08 June 2006

Friday is in sight!

The weekend is fast apporaching. It looks like I will have a longer weekend than normal since we had some patients cancel tonight I that aens an extra day off for me. THANK GOD!!!! We have a low key weekend ahead of us. Princess is playing on her company softball team in a game on Friday night and then we are hitting a Kareoke bar with her team. The only drawback to this is that her behavior will be toned down a bit due to the fact her mother works with her, and is panning on going to the bar with us, therefore Princess will not be able to be as free as she could normally. I am sure her mom would not be surprised by her shenanigans, but would freak since they would be with coworkers... more of society's opinion that nudity or risque behavior is "bad." It will definately be a good time. The bar is fun, and has a Coyote Ugly-ish vibe with the waitresses getting up on the bar and dancing to songs that people perform. Who knows... enough cocktails and I may throw out a Kid Rock tune for my wife's amusement. Once of my big moments of happiness in life are the ties I can make her laugh out loud. I am thinking maybe Saturday, during the day, maybe we can get out and finally do some new pics. We will have to come up with a list of possible sites to shoot the pics. Saturday night is devoted to a romantic dinner, and Sunday to... who knows, hmmmmm. We are really enjoying the people we are meeting through the blog here. It is important for us to get more pics of Princess, both solo and in action, so we can post more for you all to enjoy. I have definately got to make the investment in a digital camera soon... LOL. All of you guys who leave comments, we really appreciate it. Princess LOVES reading what you all say and takes all our requests seriously, although it takes awhile to get around to all of them. Keep commenting on things you have an opinion on. We hope everyone enjoys what we have going here. Princess is very busy and is not able to actually write the posts as frequently as she wants to, but it kind of makes her posts all that more fun to look forward to. I hope you are able to tell by the posts she makes what a sexually free person she is. While on some of our adventures we have seen other sexually free women, but I rarely see one that is as beautiful and hot as my wife. I would not know what to do without her. She is my best friend, my soulmate. Be sure to keep checking in.. we have a HUGE weekend planned for next weekend and there will be some amazing stories of Princess dancing topless @ Pt's Showclub and we are sure to be in for some erotic times at our visit to Mon Chalet then (both with our new friends Roughneck and Cinderella). Let's see some comments ok?... LATE...SANDMAN

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rhino said...

Looking forward to next weekend's pics - sounds like it's quite a weekend you've got planned *grin*