03 July 2006

Just rambling on providing you guys with soe pics

So the holiday is getting ready to start, and I don't know where you are as you read this, but it looks like we may deal with some showers and cloudy skies (at least to some point) for the 4th of July this year in Colorado Springs. It is too bad, since the 4th is usually warm, and if the weather is nice, it would have been a good day to find something to do for Princess to show off a bit in some way. We have made plans for the weekend of the 15th (a special weekend for us) to head up to the mountains for a night or two of camping. We are talking about getting up early one day and making a 6 mile hike to a high mountain lake for some sun and relaxation. I am sure if we get pics you guys will see them on the BB and on the blog. I am thinking it will be a hot trip since in Colorado it is not unlawful for a woman to be topless if not in a well populated area. I am sure Princess will take full advantage of being able to be topless as she hikes and as she hangs out in the mountains. It should be interesting to see any other hikers' reactions to her amazing breasts. Seeing something that hot is the last thing I would have expected. I don't know why but I think seeing Princess hiking topless, with her day pack on would be super sexy. I guess we will see how it plays out. Whatever happens I do know that she will be sexy no matter what.

We have tried for the past couple of weeks to find a place and/or a couple (or small group) of people to spend relaxing time nude with. Both Princess and I really enjoy being able to spend time with others in an environment, where others can be naked and feel relaxed to the point that if the mood hits them, some sexual play is welcome and encouraged. We have looked on one of the BB's I check out on a regular basis and may have found a couple who own a boat and seem to enjoy time on the water with the ladies topless and/or nude. That is what we love about Mon Chalet in Denver. The pool/hot tub area is nice because there are so many others there naked, and if they feel like it they will masturbate out in the open. It is nice to be among others who get comfortable in that way. Hopefully if things work out Princess and I will have some new friends to spend some time boating with and who also love to have small amounts of clothes on.

I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday. If you haven't noticed, new pics of Princess are showing up here and we love to see your comments/suggestions as always. We have got some REALLY good shots lately, we have recently found a new place to do some outdoor shots that should be INCREDIBLE, and we are looking forward to doing more requests for you guys. I know we have got a lot of requests about doing more ass pics, some pics with her holding signs addressed to some of you, and don't forget... if you contribute to the money pool for the Wicked Weasel microthong, you will have access to pics that other members of the blog, her "fans" so to speak that did not contribute, will NOT have access to. They will be hot and it will be worth the small contribution. As far as I know our contribution coordinator, "LOOKERAZ" is a bit busy the beginning of this week and then is planning on getting things ready to accept those contributions. By the way... if any of you are not using our Bulletin Board we created for others to communicate with Princess, you are missing out on some great pics. We try to post pics there daily, and try to make sure they are different than the ones we have posted here. As always, feel free to email us with comments and suggestions or if you need the address to the BB. Like I said... have a good holiday. We will most likely not post tomorrow, but you can never tell. Take it easy.... LATE...SANDMAN1972

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