14 July 2006

Friday Finally

So the weekend is finally getting kicked off, and not a moment too soon. Thankfully the weather is acting more like summer, instead of fall around here in Colorado also. We had a run of almost 14 days that we got rain, and a good soaking rain at that. We rarely see a run of days here when we have such shitty weather, considering we average like 350 days a year of sunshine. Even in the winter, the majority of the snowstorms that let the ski resorts operate come during the night. As I said yesterday, Princess and I have from this evening through Tuesday night off from work. It will be nice to spend some quality, fun time at home. The fact we work opposite schedules makes it seem like we don't get the opportunity to see each other a lot during our work week. The weather forecast looks good, and in fact Princess mentioned to me today about going on a hike as early as tomorrow. We actually have a great place to take some outdoor pics very close to our home. I think maybe tomorrow after we get around in the morning, we may head out and do some shots outdoors. I still have the list of pic requests from everyone who contacted us, and we will start knocking some of those out and posting pics of the results soon.

Today's pics are a bit of a variety. The opening pic is one of Princess in another pic of her during the night she wore her hot pink fishnet top, and in this one she still has a pair of Pastease on. If you guys have not bought the ladies in your life a pair of these (they have many different styles) than you are missing out. They are INCREDIBLY hot. Check out www.pastease.com or click the link on the right of our page. The second pic is from a Princess "fan," and is a pic of his own wife. They go by the names of "Watching" and Watched" and have let us see some pretty nice pics they have done. I would give anything to have a pic of Princess lying in the sand, butt-naked as in the pic of Watched above. The last pic of the post today is of Princess "enjoying" some shower time. Princess is a HUGE fan of sex toys, and owned a variety of them when we met. In the pic for today she is using a cool yellow/green dildo. She used to have a dildo that was at least 10" maybe 12" long and thick and was fun to use on her once she grew accustom to its size and girth. Her favorite toy of all are the vibrators though. She is particularly into the ones made for your G-spot in some way. I am sure you will see more of those pics in the future.

So I hope you all have some good plans for the weekend. We will be out doing some hiking, some pic taking, and probably a bit of playing with each other. For sure I am looking forward to seeing Princess having her AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS tits out in the open, and I am sure I will be asked to put some sunscreen on them for her. If you guys have thought of any last minute pic requests than please email them to us. Also, keep checking the "Princess34dd Fans" Bulletin Board. If you don't know how to navigate there, let me know so we can provide you with the info. She puts a lot of her pics up there first and some ONLY there. Take care, be safe.... until tomorrow... LATE!....SANDMAN1972

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lilwetone said...

Woohooo, looks like im the first to post a comment.....Love the shirt ..pinks my favorite color. among other things..wink wink..
catcha later

loves and kisses