28 July 2006

And the Vacation begins...

So today I am officially starting my 10 day vacation... and I need it. Our schedules have been hectic this week and I feel like I have barely seen Princess. Between my work hours and her work out schedule, I feel like e have just seen each other in passing. It will be so nice to be home in the evening, work out in the gym with Princess and just live with the same sleep/wake hours as each other. I hope that we have the chance to have a low-key, no stress week. Princess' job (i.e. HELL) is really working her nerves this week, and there may be no end in sight. I wish she would have the opportunity to leave. If you don't remember she works for a small, local company and her "big boss" is a first-class shit stick. He had the audacity to counsel her about an outfit she wore to work, saying it was "too revealing." He also threw in how it was "hard for girls her age to find clothes, because clothes made for girls her age are made to feed mens' desires and lusts." The ridiculous part is the outfit consisted of a long black, flowing skirt and a black tank top that exposed maybe (and I mean MAYBE) two inches of cleavage. Now keep in mind other women there are allowed to wear tube tops and things and that seems to be fine, but then none of them have the chest that Princess does. Her boss is one of these ultra religious people that claim to have all this faith and do all kinds of stuff in the name of God... seems funny he is trying to teach Princess to be ashamed of what God blessed her with. I don't understand people who claim to be so religious... it's almost like they hide behind their religion. I really feel like seeing Princess' boobs gives him "impure" thoughts, and if that is the case then it is HIS problem not her's The Corona Comercial you haven't seen. - video powered by Metacafe So now I am just chillin' thinking about things to do with Princess this weekend. The weather is supposed to be nice so it will be good to do something outdoors. We would love to find a place to lay out nude that was close by. We have go some requests on the BB about some pic sets in the outdoors and those would be fun to do, but I also LOVE to see Princess out in the open with nothing on... it is a VERY SEXY sight. If you guys aren't hitting the BB you should do so. Great pics and she tries to comment there when possible. If you guys have a request of her, that is where you should post it... she reads the BB everyday... and LOVES to here from others. I hope your week ended well and you have a fun weekend planned. I will be back tomorrow.... LATE!... SANDMAN1972

27 July 2006

The week is over for me

So I have 10 hours of work to complete and then I am off for 10 straight days. It has been 8 months since I have been on a long vacation like that and I am looking forward to it. The absolute best part is that I will have each of those days to spend time with my incredibly gorgeous wife. I am disappointed she is unable to get away from her job for a vacation with me, but just the fact I am home and not dealing with the stresses of my job is like a vacation for us. She is constantly telling me, "we don't have to go anywhere, I am just happy to be able to spend time with you." I am lucky and seriously have found the best woman I could have hoped for. I know of people who have a significant other that demands to be taken on trips for a vacation, or at the least expects it. That mentality I do not understand. It will be good to live like normal people do as far as having normal hours. I swear living with night as my "daytime" has me feeling like a vampire sometimes. It's nice to be home in the evening, be able to walk as the daytime temps cool off, and be able to hit the gym without feeling like I am half dead before I get there. It is nice to be able to have dinner with Princess like most couples have the chance to each night. If you take for granted the evening time you have to spend with your family or significant other rethink that. Princess and I would give ANYTHING to be able to have the opportunity to do just that, spend our time together, each and every evening. I love her more than anything in the world... and despise that my work hours make her sacrifice time with me. If you guys havent been over to the Bulletin Board for "fans" of Princess34dd then you should take a look. Someone started a thread of 25 questions... someone leaves a question (any question) and then Princess answers it. After she answers it, someone will leave another question. She really likes this thread and loves to answer questions. So if you haven't been there, take a look. It's definately worth the time.. and there are other pics of her there. We have got some requests there for a series of pics shwoing one of her INCREDIBLE blow jobs, beiginning to end. We are making plans to get that done and you guys are welcome to request anything over there. So I hope you guys are getting along ok, take it easy, and tell yourselves, Friday is in sight. By the way, the pic today is a cool one we did last weekend.. I think she could pull off a series of sultry pics... ones with sexy / sultry looks instead of her infectuous smile and it would be just as sexy as her smiling pics... what do you guys think? The video is just one I ran across... cool song. I'll be back tomorrow.. LATE! ...SANDMAN1972

26 July 2006

On my Soapbox...

So half of my work week is over. I am counting the hours (20 work hours remaining) until my vacation starts. I spent the night at work last night kind of fired up. I had a patient who used the entire time I spent with him prepping him for his sleep study, and then again this morning as I unhooked him, "educating" me on how wrong our current war on terrorism is. This may cause some kind of political debate here, but I am not one to keep my opinions to myself. I do know this... if you disagree with our government, the war, or if you have any other gripe about this country then the next time you see a soldier, THANK THEM! They are the reason you have the right to have an opinion, and voice it. I am so tired of hearing about how we should not be "over there" fighting this war. If you ask anyone, who has any knowledge about terrorism cells and religious beliefs in the Middle East, they all will say, "we can fight them over there or fight them over here... but we are going to fight them." These terrorist organizations have declared war or America, Christianity, and Democracy... we did not start this, they did. Does anyone remember 9-11? I had dealing with one of my patients who told me Sadam was not our problem, so we should not be there. My retort to that is, we are the strongest, most powerful nation on the planet, so we not have a moral duty to help citizens of a country whose leader is (literally) raping and pillaging its citizens? IF genocide is being commited do we not have a duty to put an end to it if we can? If you can say no to those two questions all I can say is I am glad I have more of a conscious than that. The strong help the weak... it is the way of the world. Situations where the strong take advantage of the week are just wrong. Would you pump gas topless? - video powered by Metacafe So enough of me bitching. I just had to get that off my chest, but I did have the decency to post a smoking pic of Princess and a vid of some chick making some EASY money. Everytime I see something like that I know there was definately a reason I was not born a girl... I would use my attributes to their fullest... LOL. So until tomorrow (my last day before vacation)... LATE.... SANDMAN1972

25 July 2006

Tuesday... not a lot going on

So the week is off and we are doing our normal week routine... just living for the weekend. Not a lot to really report today. The Bulletin Board has had some action on it recently, so please check it out. Also, leave any ideas for pics or anyting for thatmatter to Princess personally there. If anyone who is visiting here is from Colorado, we would love for you to check in with us here and leave a comment. We are constantly looking for new and fun things in Colorado to do that have an adult theme. No real explanation for the pic today, other than it is a new one from this past weekend. Enjoy the pic and the video... LATE!... SANDMAN1972 Girls these days are unbelievable - video powered by Metacafe

24 July 2006

The week is off and running...... OUCH!

Well I am getting ready to start my work week... and I can't even begin to tell you how I DO NOT want to go this week. I think the only thing to get me through the week is the fact that once I finish my shift on Friday morning I have the following 10 days off for vacation. I guess that is another perk of working a 4-day work week. The thought of having 10 days to soak up Princess and all her sexiness is fuel enough to get me through the work week I am starting tonight. She is also very excited about the upcoming time I took off work. It's nice to have been together 3.5 years and still be so in love it feels like we are in the beginning stages of our relationship still. I can not envision the "newness" ever wearing off of this marriage. I am sure there are not too many other married couples who can say they are as lucky as the two of us. How could I NOT be so in love with such a beautiful, sexy woman? I am trying to come up with some plans for fun things for us to do over my vacation. Unfortunately Princess still has to work that week,but just the chance to spend the evenings with her (instead of putting up with sleep deprived assholes) is reason enough to be excited to be off for a week and a half. I am sure taking pics will be in there, and any other sexy times we can plan will be on the list of things to do. Maybe that will be a good time for us to head to the hot spring or Dream Canyon for some nakedness outdoors. JENNA JAMESON : VH1 Confessions (Part 1) The story of the biggest porn star in america... maybe the world. We both hope you enjoy the pics today. The opening pic if probably one of the HOTTEST pictures we have done of Princess yet. It really shows her beautiful curves and her fun personality. I threw a video of Jenna in the middle. It is worth the 5 minutes to watch it. It is part 1 in the series and I may be putting subsequent parts every few days. The closing pic is one we did last night while Princess was working her schoolgirl outfit yet again. We hope you enjoy the pics, the entry and just visiting our blog in general. If any of Princess' "fans" would like to email us pics of them "using" her pics we would love the chance to see them, and we never post without your permission, so no worries there. Well I am out of here... I will be back tomorrow... Until then, LATE!.... SANDMAN1972

23 July 2006

Our weekend is coming to an end :(

So our weekend is winding up... which REAAALLLYYYYY sucks, as I have said here many times before, I wish I could spend all my time with my beautiful, sensuous wife. We had a low-key weekend all things considered. We did our usual fun with hitting the kareoke bar on Friday night, although we went alone, instead of with a big crowd. I bought Princess a new top, which I am sure you will be seeing in pics in the future. It is a tube top, black, and see thru when the light hits it... not like totally see thru, but in more of an opaque way, but you definately see her amazing tits through the top. It will make for hot pics, and even hotter times when we are out. She saved it for a night in the near future and hot the bar this past Friday night in a new white Famous Stars and Straps wife beater that I got for her. She was smoking hot in it and her boobs definately drew some double takes and stares from other patrons in the bar... both men and women. Saturday was a day we spent shopping and enjoying our time with each other... really nice and relaxing. Today, Sunday, we spent the late morning / early afternoon cleaning my Xterra up, inside and out, with Princess wearing a hot pair of short shorts, and only a black triangle bikini top... she looked so sexy, most men find a hot girl washing a car pretty erotic and this scene with her washing my SUV lived up to it and then some. I am making this entry as Princess is on the other side of our bar, making dinner. After dinner we are watching one of our new favorite shows,Entourage , and then she is in the mood to do some new pics that we will be able to post later in the week. The pic that opens the blog today is from our topless hike we took last week. Princess has just stripped the sports bra off and is ready to hit the trail. She looks so cute, but yet so erotic at the same time. It is another pic her personality really shines in. She is so fun, playful, and up for adventure it still amazes me on a daily basis. I threw a video of Marilyn Manson in the entry today. I don't particualrly care for him, but I have been re-reading "How To Make Love Like a Porn Star," by Jenna Jameson. In the book she recalls a story of how she slept with Marilyn Manson at one point. It amazes me that the biggest porn star on the planet, maybe ever, slept with this man. I can not see that hook up taking place no matter how hard I try to imagine, but apparently it did. I hope I am not the only one that can see how this is a HUGE mismatch. The last pic pretty much self explanatory. The most erotic aspect of this pic in my opinion, apart from the obvious, is the fact you can see her beautiful blue eyes peeking from over the top of her sunglasses. I hope each of you had a great weekend. PLEASE, if you have a pic request post it in a comment here, or you are more than welcome to email us the request and we will get to it A.S.A.P. If you haven't been with us from the beginning, keep in mind we will do ANY request you send to us as long as it does not involve feces. In addition to being erotic, sexy, and sensual, Princess is also very open minded and loves to explore her fantasies, and is open to suggestions. If you want to communicate directly with her then please visit the Bulletin Board for Princess fans and leave her a message or comment on a thread that is currently ongoing. We also post daily pics there for you to see, usually three or more, so you can get a little bit larger of a Princess34dd fix than just making a stop here at our blog. So hope your weekend winds up nicely and everyone's work week gets off to a good start, until tomorrow... LATE! SANDMAN1972

21 July 2006

And the weekend starts

So my work week (all 2 days of it) has come to an end, and it couldn't have come sooner. I am burned out on work right now, maybe it is just I want to spend even more time with Princess. We joke all the time that we need to win the lottery and then all of our time could be devoted to each other and fun times. The new pics, both here and over at Princess' BB, have gone over very well, so maybe we can do another set this weekend. I like how Princess' fun personality is depicted in her pics we post for you all. She is such a fun person, and literally the most funny girl I have ever been around. Those of you who end up her from the Lit BB, we are lad to have you visit, and we want everyone to know we welcome feedback to the blog and the BB. If you like what we do let us know ("thanks" to all of you who have) and if you want us to change something then please let us know so we can. I would like to know if any of you out there like or dislike the videos I have been adding into each entry of the blog. Also, we are more than happy to take pic requests. We still have a list of previous requests that we need to finish up, but we are always open to hearing new ones. Hooters Indeed! - video powered by Metacafe The pics that opened the entry today is one we did the other night and I think is one of the best public pics we have done, considering it was at night and in a local park... I think Princess looks beautiful. She definately has an INCREDIBLY SEXXXY body and her smile brings a smile to my face whenever I see it. Today's video is one I found and I think the girl is probably a webporn girl with her own site (based on some of the remarks I read on Metacafe.com), and I don;t think she has a very attactive mug, but I do think her boobs are VERY similiar to Princess'. The size, complexion, and even this girl's nipples look a lot like Princess. A lot of you have asked if we had a video to post, we don't, but this is a good comparison. Hopefully you can see the simliarities also... I'll check in with you all tomorrow.... LATE!!!!!! SANDMAN1972

20 July 2006

Wrapping the week up....:)

Well the work week for me is wrapping up... thankfully it was short and sweet. With such a hot wife at home, it is hard to justify going to work most of the time. With the weekend coming up, we are surely going to make some plans to get into whatever sexy fun we can find. I did have time to pick up a new set of pics today and you will see those slowly appear here, and even some other ones exclusivel at the Bulletin Board at times. I was pleased with how these came out. Princess looks amaingly hot in the outdoors showing off her sexy body. This weekend we will surely find time to start work on a new set of pics, so that will be fun and maybe even by the end of the weekend I wil have another group of pics ready to be posted. The comments have slowed here on the blog quite a bit, so if you visit here we would love to hear your thought on our little spot in the cyber world here... we also want to know what other additions or what things you would like ot see taken form the blog. Don't be shy... we read each and every remark left here. If posting here is too much of a pain, please feel free to start a thread at the Bulletin Board, it is super user friendly and easy to remain anonymous. Public Tits Exposure - video powered by Metacafe The video today is a clip form a guy who approaches women in public and starts by having them flash, and moves things along until he fucks them in public. I have no idea where all this takes place, or who this cat is, but he has to be one of the ballsiest guys I have ever seen. I am sure he is making some loot off this deal in some way... all I can say it takes guts to walk up and ask a chick to show you her goods... much less on video. Until tomorrow.... LATE!...Sandman1972

19 July 2006

Wed Blues.... Back to work for us!

Well the weekend is over and we are having to get back to our normal routine, albeit I only have to work two nights this week, so at least I am easing back into it. Things here are just cruisin' along, and we are loving the emails we receive from those of you who chose to contact us that way. Princess has enjoyed the extra couple of days we had off and we did take the time to do quite a few new pics for you all to enjoy. Once I get them resized and all, they will begin showing up here (slowly) and over at the Bulletin Board on Friday (hopefully), or Saturday at the latest. I have not actually seen the pics yet, but I am willing to bet they will be as hot of pics as you have got used to in the past from my beautiful wife. We got a lot of outdoor pics, and one or two pics in public. I think we got a good response from the public pics we did a couple of weeks ago, probably as good of a response as we did from any of the "action" pics we have ever posted. Maybe in the future we will attempt to do more pics of her in a public setting, or maybe of her flashing with a willing stranger. Who knows what we can come up with for the next set. She is alwys willing and more than ready to attempt anything I can come up with. I started the entry today off with a pic of Princess in (what is left) of her school girl outfit. She pulls this look off so well, retains that innocence, but yet there is that sensual / erotic side to her. As hot as she looks in that pic, it doesn't compare to how hot she is in person. If you guys are willing to get involved in the Wicked Weasel Micro thong Bikini that others have donated for (donations as little as $5 are even appreciated) then you need to contact us via email. We are about to close the door on the contributions and order her suit. We have had some great "fans" donate nice contributions and those of you who are the top two (you know who you are) start thinking of the 5 personal pics you want her to do for you...
Lifeguard - video powered by Metacafe I am closing the blog today with a short video clip of a girl giving a little titty show... I would say it is safe to say if you are visiting here than you love to see a girl show... so I am trying to accomodate. Enjoy. Until tomorrow.... LATE!... SANDMAN 1972

17 July 2006

Our weekend continues...

The weekend continues on for us and we are LOVING it. It is so nice to have extended weekends, and especially since this is our 2 year anniversary. We have spent the day relaxing, went on a hike, and will be hitting the gym this evening before a nice dinner (just the two of us) followed by a quiet night at home and some earth shattering sex. We hope your work week is off to a good start. We did a few more outdor pics for you all to see, which we will begin posting on Friday sometime. These will be extremely hot pics, especially if you like to see women outdoors and showing their stuff off. There is a certain sense of excitement about a woman who can (or will) show off when outdoors, gi skinny dippiny in a outdoor location, or flash her boobs when in a public place. It seems many of you are big fans of Princess' big boobs so you can imagine how hot it is to see them on display when she is outdoors, or decides to flash them when driving in the car or out at a local store. We have receive a few pics, and even a video from some of Princess' fans and are loving how we see you guys "using" her pics. We both LOVE to know that the sight of her arouses you all. You guys have all sent us some great requests for pics, and we are working at fulfilling each and everyone, but that takes some time considering some of the requests you have made of Princess. In the mean time we will be posting pics for you guys to all enjoy and we will be writing posts here on the blog to try and entertain you. If you haven't by now, start checking out the Bulletin Board for Princess' "fans" I started (a link is on the right of the page). We usually post pics quicker there than we do here. Also there are some pics you will ONLY see there. The video is just of some good flashes to help you guys get your week off to a good start. Hopefully you guys will be able to ope nthis baby up. If you notice we have a new person making comments to the posts, and we would like to say a big "welcome" to "lilwetone." She seems to love the posts and pics as much as you guys and we are glad to have a female stopping by so we can see their point of view as well. Let us know if you guy (or girls) have anything interesting going on. The blog is getting quiet and we would like to know if any of you are still alive out there.

16 July 2006

Sunday... our weekend is half over :(

The weekend is halfway over for us, since we have through Tuesday off. We are LOVING spending some relaxing time with just each other and having the opportunity to chill out and get away from the stress of our jobs. The weather here is totally holding up for us and we spent quite a bit of time yesterday and last night taking some great pics. We spent the day at a spot we hiked in to and did some great shots. With it being the weekend we were a bit nervous about someone with a child hiking up on to us without us noticing, but all went well. We got some GREAT night time shots at areas that were semi public, they should come out great. So we still have some weekend and some film left. I think the plan is to get out and get some other outdoor shots. We have talked about hiking into the same spot and doing more there, but late in the day, like towards dusk. Also, we wil have to see what kind of ideas we can come up with for some other pics during the daytime. We hope you all are having a good weekend, and are keeping up with us here. We would love you all to check in with a comment when you have time. As far as pics, the opening one is of me flashing outside in the parking lot at Best Buy, and we have got a lot of good comments through the BB on this one. Instead of any other pics, I posted a video of Jenna Jameson, since everyone who like porn likes her, for the most part. I thought it was a nice change from just pics as we usually post. Let me know what you think. .. KISSES PRINCESS34dd

14 July 2006

Friday Finally

So the weekend is finally getting kicked off, and not a moment too soon. Thankfully the weather is acting more like summer, instead of fall around here in Colorado also. We had a run of almost 14 days that we got rain, and a good soaking rain at that. We rarely see a run of days here when we have such shitty weather, considering we average like 350 days a year of sunshine. Even in the winter, the majority of the snowstorms that let the ski resorts operate come during the night. As I said yesterday, Princess and I have from this evening through Tuesday night off from work. It will be nice to spend some quality, fun time at home. The fact we work opposite schedules makes it seem like we don't get the opportunity to see each other a lot during our work week. The weather forecast looks good, and in fact Princess mentioned to me today about going on a hike as early as tomorrow. We actually have a great place to take some outdoor pics very close to our home. I think maybe tomorrow after we get around in the morning, we may head out and do some shots outdoors. I still have the list of pic requests from everyone who contacted us, and we will start knocking some of those out and posting pics of the results soon.

Today's pics are a bit of a variety. The opening pic is one of Princess in another pic of her during the night she wore her hot pink fishnet top, and in this one she still has a pair of Pastease on. If you guys have not bought the ladies in your life a pair of these (they have many different styles) than you are missing out. They are INCREDIBLY hot. Check out www.pastease.com or click the link on the right of our page. The second pic is from a Princess "fan," and is a pic of his own wife. They go by the names of "Watching" and Watched" and have let us see some pretty nice pics they have done. I would give anything to have a pic of Princess lying in the sand, butt-naked as in the pic of Watched above. The last pic of the post today is of Princess "enjoying" some shower time. Princess is a HUGE fan of sex toys, and owned a variety of them when we met. In the pic for today she is using a cool yellow/green dildo. She used to have a dildo that was at least 10" maybe 12" long and thick and was fun to use on her once she grew accustom to its size and girth. Her favorite toy of all are the vibrators though. She is particularly into the ones made for your G-spot in some way. I am sure you will see more of those pics in the future.

So I hope you all have some good plans for the weekend. We will be out doing some hiking, some pic taking, and probably a bit of playing with each other. For sure I am looking forward to seeing Princess having her AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS tits out in the open, and I am sure I will be asked to put some sunscreen on them for her. If you guys have thought of any last minute pic requests than please email them to us. Also, keep checking the "Princess34dd Fans" Bulletin Board. If you don't know how to navigate there, let me know so we can provide you with the info. She puts a lot of her pics up there first and some ONLY there. Take care, be safe.... until tomorrow... LATE!....SANDMAN1972

13 July 2006

Video Test

Ok... so I am just testing out a video post here on the blog...I picked one that was by the Kottonmouth Kings, and is shot in a strip club. If you don't like hip-hip you will still like the video, lots of strip club footage... and I picked it because Princess loves the strip club environment. Enjoy.... LATE!... SANDMAN1972

12 July 2006

Mid week HUMP DAY!!!!!

So it's hump day for most, for me my week is half over and I have two nights left, after which I have an extended weekend, as does Princess. We took a little time off for ourselves because our wedding anniversary is Monday, and I have a hard time believing another year with her has passed. Time goes by so quickly when you spend it with somebody you truly love. As gorgeous as she is in her appearance, she is twice that in heart and soul. She has made me into the man that I am now and I owe her my life in more ways than she will ever know. If you don't currently have someone in your life that truly completes it, then I hope you are as lucky as I have been in finding that someday. The opening pic for today's post is one we both like how it came out, especially in the fact we took it with a disposable camera. With the increase in people who like to see her in pics, it looks like we need to invest some money in some equipment that will produce some better quality pics so you can truly see her beauty.

We have checked the weather and it looks like after tomorrow the skies will stay clear and the temps warm back up, so I am sure over our long weekend we will be out and be able to take some outdoor pics, and get to those requests you guys sent to us like a week ago. Better late than never I guess huh?

As you saw from a previous post by LOOKER, the PO Box for the Wicked Weasel has been set up. Please if you want to contribute, and in turn have access to the pics she does in the Wicked Weasel micro thong bikini then email us and I can reply with the PO Box and the directions. If you have never seen WW bikinis, visit them on the internet at www.wickedweasel.com and keep in mind the Style #456 microminimus in black and in the shiny material, which will be very transparent when wet. The top two contributors will get a set of 5 pics they request personally form Princess. Some may say it is a scam, but this is the furthest thing from that. We will not financially benefit from this in any way, even if it means we send contributions back to the senders.

The last pic is a pic I just stmbled upon. It reminds me of how much fun Princess has at strip clubs, and who doesn't like to see one chick licking another chick's boob? Well I am outta here you guys. Be sure to check Princess' Fans' Bulletin Board for early pics and exclusive pics you won't see here. Until tomorrow.... LATE!.... SANDMAN1972

11 July 2006

Gentlemen...It's time for the Wicked Weasel!!!

OK, guys...The time is here! I have set up a PO Box and I'm ready to start taking your donations for Princess's Wicked Weasel bikini. At our last count, I believe that Sandman and Princess counted about $40 that people will donate for the bikini. Our hope is that you can donate a little more so that we can get closer to the $80 we need for the bikini. And, hopefully if our donations exceed the needed $80 we can get a nice little tight-fitting shirt for our sexy little woman...;) So...here's the procedure. We are going to have a little checks and balances so Sandman and Princess know exactly how much I'm receiving. Here are the rules. If you want to see the pics of her in the WW bikini, you need to follow these rules, EXACTLY. They are simple:
  1. You need to send an email to Sandman and Princess requesting my PO Box and how much you plan on sending.
  2. Sandman and Princess will send you the PO Box and an email telling me to expect your donation.
  3. Send the donation with a slip of paper telling me your email address so I can send both you and Sandman/Princess an email stating that the money was received.

That's it folks! Just follow the simple rules and we'll take account of you. The quicker we do this the quicker I order the bikini. WOW! It makes me just hard thinking of seeing her in the outfit!

Also, don't forget that the two highest donators get to request 5 special pics of Princess that they get privately. No others will see them. After I tally up the donations, I'll send an email to Sandman and Princess AND the winners. The winners will then get to work with Sandman and Princess privately to request what they want. REMEMBER, Princess is pretty much up for taking any type of pics as long as they are not demeaning.

Sandman and Princess - Did I miss anything?

Tuesday SUCKS!

So today is just the middle of the week, and I am wishing I didn't have to work tonight. I have through Thursday night to work and then Princess and I have an extra long weekend planned. It couldn't come a day too soon, we both need the break from work and the people we work around. Sometimes I think it is funny, in the fact that there is absolutely NOBODY who knows anything about the blog, the Bulletin Board, or by no means that Princess has developed a little following here on the web. They don't know what they are missing... LOL. The little break from work will be a good one. Anytime we have extended periods to just concentrate on each other it really makes me realize how lucky I am to have married such a beautiful and sexy, caring woman. The fact that you guys can see her sexiness is even better I think. We will most likely be doing some of the awaited pic requests this weekend, but I have not looked at the weather yet to see what day. I do know the new place we have found for outdoor pics will be a hot location for some pics. The only thing missing is a stream or lake for her to lay beside. I don't think the lack of water there will detract from the beauty of her in the outdoors one bit though. She has such an amazing figure and I am sure we can find some nice backgrounds to put her against. I hope you guys are having a good week so far, after tonight mine is half over... you have to love a 4 day work week. LATE!... SANDMAN 1972

10 July 2006

We had to use alternate plans for weekend.

So the weather this weekend was HORRIBLE, as far as being conducive to taking some good pics outdoors. We had to use a "back-up" plan that Princess quickly threw together of going out and doing a little public flashing. I have to give it to her, she comes up with some very exciting, arousing, enticing ideas even in a moment's notice. We ended up with some GREAT pics that you will be seeing here over the next few days. While I am sorry we didn't get to all the requests we had for pics, these are some very hot ones that Princess and I both think turned out good. In addition to the public pics, we have some HOT pics of her playing in the shower, doing a little topless yoga, and more of her in the HOT pink fishnet top that so many of you contacted us saying how good you thought she looked in it. We will definitely still do all the requests we received, but will just have to wait until the weather clears, which looks like it will starting today.

With all that in mind, we have been in contact with LOOKERAZ and he is putting things in place for the PO Box so you may send your contributions in for the Wicked Weasel Micro thong, and Princess will be ready to pose for a few sets of pics in the suit. I am sure nobody will be disappointed with those. Today the blog opened up with a pic that was done over the weekend of Princess having her amazing breasts out, flashing in the the car. I threw another pic of her holding her tits together here for everyone. The pic is a few weeks old, but captured her playful personality in a way, with her little smile and all. There will be many more pics over the next few weeks, and we will do the requests we have, and any others you guys send to us, so don't think we got lazy with the pics just because the weather kind of crashed our plans for this past weekend.

To close the blog today I am throwing another pic in from one of the "fans" of the blog and of Princess. The pic is obviously form a couple, and I have to commend them for their extraordinary use of the outdoors. It is a phenomenal setting, one I wish Princess and I knew where it was exactly so we could make the exact same use of it. If anyone has a pic they would like to show Princess and myself, or especially one we could use for the blog, please email us directly at springscouple2031@yahoo.com so we can discuss it further. Keep in mind we would NEVER publish a pic here without the owner's permission, so please don't let that deter you. Pics of cpls having sex, singles masturbating (especially ones showing Princess' pics being "used"), or of plain old nudity indoors or outdoors would be fine with us. Basically if you are not offended or embarrassed sending it we are not offended to see it. So until tomorrow... LATE!.....SANDMAN1972

07 July 2006

So here we go... the weekend is finally here. It looks like a BUSY weekend of taking pics. It is kind of wild just how many pic requests our little blog gets us. We have about 20 people who have requested several different types of pics for us to post. I guess the good thing is we have a wide variety of interests and trun ons so we are able to accomodate a lot of the things people are wanting to see. If you haven't got a request to us, and there is something you really want to see, be sure to post the request at the BB I started for Princess' "fans," the address is http://members6.boardhost.com/Princess34dd/ and we check the board often to try and not miss a request from any of you. If anyone from here, or the BB, or Lit has a pic they don't mind showing us please forward it to springscouple2031@yahoo.com so we can check it out. We love to see what our pics do to you all and the effect they can have. Hopefully all of you are eagerly awaiting the pics we will be doing this weekend. I have a feeling they will come out REALLY good. Princess is getting more and more comfortable and I am becoming more aware of what to look for when the pics are actually being taken. I hope you guys will get as much arousement seeing the pics as we will get taking them. So if the weather holds out, we are heading for a hike tomorrow, and Princess plans on giving the whole "topless hiking" thing a try, which I will do my best to document in pics the time we spend some time outdoors. If she does spend the time totally topless, and even naked for some pic requests, it will e nearly immposible for me not to pump my hand on my cock until I am squirting cum into the air right there in the outdoors. I wish we could find another person or couple who are close by and had a private enough yard that we could start to spend more time naked outside. Followers of the blog will remember that we had a fantasy of Princess jacking off an older gentleman in his late 40's / early 50's (even older if circumstances were right). Well that little scenario has been playing through my head again. Princess says she is still open to the idea, but it would have to be the right guy, and NOT another pushy asshole like the guy we met at the Mon Chalet in the hot tub. That poor bastard didn't know a great thing when he had it. Instead of enjoying an amazing hand job from an incredibly HOT girl (he decided to get pushy, asking her over and over to suck him off, and then almost immediately asking us to go to his room) he got to sit in a chair without even the opportunity to be close to Princess and jack off from across the room. Hopefully the next guy will not be so pushy and will appreciate her doing such a nice thing for him. I guess we can always hope. So until later this weekend.... LATE!.... SANDMAN 1972.......................

06 July 2006

Pic Requests For the Weekend

Well the weekend is almost upon us... THANK GOD! With me schedule of working nights I definately feel it at times more than others, and this week (even though it has been short due to the holiday) has seemed to last forever. Since the weekend is getting ready to start we are lining up pic requests for this weekend from a essage board we hit, Princess' new BB I set up for her, and of course here in case soeone uses only one of her sites as opposed to both of them. I have said before, we will consider doing ANY kind of pic, and just about the only thing off-limits to Princess is feces. Anything else she will consider doing, and more than likely do for your viewing pleasure. If you don't want to post a request under your "name" then do so as an anonymous request. With all that is out there on the internet, and we have seen a lot of it (and have our own kinks that we enjoy seeing) surely you guys have some requests to get the interest of everyone peaked. What could be hotter than a HOT, totally amatuer web girl pulling off a request that you personally sent to her. The BB I set up for Princess is kind of hit and miss at this point. She would ore than likely post there more if you guys can leave more threads there for her to answer and comment on. Also.. if any of you were referred here by someone other than me or Princess I would love to know that info. I just think the key to this is word of mouth. We are going to get some good pics this weekend, I think moslty focusing on outdoor pics. Princess is planning on "practicing" some topless hiking and that provides a good opportunity for soe nice pics. Hopefully we can find a nice place to lounger naked outdoors... I love the feeling of being naked and being that way outside would be even better. Hopefully you all have something fun and relaxing planned for the time off from work. We will be posting here and checking the BB often over the weekend so let us here from you. Enjoy today's blog pics, and don't forget I try to post others at the BB. You all take it easy.... LATE!... SANDAN1972

05 July 2006

So today I am just checing in with you guys and wondering how everyone's 4th of July was. It seems life here at our blog is dying down a bit and if anyone is wanting to see or read about anything we are not doing, then please forward that info to us so we can make the necessary changes. We love to hear your thoughts and suggestions so be sure to let us know if you want anything in particular added or taken away from the blog. Today is slow, and we are concentrating on finishing up the week. Hopefully this week the PO Box for the WW Micro thong will be in place (LOOKERAZ, please contact us) and you guys can start sending contributions in. One fan in particualr, who we are very grateful to, has even arranged for a digital camera to be sent to us, which means newer pics, more often and I think ALL of us will benefit from this. The opening pics today are a couple of ones that are loosely related. The first one I found is of a group of people at one of the Hedonism resorts. It kind of peaked my interest because it reminds me of one of our favorite places, Mon Chalet. We really enjoy the aspect of being there and the fact that they have a nude pool and hot tub area. We like how people are so free and open with their bodies there, and like I have said before how nice it is to see people openly masturbate or have sex. Although Mon Chalet is indoors, this pic reminds me of the any times we have made the journey there. With that in mind the above pic made me think of Princess and how she loves to be nude in that kind of environment. This shot of Princess is one I really enjoy. I think the pink top she has on is INCREDIBLE incredible on her. There is something so sexy about how you can see a hint of her beautiful boobs and gorgeous nipples. I have plans to buy this same top in black as soon a I can find it in a shop somewhere. I know she would look so sexy in this top,with nothing underneat except for a pair of pastease on her nipples. That reminds me, if you have not checked out Pastease website, take a couple minutes and do so (www.pastease.com). They have some HOT designs, a good photo gallery and they look amazing on girls who have the guts to wear them. Princess talks about finding a place (will most likely be a clothing optional hot spring we have close to Co. Springs) where she can wear a micro thong, a pair of Pastease, and tht is all, letting the others there take in her gorgeous body. Actually in that environment with everyone, for the most part, being naked, Princess will stand out as being even sexier with her "parts" covered up a bit. You guys will want to keep an eye on the blog. We are planning a trip to PT's in Denver in the near future. For those of you who don't know, PT's is a strip club with a twist. They have an amatuer stage, where maybe 10-15 girls can dance at one time, and a big dance floor. On both the stage and the dance floor, amatuer customers are allowed to be topless, actually strip to a G-string only if they like and keep any tips they get from other customers. Princess LOVES this and the trip report will definately be hot. If anyone is in, or close to Denver (or Co. Springs for that matter) and wants to know when we will be there, or when we will be out and Princess will be showing / teasing in public, then email us so we can let you know. I am going to close the blog entry today with some pics from you guys. The first is one of a foreign fan of Princess as he "enjoys" and "uses" a pic of Princess dressed as a school girl on top of our living room table. This particualr fan always has the icest things to say about Princess and, its obvious to us that he adores her appearance and how sexy she is. We love to see your guys using her pics like this. I have spoke before about how it ay be weird by "society standards" but I do get a certain level of arousal knowing others like to look at my GORGEOUS wife. The last pic is from another blog member, who kindly sent a pic of his wife. The two of them enjoy some public showing / flashing and hopefully in the near future Princess and I will have a chance to meet them and see if we can get some pics done with them. Of course you guys would see the good ones. We plan to give you all access to any pics we do, with the exception of the WW Microthing pics, or any other special deal like that we do. In that case, only contributors to the cause would have access to those pics. Enjoy and check back tomorrow. LATE!...SANDMAN1972

03 July 2006

Just rambling on providing you guys with soe pics

So the holiday is getting ready to start, and I don't know where you are as you read this, but it looks like we may deal with some showers and cloudy skies (at least to some point) for the 4th of July this year in Colorado Springs. It is too bad, since the 4th is usually warm, and if the weather is nice, it would have been a good day to find something to do for Princess to show off a bit in some way. We have made plans for the weekend of the 15th (a special weekend for us) to head up to the mountains for a night or two of camping. We are talking about getting up early one day and making a 6 mile hike to a high mountain lake for some sun and relaxation. I am sure if we get pics you guys will see them on the BB and on the blog. I am thinking it will be a hot trip since in Colorado it is not unlawful for a woman to be topless if not in a well populated area. I am sure Princess will take full advantage of being able to be topless as she hikes and as she hangs out in the mountains. It should be interesting to see any other hikers' reactions to her amazing breasts. Seeing something that hot is the last thing I would have expected. I don't know why but I think seeing Princess hiking topless, with her day pack on would be super sexy. I guess we will see how it plays out. Whatever happens I do know that she will be sexy no matter what.

We have tried for the past couple of weeks to find a place and/or a couple (or small group) of people to spend relaxing time nude with. Both Princess and I really enjoy being able to spend time with others in an environment, where others can be naked and feel relaxed to the point that if the mood hits them, some sexual play is welcome and encouraged. We have looked on one of the BB's I check out on a regular basis and may have found a couple who own a boat and seem to enjoy time on the water with the ladies topless and/or nude. That is what we love about Mon Chalet in Denver. The pool/hot tub area is nice because there are so many others there naked, and if they feel like it they will masturbate out in the open. It is nice to be among others who get comfortable in that way. Hopefully if things work out Princess and I will have some new friends to spend some time boating with and who also love to have small amounts of clothes on.

I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday. If you haven't noticed, new pics of Princess are showing up here and we love to see your comments/suggestions as always. We have got some REALLY good shots lately, we have recently found a new place to do some outdoor shots that should be INCREDIBLE, and we are looking forward to doing more requests for you guys. I know we have got a lot of requests about doing more ass pics, some pics with her holding signs addressed to some of you, and don't forget... if you contribute to the money pool for the Wicked Weasel microthong, you will have access to pics that other members of the blog, her "fans" so to speak that did not contribute, will NOT have access to. They will be hot and it will be worth the small contribution. As far as I know our contribution coordinator, "LOOKERAZ" is a bit busy the beginning of this week and then is planning on getting things ready to accept those contributions. By the way... if any of you are not using our Bulletin Board we created for others to communicate with Princess, you are missing out on some great pics. We try to post pics there daily, and try to make sure they are different than the ones we have posted here. As always, feel free to email us with comments and suggestions or if you need the address to the BB. Like I said... have a good holiday. We will most likely not post tomorrow, but you can never tell. Take it easy.... LATE...SANDMAN1972