01 June 2006

One more night until my weekend begins

Well the weekend is fast approaching, I have one more shift and then I am off for my weekend. We really don't have a lot of plans for the weekend, as of yet. Princess has talked about doing some new pics, and I think she is looking at going up into one of the canyons and doing some outdoors. If anyone has a request, I will see what we can do about getting it done for you. I know one member of the blog has asked about some schoolgirl pics, and I think we can arrange that. That is a favorite theme of ours, so we should be able to take care of that fairly easily. Other than that, we would be open to hear suggestions. There are VERY FEW things that we would not be open to doing. We are busy trying to come up with something fun for entertainment on Friday night and Saturday night. It may be low key this weekend, especially compared to last weekend when we met our new friends, but we should be able to find some kind of naughty fun to entertain ourselves. Speaking of our new friends, we have asked them to visit the blog and post some comments. We look forward to hearing from them. And on top of that, we are making plans for another visit with them at The Mon Chalet a week from this weekend. So as you have already read, it is sure to be another hot visit. We have been talking about another trip to PT's Showclub, so that Princess may have another chance to show off her INCREDIBLE breasts. If any of you who are close to the Denver area would like details as to when we will be there be sure to email us or post a comment and we can let you know so maybe you can see the show in person. I think we have a hard time relaying how HOT some of our encounters are, an "in person" experience is hard to beat... no pun intended. I am sure we will be out during the weekend with Princess showing some. It may be time to see if we can get others in her pics with her, if we can find willing people who can be cool and not act disrespectful about the whole situation. It is hard to find that in a town that is so religiously conservative with the Sex Nazis patrolling. I want to thank everyone for checking in to our blog, and keep any comments coming. Tomorrow is Friday, and I think I will vent about the uptight sexual attitudes in this country vs. the rest of the world, so if you have any comments about that email them to me. Until then.... LATER... Sandman.

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lookeraz said...

Oh WOW! I like the new pic of her laying on your back patio sunning. She looks so damn sexy in the outdoors. Although I have asked for the schoolgirl pics, I can't get sick of seeing her outdoors. Again Sandman, you are a lucky man!

As for your possible Cheyenne Canyon pics this weekend, I'd love to see her in a tiny bikini while the sun is shining on her sexy body. I think that would be a hot pic. Also, I think she would look sexy in some full-nude shots when you two are in the canyon. I absolutely love seeing the pics of her sexy breasts, but I'd love to see more of her sexy pussy. I've been lucky enough to see a few, but I'd love to see more! (Can you tell that I'm a pussy man?...LOL)

Also, once I know when I will be back in CS on business, I'll let you know the dates. I know that it will at least be a Friday night, and may include a Saturday night, too. My fingers are crossed that you two will be at a point where you will allow others to be in pics with her. I think you have seen that I'm a gentleman, and I would definitely respect my limits!

Keep up the great work on the blog! I always look forward to reading it!