29 June 2006

I have now set the blog up to moderate comments that others leave (after the ridiculous comments two idiots left a few days ago), so if your comment takes a bit to show up please be patient. Try to remember that during the week I work CRAZY hours, so I will get the messages moderated A.S.A.P. I have had one message come across my laptop that was a guy (probably one of the two who made the rude comments about Princess a few days ago) making a bunch of noise how this whole WW Bikini deal is a scam, and we are just ripping people off for "thousands." That is absurd. We do not promote this blog to anyone who we feel is not a "fan" of Princess (which makes me wonder how they found it) and are in now way making "thousands" off this deal. The stupidity of these individuals keeps amazing me. A scam? LOL... we are talking about a 70.00 bikini, which we are more than able to purchase... let's get real. We just thought it was a good idea, and the readers of the blog would be aroused by seeing her in something they contributed to. We have the final results of the WW Microbikini... it shapes up like this.... They style is #457 (the SMALLEST of them all), the material will be the shiny (pretty revealing when dry and REALLY see thru when wet) and the color ended up being a tie. Blue, black, and white all ended up tied in votes. In the spirit of being fair, I think the color should be left to Princess and she wants black. Not to worry... I have seen black versions of this suit and it is HOT. Hot in the fact it is black, but still sheer-like... it will look SMOKING hot on her skin also. Next thing up I am blowing and going about is the deal with pics on our new BB I started for Princess' "fans." I am still kind of working kinks out in the BB, pics being the biggest one. I am looking into using one of the image hosting sites to upload pics to and then provide links to those pics in BB threads. Hopefully this will alleviate any problems you guys are running in to. We both want to take this opportunity to say a big "THANKS" to all of you who frequent the blog and try to see a piece of our world and what we like to do for fun. The pics are getting better, please just be patient with us as far as the quality and lighting and all go, we are trying to get better. Please keep your comments coming.. without those we feel like the ranting and raving falls into cyber space somewhere never to be heard. We REALLY enjoy pic requests, so if you want to see something... ANYTHING... please find a way to let us know, either through comments here, our email address, or through the BB.

We hope to have some good, naked fun this weekend, and we will be sure to grab some pics for all you out there to enjoy. If the mood hits us, who knows what we will end up in to. Princess is a fun girl and has a personality that, unknowingly, seeks out a good time. Hopefully you all will have a relaxing weekend, and to the ones with the 4-day weekend, enjoy. We will be off for two, on for one, and then back off for the 4th... so schedule around here is kind of jumbled. You all keep checking here for our latest news, likeI said have a fun weekend (Please don't drink and drive), and no matter how you feel about the war right now, say a prayer for our men and women fighting our battle so far form home on the day we celebrate independence (Take to to 'em boys!). Until tomorrow.... LATE.... SANDMAN1972


lookeraz said...

OH MY! Once again, you post two amazing pics. I'm not usually a fan of dildo pics, but today's is HOT! Even more, I enjoyed seeing Princess in black lingerie. She (not to mention her breasts!) makes that outfit look hot!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the photos!!! This morning I woke up horny and I remembered your latest pictures. Thanks for taking care of my morning woody. You have it all. The looks, the body and even though we havent ever talked I would say the attitude and personality. Why would I say those? Based upon the post and blogs you respond to allows us to peek into your life and get to know you little by little. Thanks for sharring with us.