28 June 2006

Well, after a break to remind myself that ridiculous people are not the reason we do this blog for, and some encouraging remarks from more than one of you guys, we are back and posting once more. The blog is quiet, and the BB (after starting off with a bang, has slowed once more. I know some of you have difficulty seeing the pics we post at the BB, but they work for us... and some of you others, some of the time.... so I wish I could help more. I a glad to see some of you chimed in, in defense of Princess. You know, if you don't like her body, and prefer the thin, waif look, then move on... enough said.

I think everything is in place for the icked Weasel Microthong Bikini. I just checked the polls, it looks like the "shiny" material won hands down. The style race is VERY tight. Right now style "#457," the smallest micro they make, is ahead by ONE VOTE, over Princess' personal favorite, style "#465," which has a seam right up the middle of the front and an open triangle above the G-string in the back. The color race shapes up like this. White, black, red, AND blue are all tied at this point. We will take votes until 12:00am (Mountain Standard Time) and then polls will close. In the case of a tie, the final decision wil be that of Princess'. As far as your contributions. LOOKERAZ has helped Princess and yself coordinate this thing (and there will be something special for you LOOKER when we are totally done and have the micro in hand). What we are proposing to do is that you all mail contributons to LOOKERAZ at an address he provides, then he can order the suit and it can be shipped to Princess. Is this acceptable to you all? Everyone needs to weigh in on this so we can proceed forward. Princess is excited to get the micro, the weather here is perfect for some outdoor shoots, and she wants you all to have the opportunity to see some shots. Keep in mind the hardcore, REALLY good ones will ONLY be available to those who contribute to her new suit.


Anonymous said...

Thats sounds reasonable to me. Where I send money is less important than to whom we are purchasing the ww for. Let me know when and where to forward my contribution


Anonymous said...

To whom we send the money to is not important to me. I am more interested in a totally hot woman receiving something she wants and deserves. She has provided me many nights of pleasure and for that I am grateful. Thanks princess!!!

Hankstump said...

Sorry that I haven't posted lately. Princess's latest posts are sexy as hell and much appreciated by this viewer. I sign on in the morning, check the email, then check this site. Keep it up, figuratively and literaly.