26 July 2006

On my Soapbox...

So half of my work week is over. I am counting the hours (20 work hours remaining) until my vacation starts. I spent the night at work last night kind of fired up. I had a patient who used the entire time I spent with him prepping him for his sleep study, and then again this morning as I unhooked him, "educating" me on how wrong our current war on terrorism is. This may cause some kind of political debate here, but I am not one to keep my opinions to myself. I do know this... if you disagree with our government, the war, or if you have any other gripe about this country then the next time you see a soldier, THANK THEM! They are the reason you have the right to have an opinion, and voice it. I am so tired of hearing about how we should not be "over there" fighting this war. If you ask anyone, who has any knowledge about terrorism cells and religious beliefs in the Middle East, they all will say, "we can fight them over there or fight them over here... but we are going to fight them." These terrorist organizations have declared war or America, Christianity, and Democracy... we did not start this, they did. Does anyone remember 9-11? I had dealing with one of my patients who told me Sadam was not our problem, so we should not be there. My retort to that is, we are the strongest, most powerful nation on the planet, so we not have a moral duty to help citizens of a country whose leader is (literally) raping and pillaging its citizens? IF genocide is being commited do we not have a duty to put an end to it if we can? If you can say no to those two questions all I can say is I am glad I have more of a conscious than that. The strong help the weak... it is the way of the world. Situations where the strong take advantage of the week are just wrong. Would you pump gas topless? - video powered by Metacafe So enough of me bitching. I just had to get that off my chest, but I did have the decency to post a smoking pic of Princess and a vid of some chick making some EASY money. Everytime I see something like that I know there was definately a reason I was not born a girl... I would use my attributes to their fullest... LOL. So until tomorrow (my last day before vacation)... LATE.... SANDMAN1972

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