06 June 2006

THe week is cruisin' along...

So our week is cruising along and we are looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully the weather will hold out and we will have a chance to take some outdoor pics for the blog. It sounds like right now we will be hitting a bar Friday night and then out for a romantic dinner on Saturday night. Even though we love to play and have fun, we still enjoy taking time for just the two of us. There is no other feeling in the world that could compare to being with my wife. This is my third attempt at marriage, and by far the most enjoyable I have ever had in a relationship. Princess wrote vows for our wedding in which she expressed to me that she had never believed in people having "soulmates" in life, until she met me. I could not have put it better in any words I could have wrote for my vows. She is my soulmate, best friend, and the person who completes me. I feel sorry for those who feel that marriage is an institution of the past. At one time I would have been the first to express my disillusioned view of marriage. Now I can not imagine my life without Princess by my side. I am happy in the fact I have a wife who is so openminded and such a sexual creature. I can not explain it, but I find it so arousing for others to see the parts of my wife that society, as a whole, says others are not supposed to see. I enjoy seeing others take such great pleasure in seeing her amazing breasts, ass, and pussy. We both love the feeling Princess gets knowing her appearance, and her naked body make others lust for her and arouse them. She has recently told me how erotic it is to her to see a man (or girl for that matter) become so aroused by her body or her actions (like sucking my cock), that they have to masturbate. We are big proponents of masturbation. It is healthy and a good way to express your sexuality. Both of us enjoy nothing more than wasting some free time by making yourself reach climax as you think of all the fantasies we have. Hopefully at our next visit to Mon Chalet on the 17th, we will have the chance to fulfill one of Princess' favorite fantasy. In the pool area of MC there is a corner that is tiled and is an open shower. Princess would love for her and I to take a shower there and please each other as everyone in the pool area has the chance to watch our sexual freedom. I can only imagine that the majority of people could not keep from stroking thier cock or fingering their pussy as they see me suck her tits and pump my cock into her beautiful pussy. We have had others relay to us through emails what an attractive couple they find us to be. And they love how a they love that a couple who is easy on the eyes, and that are both well endowed, give others the chance to watch them as they fuck each other to incredible orgasms. I absolutely love that others are aroused as I suck Princess' 34 double D breasts, or she sucks my hard 8" cock, and we love to know others love to watch as Princess enjoys me shooting my big loads of cum onto her. Hopefully Princess' will have a chance to post to the blog tonight or tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Everybody take care and keep plugging through the week... LATE.....SANDMAN

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