03 June 2006

Lucky Girl!!!

I want to first thank everyone that leaves the nice comments on our blog. I really appreciate that fact that people like to hear about us are our fun times. Keep the commenting up we love to hear what you all are thinking. I know that we always see people leaving comments about how lucky Sandman is, and although he feels like that I want to let everyone know that I am a VERY lucky girl to have him. I don't think he gets the credit he deserves. I have NEVER been in such an amazing relationship. Sandman is the most supportive, loving, caring, and genuine person I have ever met. I just wanted to let everyone know that I feel like I am the LUCKY one in this relationship. Sandman is my everything!!!! I know there is not another person in this world that could make me feel the way Sandman feels. I pray that he feels the same way!!! I hope everyone's weekend is going great!!! I will post again in a few days. I have a hard time thinking about what to write about all the time, so why don't you all send in some topics you would like to hear about and I will choose the most appealing to me and I will write about that. Have a fun and safe weekend!! Kisses Princess

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Cinderella and the Roughneck said...

Good for you!! It's so wonderful to hear a girl say she has a great guy. There are so many jerks out there that I don't think the good ones get the credit they deserve! I too have a wonderful man in my life, as you know. We should definitely consider ourselves lucky to have found them.