28 July 2006

And the Vacation begins...

So today I am officially starting my 10 day vacation... and I need it. Our schedules have been hectic this week and I feel like I have barely seen Princess. Between my work hours and her work out schedule, I feel like e have just seen each other in passing. It will be so nice to be home in the evening, work out in the gym with Princess and just live with the same sleep/wake hours as each other. I hope that we have the chance to have a low-key, no stress week. Princess' job (i.e. HELL) is really working her nerves this week, and there may be no end in sight. I wish she would have the opportunity to leave. If you don't remember she works for a small, local company and her "big boss" is a first-class shit stick. He had the audacity to counsel her about an outfit she wore to work, saying it was "too revealing." He also threw in how it was "hard for girls her age to find clothes, because clothes made for girls her age are made to feed mens' desires and lusts." The ridiculous part is the outfit consisted of a long black, flowing skirt and a black tank top that exposed maybe (and I mean MAYBE) two inches of cleavage. Now keep in mind other women there are allowed to wear tube tops and things and that seems to be fine, but then none of them have the chest that Princess does. Her boss is one of these ultra religious people that claim to have all this faith and do all kinds of stuff in the name of God... seems funny he is trying to teach Princess to be ashamed of what God blessed her with. I don't understand people who claim to be so religious... it's almost like they hide behind their religion. I really feel like seeing Princess' boobs gives him "impure" thoughts, and if that is the case then it is HIS problem not her's The Corona Comercial you haven't seen. - video powered by Metacafe So now I am just chillin' thinking about things to do with Princess this weekend. The weather is supposed to be nice so it will be good to do something outdoors. We would love to find a place to lay out nude that was close by. We have go some requests on the BB about some pic sets in the outdoors and those would be fun to do, but I also LOVE to see Princess out in the open with nothing on... it is a VERY SEXY sight. If you guys aren't hitting the BB you should do so. Great pics and she tries to comment there when possible. If you guys have a request of her, that is where you should post it... she reads the BB everyday... and LOVES to here from others. I hope your week ended well and you have a fun weekend planned. I will be back tomorrow.... LATE!... SANDMAN1972

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