30 June 2006

Getting ready for the weekend

So the weekend is here and we are ready... T.G.I.F., and I am sure you all feel the same way. All and all, it seems like things are coming around. You guys are all making the blog feel like it is somewhat successful and with us exercising the option of posting links to Princess pics on her new "fans" BB, it seems people are a bit happier with that set up. The amount of emails we receive from the blog, BB, and the threads of Princess we post on the Literotica BB is astonishing. Some may think it is a bit assumptive to label those who frequent her BB or the blog here as "fans," but I don't know what else you would call you guys at this point. I do know I am incredibly lucky to be married to such a sweet, hot, sensual woman.

With the weekend coming we are, as usual trying to make plans for some fun stuff to do. It looks like right now we will be headed out to one of the local recreation areas to do some pics in the outdoors... that is if the weather holds out. We will have to try and get them done early and before the afternoon storms roll in. Hopefully those will turn out to be some great pics. I do know that Princess' skin looks AMAZING in contrast with the outdoors. I really think I scored the girl who has it all. She has INCREDIBLE, most BEAUTIFUL eyes in the world, boobs that I don't think could be bought, and an ass that has to be seen to be believed. The fact that she enjoys, and at times becomes aroused, by you all seeing her in pics, and for some of the lucky ones, in person is just icing on the cake. I wish I could start an official fan club for her... complete with videos, t-shirts, the whole shebang. I am totally confident she is sexy enough to pull it off. It's too bad I am not more of a marketing guy, with my limited marketing ability, the endeavor would be doomed... LOL. I think one of the best marketing strategies that has been successful is that of Jenna Jameson. Both Princess and I read Jenna's book, and it is absolutely amazing to see how she decided to rule the porn world (and much of the mainstream) and has accomplished just that. If any of you have not read her book, you should consider doing so. It is a book that holds your attention and will make you realize how dark and seedy the porn world can be. If anyone else knows of a good book written by one of the adult actresses, then please send the title our way. I know Christy Canyon and someone else supposedly have written books. Princess LOVES to read about those girls, so if you know the titles let me know.

We have got a lot of emails concerning Princess' tattoo on her lower back. Obviously we have an interest in tattoos and piercings, and I was wondering if any of the others who come to the blog also have the same interests. Let's hear about it from you all. Who has ink and who has some piercings? I think it would be kind of cool to see what others are in to.

Until tomorrow..... LATE!.... SANDMAN1972


lookeraz said...

Once again, a great post today! Princess looks beautiful on the bed in the B & W pic. It's very classy!

Now, I don't have ink, but I do like tattooes as long as it's not overdone. The back tattoo on Princess is HOT!

Anonymous said...

One or two tats on a chick is hot. I dont like it hwen a chick is covered up in tats. Pierecings, i love a chick with a piereced nip and belly button. Any chance Princess is considering getting herself piereced?