20 June 2006

Princess is flattered

You guys (and gals as the case may be) should know that Princess is VERY flattered by the idea and the comments you guys left about all pooling money and buying her a WW. She wants a WW micro bikini and LOVES WW's tube top (the "tan tube"). She loves seeing that there is somewhat of a... following I guess you would say to the blog that I created devoted to her and her beauty. The more people comment, the more she is willing to let me take and post more pics. She gets very aroused and LOVES checking the blog every night before bed, although she has limited time to write. I do think she is checking in with you all tomorrow night with some thoughts for everyone. She is looking forward to ding some Wicked Weasel pics for you all... so make sure you check out www.wickedweasel.com so we can all decide what bikini to get for the pics. They will be super HOT and nobody will be disappointed. So you all know, she reads all the requests for pics and we will try to get to them ASAP, we just have a lot to fill.

If you guys do check out the Wicked Weasel site, make sure to leave comments as to what suit you think she should get. The bottom will look hot in a "microminimus" size (it covers the smallest of them all) in the style #457, which is the matte material, so it is a little more discrete when dry. The other option would be style #453, which is the "shiny" material and VERY revealing when dry or wet. These are the bottoms that come in the "microminimus" size, and just suggestions, any others you guys like then let us hear about them. As far as tops go... she would take a size "small," which only covers 4 1/2" at its WIDEST point. That is as about as small as she can get away with putting her big tits in. The style #312 top is the one we look at most, but any suggestions are very welcome.

Well the weekend will be here soon for us, and after the reaction to the latest pics, we will be doing some new pics, have them developed, ad begin posting them Saturday evening or Sunday. If you guys have any ideas, let her hear them and we will add them to the list of requests. We will get to them, just ay take us a little bit... I swear. We will most likely be doing something fun and even more fun to read about here when we post for you guys. We had some plans to the strip club fall through (all our friends were tied up already with out of town trips) so we are trying to think of something to do. And if any of you are in or close to Co Springs, contact us and we will see if we can run into you for a few minutes, so if Princess is wearing something HOT, and revealing you can see just how beautiful she is in person. Keep the comments coming, take care, and look for her post tomorrow night. Thanks to you all. LATE>>> Sandman1972


Anonymous said...


I like style#414 in the shiny material. If it is wet then it shows off the pussy..and I think that would be real hot.

DUDE0078 said...

I would love to have you watch me jerkoff in person that would be awesome let me know if your up for it