02 June 2006

T.G.I.F.(ucking) F.

Well it is FINALLY Friday.

Another week in the history books. We recently got an email from a gentleman stating he was one of the people we talked about in a previous post when we refered to others living vicariously through us and our adventures by reading this blog. I am sure there are a few out there who could relate, and we are happy to provide an outlet. That thought coupled with how I kind of take everything in when we go to Mon Chalet, makes me wonder. I don't understand why the most free, most kick-ass country in the world has such weird hang ups when it comes to nudity and to sex. I was fortunate enought to find a VERY sexually open woman to marry. I admire her so much for being so comfortable in her sexuality and appearance. To me her level of comfortableness makes her even more attractive to me. Confidence is a big turn on to most men. I think it is an unfortuante circumstance that so many women feel uncomfortable with their bodies and their sexuality. It seems to have been burned into the majority of womens' heads that their bodies are not to be shown and their sexual needs to be ignored. I also tend to think it is a generational thing to a point. Sure there are exceptions, but alot of "baby boomers" are uptight about sexual topics. It seems that the girls who are children of the baby boomers, and especially the ones a bit younger (like in their 20's) are more at ease, more adventurous, more willing to be themselves. My wife recently had someone make the remark that it is hard for girls to find clothes that "cover" themselves since clothing is made to cater to mens' desires. Princess had an excellent point... "maybe it is not so much mens' desires as it is girls now are comfortable with the curves and beauty of their bodies." When we were at PT's Showclub last time (which by the way, Princess LOVES to dance topless there) I did notice while there were alot of women in their late 30's / early 40's, not too many were showing and enjoying the environment compared to the 20's girls. The girls in their 20's were a lot more free with their bodies. I saw a trio of early 20's girls, who appeared to be there without any guys, all dancing topless, not even having their shirts in their hands. They were very comfortable in the fact guys were admiring their bare breasts. Princes meanwhile was on the stage and rubbing her boobs on guys as they held up $1's and $5's to tip her as she let them see her boobs up close and personal.

You can tell in the clothes they wear. The girl at left has a VERY low cut top on, and it exposes her nipples if she moves just right. You can't tell me she doesn't know that it is, at the least, possible to do so. Princess has some low cut tops like that and she may not know everytime it happens, but she is comfortable knowing it can happen. All this comes to mind while we are at the Mon Chalet. The environment there is very free and open. We have been there and have had sex while both in the pool and not in the pool, all the while knowing people could tell and knew full well what we were doing. It is very liberating to be in an environment where you can openly have sex, people can openly watch you (not out of the corner of their eye, and masturbate if they feel they need to) and nobody act like they are doing anything out of the ordianary. Albeit it takes some getting used to as you walk around and guys are sitting and stroking their cock and if you happen to look they never even think to stop or cover up, but once used to it, it is very liberating to say the least. I will admit, when we had sex at the Mon Chalet and when we were on that bed and that others were watching us and our friends play, it was exciting to know others were masturbating to us. It was very exciting to me that others were seeing me shoot my long squirts of cum out of my cock and onto my beautiful wife's stomach and breasts. I just wonder why in America, nudity is frowned upon. Why is sex so dirty. I just hope our children will adopt our healthy outlook on nudity and sex being natural and healthy. Especially nudity. Something is wrong when parents see nothing wrong with senseless violence being presented to thier children, but have the opinion that a bare breast will emotionally and mentally damage thier souls. What do you guys think?


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