26 June 2006

The blog finally has some people running their mouth.

Well it was good while it lasted. We have been fortunate enough to operate the blog thus far and not have to tolerate ridiculous remarks from immature individuals who find they can act mouthy and tough behind the anonymity of the internet. Now we have two small minded people who have infiltrated the blog and chose to leave remarks that reflect how unintelliegent they are. First, let's address their remark that Princess has a weight problem. I, for one, do not find the bone, rail thin look that so many of today's late teens / early twenties girls go for. Instead I prefer that when I stick my cock in a girl it doesn't feel as though I am fucking the three day old corpse of a Nazi war camp prisoner (no offense to the war camp victims). Second if you dont like her pin up girl figure and think you can leave your two bedroom single wide trailer to find and fuck a woman of the Nicole Ritchie stature, then by all means, put down your Pabst Blue Ribbon, ask your sister to get off your lap and grab the keys to the Dodge Power Wagon and go find her... stop spending time on our blog. It is very apparent that there are those out there that very much enjoy pics of Princess and what she wants to show. If you are going to be big enough to leave the remarks, leave them with a screen name, or better yet with your email address. I am sure not only me, but a lot of the other member and visitor of the blog have a lot they would want to say to you. What you need to do is ask yourselves why you get off on writing mean things about people who have done nothign to you. Maybe that is why you sit at home all alone, and hope tonight is the night your sister doesn't wake up when you try sticking your pathetic excuse for a cock into her ass. Maybe tonight is the night you "become a man." Nope its not the night. A man doesnt hide behind the name of "anonymous." I promise if you stood in person before us, you would not say anything of the sort to Princess. To think it is funny to say she "looks like she has down syndrome" is absurd. You need to grow up. First of all, we have a close family friend who has dwon syndrome, and I assure you he is more of a person than you could ever hope to be. Secondly, if that is what you really think, you must have a thing for that becasue you obviosly keep coming back you sick fuck. Here is what it boils down to. If Princess gets unhappy with her appearance she can go to the gym more and change that, you on the other hand... well thiere is nothing you can do for being ignorant. I only hope someday, by some chance we have the opportunity to run across each other, so I have a chance to beat your fucking ass. Then maybe you will see it's not worth taking your anger in life, due to the fact you got stuck with a 3 1/2" cock, out on innocent people. I guess you can just call me karma asshole. With that being said, stop talking shit on my wife, or step up to the plate tough guy.


lookeraz said...

Good comments, Sandman! If these guys don't have anything good to say, then don't say them. If they don't like what they see, just look elsewhere. It's a waste of their time and ours, both with their comments and our reactions...

I, for one, LOVE Princess's body and there are many more on this blog and BB that agree! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Some people can be such jerks! Just ignore them as they probably feed on getting a rise from you guys. I'm enjoying the pictures and comments. I too like a woman built for comfort, not speed.

Brad (laaag)