing you can do for being ignorant. I only hope someday, by some chance we have the opportunity to run across each other, so I have a chance to beat your fucking ass. Then maybe you will see it's not worth taking your anger in life, due to the fact you got stuck with a 3 1/2" cock, out on innocent people. I guess you can just call me karma asshole. With that being said, stop talking shit on my wife, or step up to the plate tough guy.

25 June 2006

Here are just a couple of pics to see if we can get the frequency of comments to increase a bit. If you guys like the pics then please send Princess your comments. She loves the chance to read what you post, and it arouses her to no end. She attempts to post pics that she thinks you guys will enjoy and become hard and jack off to. Nobody is going to offend her saying that they do just that. It seems like there is a lull in comments and those who are willing to tell her that they enjoy the pics she is putting out there. If you are picking up what she is putting down then speak up and let her know. Encouragement is the key to having her do more sexy pics and keeping you guys entertained. I don't want her to feel like her attmpets ate falling on deaf ears. Late... SANDMAN1972 & Princess34dd

The New pics are FINALLY here.

Well we FINALLY got some new pics, almost 2 entire cameras worth, and they all turned out pretty good I would say. You will be seeing them along with the (almost) daily blog posts for your reading enjoyment... at least we hope its enjoyable. I am surprised more of you are not using our new Bulletin Board that I created for the "fans" of Princess 34dd. Those of you who have used it will see either some "exclusive" pics or see them long before they ever show up here on the blog. The fund for the WW is progressing better than we would have ever dreamed of. I will get off my ass and make arangeents for an address that the funds can be sent to so we can get the micro bikini ordred. I just checked the poll results and as of 4:15pm (Mountain Standard Time) the one that would win is a Style #457 - the smallest one they make, it is TINY, that is made from the Shiny material, and the color is either Blue or White (they are tied as of now). We tried to get you guys to use the BB for pic requests the other night, but just a couple did just that. We did try to accomodate the requests we have received in the past, but most likely will pull requests form the BB on the day we plan to do photoshoots in the evening. It is just kind of easier for me to keep up with it all and keep it all straight when it comes time to pose Princess. So I hope you all are going to enjoy the pics that will be coming over the next few days with the blog posts. I know we said the pics would be coming yesterday afternoon to evening sometime, but we ran into a snag in timing when it came to the pics being developed. Unknown to us, it seems Walgreen's closes thier photo lab down for a few hours to clean their processors and all. This caused us to have to wait until this morning to pick up the new pics, so we apologize for the slower posting time than we said it would be. There are some great corset pics, wet t-shirt pics, some t-shirt pics, and of course some topless and nudes of Princess. I tried to get some of the pics you guys have asked for. One person in general has asked for more pussy pics, while another had requested some pics of her AMAZING ass. I got a few of each and they will be showing up soon. We also have a fw little surprie pics in store for you guys. Keep checking the blog. You don't want to miss some of these pics. Also... you may want to hit the BB (there is a link on the right side of page, towards the bottom) for some others we will be posting slowly. Any commetns on the pics or anyting else are always welcome. And don't forget, Princess would LOVE to see some pics of you guys, or gals, "using" her pics. Until tomorrow..... LATE....SANDMAN1972

23 June 2006


So with all the attention Princess gets I thought I would take a day and make you all look at my goofy ass. This pic is a product of the kind of things I will do when Princess coaxes me into entertaining her. After all there is no other sight on the face of the earth like her smile and the sparkle in her eyes. So everyone should be on the lookout this weekend. I am actually going to pick up some film so we can shoot some new, HOT pics for you all. Hopefully by the end of the weekend we will have a P.O. Box in place for the WW contributions. I can not tell you just how turned on Princess is about this project. You guys who contribute will not be disaapointed. On top of it all, she is planning on doing soething different with her hair maybe... like maybe a new color, and I promise she will be SMOKING HOT (as if she is not already) if she does what she is talking about doing. You guys should hit up our MESSAGE BOARD FOR PRINCESS34dd's FANS and see what she has to say, along with all the others that hit our blog. It is starting to gain speed and it seems like more of you are apt to participate there rather than comment on the blog. Princess will also probably be answering and posting to threads there more than she has time to sit and wrote here. We will also be putting "exclusive" pics of her up on the BB. Well that is it from us here today. We are excited to do some new pics and see all of your reactions... I promise they will be hot. Oh and by the way... enjoy my pic today (LOL). You guys take it easy and keep it real..... LATE.....SANDMAN1972

22 June 2006

Busy Blog!

Ok... a busy day in the blog today. First, an update on the Wicked Weasel drive. Princess has decided that the only fair thing to do is to take 2 - 3 general pics for use on the blog. The remainder of the pics will be accessable ONLY to those who have mad contributions. In addition to this, the top two contributors (in dollar amount) will get 5 pics each, that they specifically requested. As I have stated before, your wish is her command in taking pics. She will do just about ANYTHING sexually, the only exception I can think of is sexual play involving feces (YIKES!). As far as contributions go, I am setting up a PO Box tomorrow and will post the address for all who wish to send contributions and/or gifts (LOL) for Princess. On the topic of the WW bikini... let's get some polls for you guys to vote on the subject ok? So here are a couple polls to narrow it down. Be sure to vote only once in the polls. We will post results every couple of days until we have all the contribution and we are going to place the order. Here they are: ALL POLLS REMOVED... VOTING ON WICKED WEASEL HAS CLOSED... SORRY) On another note, we have started a Message Board for all you fans of Princess34dd to use and communicate. Either click the "message board" link previously highlighted or click the the Message Board option under the "LINKS" section on the right hand side of the page. Use it and let's make it grow as an online community. Fans who use the message board will have an inside line on specail pics and any times she will be out locally doing a little showing. As for upcoming posts... get ready, Princess has said she wants to do some new pics Friday night, so those will be ready to be up with blog entries starting Saturday night. Keep the comments coming, Princess LOVES to see what you all say. If any of you have any pics of you "enjoying" her pics, please email them to her, and remember to use the new Fans of Princess34dd Message Board she will ost likely be more apt to answer and write there since her time is kind of in demand and she doesn't have a lot of it free during the week. Oh, and by the way, the board has the capability to handle pic posts... should be interesting. Until tomorrow (the beginning of my weekend YEAH BABY!).... LATE!... SANDMAN1972

21 June 2006


Hope everyone's hump was great! I am excited for the weekend and the free time we will have. I am really excited about the bikini idea that you all came up with. I haven't heard about he vote on the bikini. Does anyone have any preference? I would like to hear what you all think about them. I know that Sandman and I have a few that we really like but are eager to hear what everyone else is into. Let us know what you all have planned for the weekend. I know that I would like to hear a little more about everyone that writes on here. Well it's time for me to get some rest. Kisses Princess

20 June 2006

Update on the WW Deal

Sandman and I have decided that if/when we get the bikini that you guys are pulling for we will be posting only a few for the general blog. We will take ideas from the ones that are contributing and privately send them the photos we take. I think that is only fair for the ones that are so nice as to pull this together for me. I am really excited about this whole thing and am extremely flattered. I have to say that I would've never guessed you all liked the photos this much. I am happy that you all enjoy them. For those of you that contribute anonymously please email us privately and we will be very discreet. Thanks Princess

Princess is flattered

You guys (and gals as the case may be) should know that Princess is VERY flattered by the idea and the comments you guys left about all pooling money and buying her a WW. She wants a WW micro bikini and LOVES WW's tube top (the "tan tube"). She loves seeing that there is somewhat of a... following I guess you would say to the blog that I created devoted to her and her beauty. The more people comment, the more she is willing to let me take and post more pics. She gets very aroused and LOVES checking the blog every night before bed, although she has limited time to write. I do think she is checking in with you all tomorrow night with some thoughts for everyone. She is looking forward to ding some Wicked Weasel pics for you all... so make sure you check out www.wickedweasel.com so we can all decide what bikini to get for the pics. They will be super HOT and nobody will be disappointed. So you all know, she reads all the requests for pics and we will try to get to them ASAP, we just have a lot to fill.

If you guys do check out the Wicked Weasel site, make sure to leave comments as to what suit you think she should get. The bottom will look hot in a "microminimus" size (it covers the smallest of them all) in the style #457, which is the matte material, so it is a little more discrete when dry. The other option would be style #453, which is the "shiny" material and VERY revealing when dry or wet. These are the bottoms that come in the "microminimus" size, and just suggestions, any others you guys like then let us hear about them. As far as tops go... she would take a size "small," which only covers 4 1/2" at its WIDEST point. That is as about as small as she can get away with putting her big tits in. The style #312 top is the one we look at most, but any suggestions are very welcome.

Well the weekend will be here soon for us, and after the reaction to the latest pics, we will be doing some new pics, have them developed, ad begin posting them Saturday evening or Sunday. If you guys have any ideas, let her hear them and we will add them to the list of requests. We will get to them, just ay take us a little bit... I swear. We will most likely be doing something fun and even more fun to read about here when we post for you guys. We had some plans to the strip club fall through (all our friends were tied up already with out of town trips) so we are trying to think of something to do. And if any of you are in or close to Co Springs, contact us and we will see if we can run into you for a few minutes, so if Princess is wearing something HOT, and revealing you can see just how beautiful she is in person. Keep the comments coming, take care, and look for her post tomorrow night. Thanks to you all. LATE>>> Sandman1972

19 June 2006

Let's show our appreciation! A microbikini for Princess...

OK, folks! We have been so blessed with all the sexy pics of Princess over the past few months, that I think it is time that we show her some appreciation. And you know that if we show her our appreciation, she is going to get hot, wet, and willing to show her appreciation in return! I've been talking to Sandman over the past couples of months and I was at a point where I was comfortable asking him what we could do as a group to show our appreciation. His suggestion was for us to pool our money together and get a sexy microbikini for Princess to model for us. I'm sure that she would model it in any way for us as long as it wasn't degrading. :) So...this first post of mine is to ask a few questions of you... First, who would be willing to contribute to this fund? I think I counted a total of 14 members including myself and not including the many anons that we have looking at this site. I also had a look at the Wicked Weasel microbikinis and saw that they would cost us about $60 - $70 to buy her a sexy bikini. That means if we all contributed, it would cost us $5 each. Can you believe that? I think that is well worth the time and effort that both Sandman and Princess have given us in their writing and sexy pics of Princess. Second, I'm taking a vote on which microbikini to we should buy. This is the fun part of the survey! If you go to www.wickedweasel.com, and then click on the Tiny Little Microminimus icon on the upper right hand portion of the screen, you'll be able to see all the sexy microbikini outfits that WW provides. Just go through the different styles (half the fun is seeing all these models modeling the bikinis for us!) and post the style number that you like here on this thread (I'm torn between 423, 453, 457, and 451). You can even pick more than one for your favorite. All of the micros start with the number 4. YOU get to pick the micro that you like best, I tally the votes, and we order the one that we most like. Majority rules in this vote, although I don't think that those whose votes are "losers" will not complain! That's all this survey is about for now. 1. Will you contribute?, and 2. Which is your favorite outfit? I'm not going to coordinate the contributions until later, after we see if there is enough interest. I'm leaning to ask Sandman to coordinate the contributions so you know this is legit. We'll figure that out later...:) So...This is our opportunity guys. In the words of Bubba the Love Sponge (on Sirius Howard station 101) , I ask how many of you guys are going to "chub up", be men, and contribute to this great cause?

More of the New Pics

So the new pics have been going over AMAZINGLY well. We also REALLY appreaciate the fact that you guys have been checking into the blog as we asked you to. Actaully there has ALMOST been enough response for us to forget the idea of letting the blog die off. Those of you who participate in the blog, we are truly grateful for you all to appear to be so appreciative of what we post here. We did ask "TITTYLOVER" to contribute here, at least every once and awhile, with some thoughts and pics for everyone, but she seems to have fallen by the way side. There was just something wierd about that situation... have NO idea why she appeared SO EAGER to post here to just fall off the edge of the blog-o-sphere. Whow knows, we are glad we have some of you, even anonymous "lurkers," are here checking us out. It seems like there are, at least some, who are in the Denver/Colorado Springs area and may one day have the chance to witness Princess showing in person... it is something that they would not soon, if ever, forget. Princess was going to try to put together a trip to the Strip Club for this weekend, but unfortunately it seems like EVERYONE we were going to invite has plans to leave town... it looks like will have to wait for her to be able to have a chance to get her "PT's Showclub fix." She is in the mood to dance on thier stage and dancefloor (among other people) topless, so she has the chance to show her breasts off. If any of you blog readers are in the Colorado Springs area, then email us (our address is on the right side of the page, under the PASTEASE link) and let us know where you will be Friday and/or Saturday night. I think it may be time for a night out and have some cocktails and a few games of pool as she is dressed in something REVEALING. If you want to see what she loves to show, contact us and maybe we can make some arrangements.

If any of you take the time to open our profile (just click our name in the list of blog team contributors on the right of the page) you will see I changed our pic in the profile. If you guys haven't been able to figure out, I really am into Kid Rock. I think anyone who can make millions glamourizing being "white trash" is absolutely HILLARIOUS. Along that line of thinking, he used to date what most men think to be a woman who is as close to perfect as you can get (I personally see quite a few flaws in her), Pamela Anderson. So the pic is my interpretation of my life... Princess is my Pamela in a way. I am just an average, at best, guy and in NO WAY deserve soeone as BEAUTIFUL as she. We are the common man's version of Kid and Pamela (although I have to say my wife is MUCH higher of a caliber of a person and in looks than Pam). The fact my wife likes to show (and obviously Pam does to if you check the pic out) and she loves to wear HOT, SEXY outfits (also like Pam) coincides even more so, but Princess has MUCH better tits than Pam's cartoonish implants. I wil never undersatnd how Kid scored Pam, not how I scored a lifetime with Princess... two situations that are like new wonders of the world. I am sure you can tell, especially fro the newer pics, Princess is an INCREDIBLY SEXY, SEXUAL woman. She is very adventurous and lives to explore her sexual limits and push them when she feels like it. I seriously don't think there is any sexual experience (with the exception of playing with feces -YUCK!-) that she won't try or doesn't look forward to trying someday. And if you guys are lucky she will tell each and every adventure here in the blog so you all may read and/or masturbate to her and her escapades. She loves to know she arouses others and especially to the point they masturbate, and any pics you can email her with proof of that will score you big points with her.

So everyone enjoy these next couple of new pics... like I said more to come. Please keep comenting and letting us know you guys are out there and enjoying our fun. Take it easy... until tomorrow... LATE, SANDMAN1972

18 June 2006

I hope that everyone's weekend went well. We had a great weekend overall. We weren't able to make it to denver this weekend but I still had a great time with Sandman. Friday night my company softball game was cancelled due to the weather. So we got a camera and decided that we were going to take the evening to get some new pics. I have to say that I had a GREAT time doing them. We never really plan out our pics but we did that night. We both picked out some outfits that we liked and then Sandman turned into a professional photographer. I have to say that most times I don't really like the pics we have. I always think that I look silly, but I really liked almost every single pic that was taken. I don't even think that I can put into words what a fun time we had doing the pics. Sandman was really hard while he took the pics and I can remember that I was just dripping wet. It was a HUGE turn on doing the pics. I would REALLY like to hear from everyone that reads about the new pics. I want to hear what else you would like to see. We will try to get some more pics and it really helps us to know what everyone else wants to see. I will post again on wednesday....so please leave me some comments. Thanks Kisses Princess

17 June 2006

Relaxing Weekend...

As promised, we have got a whole new set of pics loaded onto the notebook and ready to be posted on the blog here. I assure you, these are some of Princess' HOTTEST pics to date. She did some schoolgirl, some in a club top with some hot jeans, & modeled a tube top. The results will have you all very aroused as we post them a couple or three at a time. There hasn't been too many replies to the post asking for others to "check-in" stating they enjoy this blog. At times we consider letting the blog fall off, because we feel like others are never seeing what we are posting. I do hope a new round of pics will generate some energy on the blog here.

Our weekend has been a very relaxing one. We had some personal issues come up and they prevented us from going up to Denver and spending the evening at Mon Chalet with our new friends, the Roughneck & Cinderella. While we both were looking forward to another evening of being watched as we fuck and watching others fuck while there, we had to cancel the trip and take care of family priorities here at home. I think what was just as disappointing is the fact that we also had to cancel the part of the tip when we would have spent the early part of Saturday night at PT's Showclub. Princess absolutely LOVES to dance on thier amatuer stage, and on the dancefloor, topless. She looks totally GORGEOUS with her INCREDIBLE breasts on display while wearing a pair of jeans. The sight of her walking and dancing around is such a turn on. The icing on the cake is the fact as she dances other people are chomping at the bit to contribute tips in the form of $1 & $5 for her to dance up to them and give them the chance to stuff them in her waistband or in between her boobs. I can not think of too many things that turn her on as much as a trip to PT's and the feeling of the others all enjoying her tits. She enjoys it so much I have recently approached her about us throwing a theme party... a STRIPPER themed party. I think that would be a chance to see her shine and enjoy herself, which is as arousing to me as anything. We hope you are all having a good weekend... and enjoy today;s pics.... it is just a taste of what is to come.

16 June 2006

Check In

We are wondering how many others out there are reading our rantings. If you read our blog, on even a soewhat regular basis, can you please Leave a comment on this post at the bottom please? Thank you all.

15 June 2006

Busy week.....

We have had a HORRIBLY busy week, and it has made posting to the blog kind of difficult. Besides Princess' busy work schedule, she has out some serious time in @ the gym, and has taken some time to visit with her parents, so being home has been a rare occurence for her unless she is sleeping. My week has been hectic. We have made some changes in my son's living arrangements and he has decided to live with his mom full-time and us on summer breaks and holidays. It is a tough transition to make, but on the upside Princess and I have time for each other, and that is something that is foreign to us since I got custody of him right after we started dating 3 years ago. My work life has been wild... working nights is just kind fothat way. I got a good promotion and will now be in charge of all the night techs for all 4 of our Denver area labs. It is more money, but of course also more responsibility. I have made a good name for myself in the Denver area Sleep Medicine community. I take a lot of pride in my job and want to be in the top of the field. It is nice to see a lot of hard work start to pay off. So we will try to catch up with writing here for everyone in a day or two. We are thinking of something for the weekend. Spring Spree is here in downtown Co Springs, and we also have found a new BB to contribute to.... you can check it out here.... http://www.literotica.com:81/forum/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=&f=8 and if you like check our thread out, it is titled "Pics of 23 y.o. HOT wife. Until tomorrow (or Saturday)... LATE...SANDMAN1972

12 June 2006

Nice weekend and thought of Princess showing her tits.

Well the weekend came and went. We took this weekend and just chilled out, spent time with each other. We did have a great time Friday night at the kareoke bar. Other than that we just chilled out... did domestic things. We spent Saturday night having dinner and watching movies, and all day Sunday getting our vehicles cleaned up... sorry to disappoint you all, but we do take a weekend and just chill every now and then. The opening pic of today post is from a "fan" of Princess and he was nice enough to send us this pic of hi "enjoying" one of her oral pics. She LOVES to see that her pics have this effect on others. And on top of that I LOVE to know she arouses other men. While touching is fun, the fact the sight of her BIG breasts and her FIRM ass, cause men to get so hard they need to jack off is a HUGE turn on for both of us. I think the fact some even ask to touch or suck her tits is pretty hot to. She absolutely LOVES to have her nipples sucked and I love to see how others like to do it. I think she has the absolute most gorgeous tits I have ever seen on a woman. She is very intrigued by the possibility of being in a Wet T-Shirt contest or trying an Amatuer Night at a strip club. The thought of either of those two things happening is a HUGE turn on for me. I love for anyone to have the chance to see her boobs... male or female. The fact she is very proud of her breasts is a turn on also. I found the pic to the right on the internet as I searched for new pics and was amazed by how much the gilr in the pic has tits that so closely look like Princess'. While there are pierced, they look almost exactly like Princess' do now, and probably look even more like them when Princess had hers pierced. If anyone would like to leave comments or emails to Princess about how her breasts arouse you, we would both enjoy what you have to say, and even more so if you had pictures to accompany any of the emails you send our way. I have been saying for awhile now that we will have some new pics for you guys, and we wil in the near future I promise. I will also see what we can decide on to post as far as a pic of her for the next post, which will be later tonight or tomorrow sometime. Better yet, I will have her pick a pic she likes and have her write about it.... LATER... SANDMAN72

09 June 2006

Here we go.......

The weekend is starting and we will be having a blast finding fun things to do. I hope you all have great things planned. Princess will be making a post this weekend so stay tuned for her words and insight on any adventures we have... and enjoy the eye candy.. LOL... LATE ... SANDMAN.......

08 June 2006

Friday is in sight!

The weekend is fast apporaching. It looks like I will have a longer weekend than normal since we had some patients cancel tonight I that aens an extra day off for me. THANK GOD!!!! We have a low key weekend ahead of us. Princess is playing on her company softball team in a game on Friday night and then we are hitting a Kareoke bar with her team. The only drawback to this is that her behavior will be toned down a bit due to the fact her mother works with her, and is panning on going to the bar with us, therefore Princess will not be able to be as free as she could normally. I am sure her mom would not be surprised by her shenanigans, but would freak since they would be with coworkers... more of society's opinion that nudity or risque behavior is "bad." It will definately be a good time. The bar is fun, and has a Coyote Ugly-ish vibe with the waitresses getting up on the bar and dancing to songs that people perform. Who knows... enough cocktails and I may throw out a Kid Rock tune for my wife's amusement. Once of my big moments of happiness in life are the ties I can make her laugh out loud. I am thinking maybe Saturday, during the day, maybe we can get out and finally do some new pics. We will have to come up with a list of possible sites to shoot the pics. Saturday night is devoted to a romantic dinner, and Sunday to... who knows, hmmmmm. We are really enjoying the people we are meeting through the blog here. It is important for us to get more pics of Princess, both solo and in action, so we can post more for you all to enjoy. I have definately got to make the investment in a digital camera soon... LOL. All of you guys who leave comments, we really appreciate it. Princess LOVES reading what you all say and takes all our requests seriously, although it takes awhile to get around to all of them. Keep commenting on things you have an opinion on. We hope everyone enjoys what we have going here. Princess is very busy and is not able to actually write the posts as frequently as she wants to, but it kind of makes her posts all that more fun to look forward to. I hope you are able to tell by the posts she makes what a sexually free person she is. While on some of our adventures we have seen other sexually free women, but I rarely see one that is as beautiful and hot as my wife. I would not know what to do without her. She is my best friend, my soulmate. Be sure to keep checking in.. we have a HUGE weekend planned for next weekend and there will be some amazing stories of Princess dancing topless @ Pt's Showclub and we are sure to be in for some erotic times at our visit to Mon Chalet then (both with our new friends Roughneck and Cinderella). Let's see some comments ok?... LATE...SANDMAN

06 June 2006

THe week is cruisin' along...

So our week is cruising along and we are looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully the weather will hold out and we will have a chance to take some outdoor pics for the blog. It sounds like right now we will be hitting a bar Friday night and then out for a romantic dinner on Saturday night. Even though we love to play and have fun, we still enjoy taking time for just the two of us. There is no other feeling in the world that could compare to being with my wife. This is my third attempt at marriage, and by far the most enjoyable I have ever had in a relationship. Princess wrote vows for our wedding in which she expressed to me that she had never believed in people having "soulmates" in life, until she met me. I could not have put it better in any words I could have wrote for my vows. She is my soulmate, best friend, and the person who completes me. I feel sorry for those who feel that marriage is an institution of the past. At one time I would have been the first to express my disillusioned view of marriage. Now I can not imagine my life without Princess by my side. I am happy in the fact I have a wife who is so openminded and such a sexual creature. I can not explain it, but I find it so arousing for others to see the parts of my wife that society, as a whole, says others are not supposed to see. I enjoy seeing others take such great pleasure in seeing her amazing breasts, ass, and pussy. We both love the feeling Princess gets knowing her appearance, and her naked body make others lust for her and arouse them. She has recently told me how erotic it is to her to see a man (or girl for that matter) become so aroused by her body or her actions (like sucking my cock), that they have to masturbate. We are big proponents of masturbation. It is healthy and a good way to express your sexuality. Both of us enjoy nothing more than wasting some free time by making yourself reach climax as you think of all the fantasies we have. Hopefully at our next visit to Mon Chalet on the 17th, we will have the chance to fulfill one of Princess' favorite fantasy. In the pool area of MC there is a corner that is tiled and is an open shower. Princess would love for her and I to take a shower there and please each other as everyone in the pool area has the chance to watch our sexual freedom. I can only imagine that the majority of people could not keep from stroking thier cock or fingering their pussy as they see me suck her tits and pump my cock into her beautiful pussy. We have had others relay to us through emails what an attractive couple they find us to be. And they love how a they love that a couple who is easy on the eyes, and that are both well endowed, give others the chance to watch them as they fuck each other to incredible orgasms. I absolutely love that others are aroused as I suck Princess' 34 double D breasts, or she sucks my hard 8" cock, and we love to know others love to watch as Princess enjoys me shooting my big loads of cum onto her. Hopefully Princess' will have a chance to post to the blog tonight or tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Everybody take care and keep plugging through the week... LATE.....SANDMAN

05 June 2006

Women w/ big breasts should not be embarassed!

Well it seems like summer is finally here and Princess and I are enjoying it. For me it means a needed break from snowboarding and also I love how Princess' clothes become smaller and more revealing. Being that I work with all girls, and taking note of some og the things I have heard Princess say, I have come to see that girls with big boobs are made to believe wearing revealing tops - low cut tops, tube tops, bikini tops, etc. - is "unacceptable" or even "trashy." As we were at the baseball game yesterday, Princess noticed a girl (in her 20's) sitting scross the isle form us and poitned out to me, "she wore a tube top and she has big boobs." She was right, the girl was endowed with well more than a B-Cup, and chose to wear a green tube top, and appeared to not be embarassed whatsoever. I hate that my wife feels she is not afforded the same priviledge and opportunity of wearing little tops because others are "threatened" by big boobs, or feel the sight of a girl showing a little bit of her boobs is "disgusting." People should respect the fact that she is comfortable with her body and sexuality. Why should a well-endowed woman not be given the same chance to wear a little less like her smaller breasted cohorts? In most places in the U.S. a woman only HAS to cover her nipple and areola, so Princess (or anyone else) could get away with wearing only a pair of Pastease, but you can imagine that would cause. People need to relax, chill out a bit. If a woman is not comfortable with others seeing her breasts, fine... but she shoud not overstep your bounds by saying if another woman is comfortable with it, that makes that girl "slutty." How do you guys feel?... LATER ... SANDMAN

04 June 2006

The end of the weekend...... DAMN IT!!! (posting a day late)

So it is the end of another weekend, but we decided to take it really easy (to the displeasure of some of you...LOL). It was nice to take it easy and enjoy each others' company and just time with being with only each other. None of you should worry, we will be back up to our showing / playing shenanigans during one night of the next, upcoming weekend. We may branch out and do something fun on Sunday, during the day, next weekend to get some fun out in the sun. We had talked about doing some new pics, but unfortunately we did not get up to the Canyon today. We spent the afternoon instead at the Colorado Springs SkySox (the minor league team for the Colorado Rockies) game and enjoyed the .25 hot dogs, and each had a couple of beers. The weather here was hot and we both got some sun, and had a GREAT AFTERNOON all and all. Since we don't have any new pics right now, I thought I would throw in one ore of Princess tanning on our patio. What was really hot about this is the fact she is laying on the patio and, as you can see, right behind her is a street that is pretty well traveled at times. During that day there were many drivers, both male and female, who took a HUGE double-take to make sure they saw what they think they saw. For those of you with wives or gf's, if you like what she is tanning in, check into buying your lady a pair of PASTEASE and a MICRO THONG for her to work on her tan in this summer. I think there is nothing sexier than seeing Princess lay out or walk around with her breasts bare, with the exception of her nipples. For everyone who has contacted us about sending Princess pics of you stroking to her pics, please feel free to do so. We won't post any of the pics on the blog without your consent so don't worry about that. We will be working on new pics for the blog and you all, including some new outdoor shots, schoolgirl pics, action pics (oral, facials maybe, anything else you guys request), maybe some public flashing pics, and any others we think wil make a visit here even hotter. I am sure, if you read the comments to our posts, you guys have figured out the new friends we met and played with at Mon Chalet are the contributors "Cinderella and Roughneck." We are happy they are posting here and look forward to future get togethers with them at the Mon Chalet. If any of you who read the blog have any hot stories about sex or flashing / showing or about seeing any showing from someone else, and want the others to have a chance to read your tale then email it to us and we will be glad to post it, or give writing it here and posting it yourself a try. We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy the posts as we keep making them. LATE... SANDMAN

03 June 2006

Lucky Girl!!!

I want to first thank everyone that leaves the nice comments on our blog. I really appreciate that fact that people like to hear about us are our fun times. Keep the commenting up we love to hear what you all are thinking. I know that we always see people leaving comments about how lucky Sandman is, and although he feels like that I want to let everyone know that I am a VERY lucky girl to have him. I don't think he gets the credit he deserves. I have NEVER been in such an amazing relationship. Sandman is the most supportive, loving, caring, and genuine person I have ever met. I just wanted to let everyone know that I feel like I am the LUCKY one in this relationship. Sandman is my everything!!!! I know there is not another person in this world that could make me feel the way Sandman feels. I pray that he feels the same way!!! I hope everyone's weekend is going great!!! I will post again in a few days. I have a hard time thinking about what to write about all the time, so why don't you all send in some topics you would like to hear about and I will choose the most appealing to me and I will write about that. Have a fun and safe weekend!! Kisses Princess

02 June 2006

T.G.I.F.(ucking) F.

Well it is FINALLY Friday.

Another week in the history books. We recently got an email from a gentleman stating he was one of the people we talked about in a previous post when we refered to others living vicariously through us and our adventures by reading this blog. I am sure there are a few out there who could relate, and we are happy to provide an outlet. That thought coupled with how I kind of take everything in when we go to Mon Chalet, makes me wonder. I don't understand why the most free, most kick-ass country in the world has such weird hang ups when it comes to nudity and to sex. I was fortunate enought to find a VERY sexually open woman to marry. I admire her so much for being so comfortable in her sexuality and appearance. To me her level of comfortableness makes her even more attractive to me. Confidence is a big turn on to most men. I think it is an unfortuante circumstance that so many women feel uncomfortable with their bodies and their sexuality. It seems to have been burned into the majority of womens' heads that their bodies are not to be shown and their sexual needs to be ignored. I also tend to think it is a generational thing to a point. Sure there are exceptions, but alot of "baby boomers" are uptight about sexual topics. It seems that the girls who are children of the baby boomers, and especially the ones a bit younger (like in their 20's) are more at ease, more adventurous, more willing to be themselves. My wife recently had someone make the remark that it is hard for girls to find clothes that "cover" themselves since clothing is made to cater to mens' desires. Princess had an excellent point... "maybe it is not so much mens' desires as it is girls now are comfortable with the curves and beauty of their bodies." When we were at PT's Showclub last time (which by the way, Princess LOVES to dance topless there) I did notice while there were alot of women in their late 30's / early 40's, not too many were showing and enjoying the environment compared to the 20's girls. The girls in their 20's were a lot more free with their bodies. I saw a trio of early 20's girls, who appeared to be there without any guys, all dancing topless, not even having their shirts in their hands. They were very comfortable in the fact guys were admiring their bare breasts. Princes meanwhile was on the stage and rubbing her boobs on guys as they held up $1's and $5's to tip her as she let them see her boobs up close and personal.

You can tell in the clothes they wear. The girl at left has a VERY low cut top on, and it exposes her nipples if she moves just right. You can't tell me she doesn't know that it is, at the least, possible to do so. Princess has some low cut tops like that and she may not know everytime it happens, but she is comfortable knowing it can happen. All this comes to mind while we are at the Mon Chalet. The environment there is very free and open. We have been there and have had sex while both in the pool and not in the pool, all the while knowing people could tell and knew full well what we were doing. It is very liberating to be in an environment where you can openly have sex, people can openly watch you (not out of the corner of their eye, and masturbate if they feel they need to) and nobody act like they are doing anything out of the ordianary. Albeit it takes some getting used to as you walk around and guys are sitting and stroking their cock and if you happen to look they never even think to stop or cover up, but once used to it, it is very liberating to say the least. I will admit, when we had sex at the Mon Chalet and when we were on that bed and that others were watching us and our friends play, it was exciting to know others were masturbating to us. It was very exciting to me that others were seeing me shoot my long squirts of cum out of my cock and onto my beautiful wife's stomach and breasts. I just wonder why in America, nudity is frowned upon. Why is sex so dirty. I just hope our children will adopt our healthy outlook on nudity and sex being natural and healthy. Especially nudity. Something is wrong when parents see nothing wrong with senseless violence being presented to thier children, but have the opinion that a bare breast will emotionally and mentally damage thier souls. What do you guys think?


01 June 2006

Photo request

Well , my request is for any outdoor photos. I miss the nude beaches of Hawaii and the wonderful couples I met there. If you get to Denver, there is a nude beach (of sorts) in Boulder. Hit or miss but still nice. Keep us posted on next weekend plans

One more night until my weekend begins

Well the weekend is fast approaching, I have one more shift and then I am off for my weekend. We really don't have a lot of plans for the weekend, as of yet. Princess has talked about doing some new pics, and I think she is looking at going up into one of the canyons and doing some outdoors. If anyone has a request, I will see what we can do about getting it done for you. I know one member of the blog has asked about some schoolgirl pics, and I think we can arrange that. That is a favorite theme of ours, so we should be able to take care of that fairly easily. Other than that, we would be open to hear suggestions. There are VERY FEW things that we would not be open to doing. We are busy trying to come up with something fun for entertainment on Friday night and Saturday night. It may be low key this weekend, especially compared to last weekend when we met our new friends, but we should be able to find some kind of naughty fun to entertain ourselves. Speaking of our new friends, we have asked them to visit the blog and post some comments. We look forward to hearing from them. And on top of that, we are making plans for another visit with them at The Mon Chalet a week from this weekend. So as you have already read, it is sure to be another hot visit. We have been talking about another trip to PT's Showclub, so that Princess may have another chance to show off her INCREDIBLE breasts. If any of you who are close to the Denver area would like details as to when we will be there be sure to email us or post a comment and we can let you know so maybe you can see the show in person. I think we have a hard time relaying how HOT some of our encounters are, an "in person" experience is hard to beat... no pun intended. I am sure we will be out during the weekend with Princess showing some. It may be time to see if we can get others in her pics with her, if we can find willing people who can be cool and not act disrespectful about the whole situation. It is hard to find that in a town that is so religiously conservative with the Sex Nazis patrolling. I want to thank everyone for checking in to our blog, and keep any comments coming. Tomorrow is Friday, and I think I will vent about the uptight sexual attitudes in this country vs. the rest of the world, so if you have any comments about that email them to me. Until then.... LATER... Sandman.