22 June 2006

Busy Blog!

Ok... a busy day in the blog today. First, an update on the Wicked Weasel drive. Princess has decided that the only fair thing to do is to take 2 - 3 general pics for use on the blog. The remainder of the pics will be accessable ONLY to those who have mad contributions. In addition to this, the top two contributors (in dollar amount) will get 5 pics each, that they specifically requested. As I have stated before, your wish is her command in taking pics. She will do just about ANYTHING sexually, the only exception I can think of is sexual play involving feces (YIKES!). As far as contributions go, I am setting up a PO Box tomorrow and will post the address for all who wish to send contributions and/or gifts (LOL) for Princess. On the topic of the WW bikini... let's get some polls for you guys to vote on the subject ok? So here are a couple polls to narrow it down. Be sure to vote only once in the polls. We will post results every couple of days until we have all the contribution and we are going to place the order. Here they are: ALL POLLS REMOVED... VOTING ON WICKED WEASEL HAS CLOSED... SORRY) On another note, we have started a Message Board for all you fans of Princess34dd to use and communicate. Either click the "message board" link previously highlighted or click the the Message Board option under the "LINKS" section on the right hand side of the page. Use it and let's make it grow as an online community. Fans who use the message board will have an inside line on specail pics and any times she will be out locally doing a little showing. As for upcoming posts... get ready, Princess has said she wants to do some new pics Friday night, so those will be ready to be up with blog entries starting Saturday night. Keep the comments coming, Princess LOVES to see what you all say. If any of you have any pics of you "enjoying" her pics, please email them to her, and remember to use the new Fans of Princess34dd Message Board she will ost likely be more apt to answer and write there since her time is kind of in demand and she doesn't have a lot of it free during the week. Oh, and by the way, the board has the capability to handle pic posts... should be interesting. Until tomorrow (the beginning of my weekend YEAH BABY!).... LATE!... SANDMAN1972


Anonymous said...

I voted and whoe heartdly agree that she should have input into what she wears. I for one would love to see her wear one in public. What a rush to see a lady with her assets in the pool where I was swimming. It would be difficult for me to swim on my back while she was in the pool. However, it might make my dick act like a rudder and steer me into her. lol I cant wait to see what suit is determined in the poll.

lookeraz said...

I voted 453, white, and shiny...It looks like I was on par with everyone else except for 457. The good thing is that I was torn between 453 and 457 so no complaints here! :)