11 July 2006

Gentlemen...It's time for the Wicked Weasel!!!

OK, guys...The time is here! I have set up a PO Box and I'm ready to start taking your donations for Princess's Wicked Weasel bikini. At our last count, I believe that Sandman and Princess counted about $40 that people will donate for the bikini. Our hope is that you can donate a little more so that we can get closer to the $80 we need for the bikini. And, hopefully if our donations exceed the needed $80 we can get a nice little tight-fitting shirt for our sexy little woman...;) So...here's the procedure. We are going to have a little checks and balances so Sandman and Princess know exactly how much I'm receiving. Here are the rules. If you want to see the pics of her in the WW bikini, you need to follow these rules, EXACTLY. They are simple:
  1. You need to send an email to Sandman and Princess requesting my PO Box and how much you plan on sending.
  2. Sandman and Princess will send you the PO Box and an email telling me to expect your donation.
  3. Send the donation with a slip of paper telling me your email address so I can send both you and Sandman/Princess an email stating that the money was received.

That's it folks! Just follow the simple rules and we'll take account of you. The quicker we do this the quicker I order the bikini. WOW! It makes me just hard thinking of seeing her in the outfit!

Also, don't forget that the two highest donators get to request 5 special pics of Princess that they get privately. No others will see them. After I tally up the donations, I'll send an email to Sandman and Princess AND the winners. The winners will then get to work with Sandman and Princess privately to request what they want. REMEMBER, Princess is pretty much up for taking any type of pics as long as they are not demeaning.

Sandman and Princess - Did I miss anything?


Anonymous said...

No, my brother you touched every aspect that needed to be touched. I just wish I could in some way relay to you just how excited ad arounsed Princess is about this endeavor.

lookeraz said...

Thanks for double-checking!

There's no need to relay. I'll see it in her pics!...;)