23 June 2006


So with all the attention Princess gets I thought I would take a day and make you all look at my goofy ass. This pic is a product of the kind of things I will do when Princess coaxes me into entertaining her. After all there is no other sight on the face of the earth like her smile and the sparkle in her eyes. So everyone should be on the lookout this weekend. I am actually going to pick up some film so we can shoot some new, HOT pics for you all. Hopefully by the end of the weekend we will have a P.O. Box in place for the WW contributions. I can not tell you just how turned on Princess is about this project. You guys who contribute will not be disaapointed. On top of it all, she is planning on doing soething different with her hair maybe... like maybe a new color, and I promise she will be SMOKING HOT (as if she is not already) if she does what she is talking about doing. You guys should hit up our MESSAGE BOARD FOR PRINCESS34dd's FANS and see what she has to say, along with all the others that hit our blog. It is starting to gain speed and it seems like more of you are apt to participate there rather than comment on the blog. Princess will also probably be answering and posting to threads there more than she has time to sit and wrote here. We will also be putting "exclusive" pics of her up on the BB. Well that is it from us here today. We are excited to do some new pics and see all of your reactions... I promise they will be hot. Oh and by the way... enjoy my pic today (LOL). You guys take it easy and keep it real..... LATE.....SANDMAN1972


lookeraz said...

OK, Sandman...so, don't get your feelings hurt, but I have to tell you...I like Princess's pics just a little more than yours...LOL!

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

LOOKERAZ... you mean I do NOTHING for you? Oh c'mon.... I thought we were better than that... LOL. Not to worry new pics of Princess will mot likely be posted tomorrow... Sunday @ the latest. Everyone needs to get their pic requests in on the new BB we stated (link on the right of page @ the bottom or referenced in the post for today), we will be taking requests directly off the BB tonight.

lookeraz said...

Did you see my requests, Sandman?