12 July 2006

Mid week HUMP DAY!!!!!

So it's hump day for most, for me my week is half over and I have two nights left, after which I have an extended weekend, as does Princess. We took a little time off for ourselves because our wedding anniversary is Monday, and I have a hard time believing another year with her has passed. Time goes by so quickly when you spend it with somebody you truly love. As gorgeous as she is in her appearance, she is twice that in heart and soul. She has made me into the man that I am now and I owe her my life in more ways than she will ever know. If you don't currently have someone in your life that truly completes it, then I hope you are as lucky as I have been in finding that someday. The opening pic for today's post is one we both like how it came out, especially in the fact we took it with a disposable camera. With the increase in people who like to see her in pics, it looks like we need to invest some money in some equipment that will produce some better quality pics so you can truly see her beauty.

We have checked the weather and it looks like after tomorrow the skies will stay clear and the temps warm back up, so I am sure over our long weekend we will be out and be able to take some outdoor pics, and get to those requests you guys sent to us like a week ago. Better late than never I guess huh?

As you saw from a previous post by LOOKER, the PO Box for the Wicked Weasel has been set up. Please if you want to contribute, and in turn have access to the pics she does in the Wicked Weasel micro thong bikini then email us and I can reply with the PO Box and the directions. If you have never seen WW bikinis, visit them on the internet at www.wickedweasel.com and keep in mind the Style #456 microminimus in black and in the shiny material, which will be very transparent when wet. The top two contributors will get a set of 5 pics they request personally form Princess. Some may say it is a scam, but this is the furthest thing from that. We will not financially benefit from this in any way, even if it means we send contributions back to the senders.

The last pic is a pic I just stmbled upon. It reminds me of how much fun Princess has at strip clubs, and who doesn't like to see one chick licking another chick's boob? Well I am outta here you guys. Be sure to check Princess' Fans' Bulletin Board for early pics and exclusive pics you won't see here. Until tomorrow.... LATE!.... SANDMAN1972

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lilwetone said...

And a Happy Hump Day it is...!!!!!